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Backstroke Start Ledges & Starting Blocks:

Australian-based global aquatic sport equipment supplier Anti Wave Global continues to develop its range of world leading top performance aquatics products, led by its new and innovative swim and polo range. Select models are now available with direct order from Australia, shipping by UPS Air Courier to all clubs and pools around the world.

Anti Wave Backstroke Start Ledges:

The new Patented Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledges range provide a durable and easy to use Adjustable Ledge for swimmers to undertake performance backstroke starts in both training and competition. Also available with flat rate Air Courier shipment options. 

Above: Anti Wave SuperBlock 750 with BackStroke Start Ledge LTS Model

Designed for Competition and Training:

Both BackStroke Start Ledge models are designed and produced in Australia, and feature heavy duty nylon straps load rated to 13kN, custom Anti-slip traction surfaces, and are WA/FINA compliant for use in top competition (as used at FINA 2019 WCH event).   

Simple and Secure attachment:

The ledges are simple to install and adjust by the swimmer or coach while in the pool or on the pool deck. Both models of the Ledges lock securely into place once set, and are quickly removed from the Block when used in competition or training. 

Above: Marine Stayput attachment to Backstroke Handles, Right: Track Start Rear Wedge attachment

BackStroke Start Ledge models:

1/ BackStroke Handle Attachment Model (AWELTS):

The BackStroke Handle attachment model (below) is attached onto the front of the BackStroke Handles using durable and easy to use marine stay put latches. The height of the Ledge in the water is adjusted by a durable and easy to use Marine Stayput system with three possible height positions as per current FINA regulations. Easily and quickly installed and removed, and adjusted (shown below). 

Below: BackStroke Start Ledge Backstroke Handle model

2/ Track Start Attachment Model (AWELBH):

The Track Start Attachment model attaches to the rear of the TrackStart Wedge on the top of the block, and is secured in place by strong and secure 3M Velcro Attachments (image above).  The height of the ledge in the water is easily adjusted by simple movement of the position of the TrackStart ledge on the blocks. Simple to install, remove and adjust. Secure once set in position. The AWELBH is suitable for blocks with Moveable Track Start Systems.

Below: BackStroke Start Ledge Trackstart attachment model 

UPS Air Courier Direct Ordering now available:

Anti Wave BackStroke Start ledges are now available for direct ordering from selection regions with next day shipment by UPS Air Courier – direct to clubs and pools around the world in a matter of days. For more info contact us at [email protected] or visit our online webshop at

Anti Wave Performance Starting Blocks:

Top Performance starts for all swimmers:

Since 1972 Anti Wave has been at the forefront of Starting Block innovation and development, paving the road ahead for increased start times for top performance competition swimmers, and also providing a range of quality, top value starting block options for general training and club use.

First used at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin Germany, for may years Starting Blocks were simple box platforms which the swimmers began their swim. Since then, these platforms have undergone important and marked changes in design, materials and functionality.

Arguably the single most important and progressive innovation for starting blocks took place with Anti Wave’s development of the Start Block Track Start system in the early 2000’s.  Inspiration was taken from track and field competition, and introduced into starting blocks through an angled and adjustable wedge at the rear of the Starting Block, from which swimmers push off from with their rear foot

The Anti Wave Starting Block Moveable Track Start System was first developed in 2002. Anti Wave produced the first ever Track Start Block for Olympic competition at Beijing 2008 WaterCube venue.  Today our top performance SuperBlock 800 and SuperBlock 750 models both enlist this innovative technology to ensure that fastest start times for all swimmers. 

Above: Anti Wave SuperBlock 800 model at FINA Event.

Anti Wave top performance SuperBlock 800 (shown left below and above) and SuperBlock 750 (middle below and right above) are supplied to top facilities around the world and feature the top performance Moveable trackStart System, allowing the position of the rear wedge to be adjusted to suit the swimmer’s needs.

The Fixed Track Start model Anti Block 600 models (shown right below) are a favourite for smaller club and school facilities, and feature the fixed track start wedge on the rear of the top for secure and fast starts.

Above: Anti Wave SuperBlock 800   Above: SuperBlock 750.   Above: Anti Block 600

When performance counts pools choose Anti Wave:

Anti Wave are global leaders in the design, innovation and supply of Competition Swimming, Water Polo, Pool Deck, Leisure and Pool Programming equipment.

Anti Wave has a long and tested history with over 50 years of world leading innovation & product development.

Anti Wave products are designed and tested in Australia and have been exported to over 150 countries since the 1972 Munich Olympic Summer Games, through an extensive global network of Licensees

and Authorised Resellers.

Anti Wave aquatic products are the result of almost half a century of industry-leading product design, innovation and development around the world.

With a widespread global network of Authorised Distributers and Licensees ensuring the best product availability and service to all customers. Anti Wave products are designed and tested in Australia, and produced to withstand the toughest environments and conditions.

Anti Wave Global Pty Ltd

Brisbane, Australia

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