2024 Mare Nostrum – Monaco: Day 2 Finals Delayed Due to Pool Issues, Skins Finals Condensed


Due to an issue with the pool, the day 2 finals session of the 2024 Mare Nostrum stop in Monaco has been delayed for 90 minutes. The session was originally slated to begin at 4:30 PM Central European Summer Time (10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time), but has been pushed back to now begin at 6:00 PM Central European Summer Time (12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time).

Update: According to SwimSwam’s Coleman Hodges, the pool water was too cloudy to begin the meet at its originally scheduled time and a team is working to change out the pool filters before the session is slated to start. 

As a result of the delay, the skins races have also been condensed. Instead of racing a 4 swimmer semi-final of the skins events at the beginning of the session and a 2 swimmer final at the end of the session, the skins events will instead be raced as a 4 swimmer final at the end of the session. The session will now begin directly with the final of the men’s 400 IM.

The new event order will be as follows:

  • Men’s 400 IM Final
  • Women’s 400 Freestyle Final
  • Men’s 100 Butterfly Final
  • Women’s 200 Butterfly Final
  • Men’s 200 Backstroke Final
  • Women’s 100 Backstroke Final
  • Men’s 100 Breaststroke Final
  • Women’s 200 Breaststroke Final
  • Men’s 200 Freestyle Final
  • Women’s 100 Freestyle Final
  • Women’s 200 IM Finals
  • Men’s 50 Butterfly Final
  • Women’s 50 Butterfly Final
  • Men’s 50 Backstroke Final
  • Women’s 50 Backstroke Final
  • Men’s 50 Breaststroke Final
  • Women’s 50 Breaststroke Final
  • Men’s 50 Freestyle Final
  • Women’s 50 Freestyle Final


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1 month ago

Should have held the mile in it. Get the swimmers ready for the sine river.

1 month ago

The pool managers had one job…

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