6 Swimmer New Year’s Resolutions To Start Your Swimming Year Off Right

Retta Race
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January 01st, 2020 Lifestyle

With New Year’s Day upon us, it’s time to reflect upon accomplishments, milestones and even regrets from the previous year while also turning our attention to the next 365 days that lie ahead.

Entering a new year enables us to reset both mentally and physically and can serve as a catalyst for establishing a new set of patterns, habits or mindset for taking on the challenges and opportunities that await.

Whether or not you call these things ‘resolutions’ or just personal goals, here are six swimmer-centric objectives you can take to your well-conditioned heart for the year 2020.

6 Swimmer ‘Resolutions’ for 2020

#1 Show Team Pride

Remember that you are part of something bigger than yourself and a team is only as strong as its weakest link. You represent your team in the pool and out, so make the most of the privilege to do so.

Pick up garbage around the pool deck, straighten up the equipment bins, make an effort to be tidy in the locker room. Actions like this are easy yet leave a lasting impression on young swimmers who look up to you.

#2 Trust the Process

There is a reason you are where you are at this particular moment. Trust that you are on the right path and will successfully live out the plan you’re working towards.

Don’t complain about how hard practice is, embrace the burn as a means to fulfill your purpose. Encourage your team to tackle each set with vigor; ‘thrive’ instead of just ‘survive’.

#3 Express Appreciation

When is the last time you said ‘thank you’ to your coach? Or not taken your daily carpool driver’s time for granted? Now’s the time to make your gratitude known.

Bring coffee for your coach one day. Have your carpool sign a ‘thank you’ card for the moms and dads who give up their time to regularly get you to practice and meets. Verbally say ‘thank you’ – it’s free and means so much.

#4 Build Relationships

Make it a personal mission to speak to the teammate you know the least. Building relationships across the board on which you know you can later depend can help give you all the boost you need to make it through the hard times of the season.

Every person on your team is going through their own struggles, has their own issues and is facing their own battles. Reach out and bridge the gap between lane 1 and lane 8 on a personal level.

#5 Walk the Walk

It’s one thing to talk a big game and brag about your goals, but it’s another thing entirely to put in the work. Become the hard-working, challenge-embracing, fearless swimmer you are in your own mind.

Don’t just say you’re going to train hard, do it. Don’t just claim you’re going to win state, do your part to make it a reality.

#6 Eliminate Barriers

You have so many things in your possession to set yourself up for success. Invest in, commit to and own your personal journey towards achievement and words won’t be able to describe the accomplishment you’ll ultimately feel when you meet your goals.

Wake up by setting your own alarm clock for practice instead of relying on your parents to wake you up. Take the initiative to have a team pancake breakfast at your house (and invite Coleman Hodges from SwimSwam) to keep spirits up entering the final phase of championships season.

Take the time to not only write down your swimming goals but how you will celebrate with your team and family once you’ve accomplished them.

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9 months ago

I thought it was gonna be “don’t breathe off the walls… do good underwaters off every wall” and other such improvements. The ones listed, while nice to have, won’t always improve your times like good underwaters will.

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