Arno Kamminga Becomes 6th Fastest 200 Breaststroker Ever With 2:07.18

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March 08th, 2020 News


Just as 24-year-old Arno Kamminga dropped his newly-minted lifetime best and Dutch national record in the 100m breast between yesterday’s prelims and finals, the man accomplished the same feat here on day 2 of the Antwerp Diamond Race in the 200m breast.

After firing off the fastest time of his career with a monster 2:07.54 this morning, the two-time 2019 European Short Course Champion busted out a time of 2:07.18 to easily take 200m breast gold in Belgium.

Entering this meet, Kamminga held the Dutch national record with his 2:07.96 last October at the FINA World Cup stop in Budapest. That means the Dutchman found a way to hack .78 off of his best-ever performance to bring himself closer to the 2:07 threshold than ever before.

Splits for his 2 performances today include the following:

Old Record of 2:07.54 – 1:01.46/1:06.08

New Record of 2:07.18 – 1:01.58/1:05.60

And, just like that, Kamminga rockets himself up from slot #19 to slot #6 among all-time top 200m breast performers worldwide, all-time, tying Japan’s Yashuhiro Koseki.

#1 – 2:06.12 Anton Chupkov RUS 7/26/2019 Gwangju
#2 – 2:06.67 Ippei Watanabe JPN 10th Tokyo Swimming Championships 1/27/2017 Tokyo
#2 – 2:06.67 Matthew Wilson AUS 7/25/2019 Gwangju
#4 – 2:07.01 Akihiro Yamaguchi JPN 67th Japan National Sports Festival – Swimming Com 9/15/2012 Gifu
#5 – 2:07.17 Josh Prenot USA 2016 Olympic Trials 6/30/2016 Omaha
#6 – 2:07.18 Yasuhiro KosekiArno Kamminga JPN/NED 2020 Antwerp Diamond Challenge 4/13/2017 & 03/08/2020 Aichi/Antwerp

Kamminga now takes over the season’s world rankings throne as well, overtaking Aussie Zac Stubblety-Cook‘s 2:07.28 from December.

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1 year ago

Man the breaststroke revolution just never ends… this time he swam in season would’ve won any Olympics ever and it wouldn’t have even won a medal at last years worlds…

Also you listed Koseki and Kamminga as joint #5 but you have Wilson and Watanabe listed as #2 and #3 even though the times are the same.

1 year ago

200 Breast is gonna be 🔥

1 year ago

This event looks so exciting. 5 or 6 men could medal in Tokyo. May be the most exciting event in terms of depth on men’s side.

1 year ago

So I’m gonna ask the question often asked of aussie swimmers .. is he peaking too soon ??

Reply to  Verram
1 year ago

It’s not a bad question, but given how frequently he’s been fast in-season this year, it seems plausible that he’s simply hit a new gear this season. That, or he’s taken on some new training pattern that is less peak-and-taper. Whatever he’s doing, he’s found a way to be fast and faster and faster at almost every meet he swims.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

Oh the progression is undeniable .. the times speak for themselves .. however the question does remain is he swimming his best times now instead of Tokyo ? Glass half full or half empty ..

Reply to  Verram
1 year ago

He’s been swimming insane in-season times for nearly 6 months now and is only dropping even more time. Swimming sub-59 and sub 2:08 just seems like his new norm now and maybe he won’t taper much at the big one.

Reply to  Verram
1 year ago

Yes I think so.. The Dutch haven’t proven over the past 4/5 years to be strong in peaking at the right moment. During the past global/international LC champs, only the WC 2017 could be considered a success. Al others where way below par with regards to the athlete’s personal/seasonal best times. Often a handful of improvements where achieved.

Swammer from Wakanda
1 year ago

I feel this will be like 2016. We all thought we’d see a monstrous 200 breast final but in reality, there are so many guys so close to one another that they’ll be spent after swimming 2 solid 200s just to make the final. Then we just see who wins (has the best ability to recover).

Max C
1 year ago

Passing 13 people with a 0.4s drop over 200 meters (and only a second off the WR) is crazy. I know it’s said a lot, but this event is due for a breakthrough to stratify it again.

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