4 Reasons SwimCapz.com is right for your Customization Needs

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December 09th, 2015 Industry, News, Press Releases

SwimCapz.com has all of the options needed to customize your swim products and/or put your logo on any swimming products you love.


Creating your custom swim caps with the SwimCapz Designer gives you an all-access pass to our creative assets—their library offers an array of fonts and a full stock of clipart you can use to create your custom team apparel and swim caps. Their interface is so robust it doesn’t require a graphic guru to design awesome looking team apparel and swim caps! Their wide collection of fonts lets you say “Our Team Rocks,” “County Qualifiers” “State Team,” in more ways than you ever imagined. Whatever your message, they have the graphics and the fonts to help you say—and show—your team’s distinct style.

Here are four reasons why SwimCapz.com is right for your customization needs:


SwimCapz knows your custom designed team apparel and swim caps are personal, that’s why they provide personalized service and are happy to help you.


SwimCapz provides the best online tools, custom team apparel and swim cap creation resources.


SwimCapz provides knowledgeable and responsive customer service.


SwimCapz guarantees the team apparel and/or the swim caps you design are the products that will be delivered.

“Now you can put your logo on everything swimming.”

— Founder and CEO Alan Hofmeister

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