5 Ways to Prepare for your First College Swimming Championships

by SwimSwam 5

February 17th, 2015 College, Opinion, Training

Becky McCain is a freshman at Franklin & Marshall College, who will travel to the Centenial Conference Championships this coming weekend. Below, she shares how she’s preparing for her first college conference championship meet.

Taper begins and all you hear is the constant chatter about champs. You wish you could chime in and talk about that girl who broke all the breaststroke records last year, but you weren’t there. Everyone is getting excited and knows exactly what to expect, at least it seems that way.

1. Stay calm

Everyone has been in your shoes before and they all did just fine didn’t they? Go into it with an open mind. The pool may not be as nice as your pool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swim fast. If you nit pick the details, they will be the only things you think of. Stay positive.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Ask if the walls are flat, if the blocks are slippery, if the locker rooms are nice. And don’t freak yourself out.

3. Embrace the idea that you are the underdog

You are going into the meet blindly; use this to your advantage. No one knows what you are capable of except yourself. You have a blank slate and now you have the opportunity to get up and race in a completely new environment with a new team cheering you on and a new coach’s training behind you.

4. Expect the unexpected

Go into it with an open mind. Don’t limit yourself by setting goals that you know you will reach no problem. Believe in yourself, challenge yourself, and take a risk.

5. Have fun!

Dance with your teammates. Listen to your music. This may be a new atmosphere, but you have been in too many championship meets to count so you know the drill. The pool is your happy place so own it.

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Should be a great meet this weekend at Gettysburg (Pa.) College. Defending champion Ursinus will look to hold off the host Bullets and Franklin & Marshall. Good luck Becky!

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