Application Period Open For Joseph Schooling Scholarship Grant

After Joseph Schooling became Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medalist in Rio, a new sporting scholarship was initiated in his name by the Eurasian Association (EA). The EA set up the grant to both recognize the achievements of Schooling, as well as inspire young Eurasians to strive for sporting excellence.

The grant’s S$5,000 (~$3600 USD) serves to help defray training and/or equipment costs incurred by the recipient. Per the EA, the 2019 Joseph Schooling Scholarship will be awarded competitively to the most deserving young sportsperson that meets criteria such as:

  • Eurasian, as defined by the EA.
  • Aged between 14-19 years (inclusive) in the calendar year of the application.
  • Has won a medal (bronze, silver or gold) in the National Schools Competition, SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, and other events as recognized by the EA.
  • In full-time education, and able to be promoted to the next academic year.

Applications are currently being accepted through October 31st with the announcement of the selected athlete slated for early December.

The application process is described on the EA website here.

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1 year ago

Bossanova easily claims the first post.

I hear you have to list your practice times on the application!

1 year ago

I’m working for a Dean Farris Scholarship Grant

Love to Swim
1 year ago


The recipient must be of mixed Asian-European descent?

Reply to  Love to Swim
1 year ago

Schooling is Eurasian. A lot of Singapore is Eurasian since they used to be a British colony

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