Ariana Kukors Addresses Abuse Allegations On CBS This Morning (Video)

2012 Olympian Ariana Kukors appeared on CBS This Morning today, going into more detail on her allegations that former coach Sean Hutchison groomed and abused her as a minor.

Kukors appeared alongside her attorney, Bob Allard, who has represented many victims of sexual abuse within swimming. Over the course of the eight-minute interview, Kukors talks about the early stages of the ‘grooming’ process as well as the impact going public with her accusations has had on her.

You can watch the full video of the interview on CBS’s website here, or watch the embedded video below:

Kukors said she hit “a new low point” in her life in October and began therapy, eventually realizing she needed to face the abuse she says happened when she was a minor. She says writing out her story in full (you can read the full piece here) was a “huge step in the healing process.”

Hutchison, meanwhile, has categorically denied any grooming or sexual abuse, saying the two were in a relationship after the 2012 Olympics, when Kukors was 23.

Asked about the specifics of the grooming process, Kukors said Hutchison started with small steps, like requiring his swimmers to shake his hand after each practice. But she says he continued escalating the coach/swimmer relationship to gain more control over her.

“It’s creating this relationship where you rely on this person for everything and you go to him for everything,” Kukors said. “And so as he guided me through this relationship of manipulation and control, he fully had control over me and prepared me for each step.”

Kukors recounts the praise she says Hutchison heaped on her to isolate her from others.

“The things he told me constantly were ‘you’re the most impressive person I’ve ever met.’ ‘I see things in you that your sisters don’t see in you, that your parents don’t see in you’,” Kukors said, going on to say the behavior is typical of predators. “They put you on a pedestal. And they put you there so that nobody can help you.”

A tearful Kukors also addresses what has become the central concern in the ongoing problem of abuse by coaches in both swimming and sports in general.

“We have conversations with kids about ‘don’t talk to strangers,’ ‘your privates are your own, they should not be touched by other people’,” Kukors said. “But… what happens when there’s a person that your parents see as a voice of authority, that they’d fully trust, that your family trusts, that your community is praising? What happens when that person abuses that power and takes advantage of you?”

You can read more about the ongoing story involving Kukors and Hutchison here:

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What is happening at TCU, where the Head Coach was put on “administrative leave” 11 days ago?

Rumors, from different sources, were circulating it was due to accusations of a relationship(s) with a current swimmer(s) on his team. While this would not exactly be in line with the Kukors/Hutchinson situation, it certainly does touch on the subject of “appropriateness” of coach/swimmer relationships, even between consenting adults.


Even in the new light of reporting suspicious activity, spreading or inferring rumors is not good either.

But I agree coach/swimmer (or any superior/subordinate) relationships are likely crossing lines.


I spread no rumors in my post. I referred to multiple rumors mentioned on another thread on this website, in an attempt to find out new news on this particular story/situation. Regardless, this coach has been on “administrative leave” for 11 days now…it sure as heck isn’t so the school can figure out how to extend his contract! Having your Head Coach put on administrative leave at the beginning of the preparation for championship season is not a good thing. To have them STILL on administrative leave 11 days into that preparation, without some sort of resolution, is even less of a good thing for the team, coach or school. I mostly posted my inquiry here because there is no… Read more »


Yeah I was the one who spread it first, I should get the credit 😉


Did you just say you aren’t spreading rumors and instead you are posting rumors that you saw on another page? Isn’t that basically the definition of spreading a rumor?




You are saying this like you are supposed to be able to control your feelings? that’s not how it works…IF the feelings are genuine and mutual then who cares and more importantly why does anyone care? Don’t they have better things to worry about? I don’t know anything about this case nor have I been in a similar situation just saying…


uh, yeah, you should always be able to control your feelings? Ever feel like hitting someone? Did you do it?


ITR, seriously?! If you are a coach, you do not get involved like that with your swimmers. Period.

Richard Saunders

What is happening – behind the scenes – the “Family” is pulling every single string they know
You can huff – you can puff – but will the Busch home still stand?

Steve Nolan

Welp, I didn’t expect to be tearing up at my desk at work today.

Awed that she’s able to do this and do it so well.


Bob Allard; the Gloria Allred of Swimming

Richard Saunders

Most people clearly do not understand this comment!

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