2023 NCAA Division I Men’s Championships: Day 4 Relay Split Analysis


The 2023 NCAA men’s swimming and diving championships closed off with a thrilling finish, as Florida out-touched Cal by 0.01 seconds to break the NCAA and US Open record in the 400 free relay in a time of 2:44.07. In this article, you can see all of splits that were clocked in this relay.

100 free champion Josh Liendo was the fastest leading off by nearly a second, swimming a 40.66 that was just a few tenths off his individual time of 40.28. Jack Alexy, Leon Marchand, and Destin Lasco had the only 40-point rolling starts, with Alexy splitting a 40.51 to become the fastest swimmer in the field. Marchand’s 40.55 marked his only performance that was not the fastest in history at this NCAA meet, which speaks to how dominant he has been.


Team Swimmer Time
Florida Josh Liendo 40.66
Cal Bjorn Seeliger 41.5
Indiana Van Mathias 41.5
Tennessee Gui Caribe 41.68
Virginia Tech Yousef Ramadan 41.7
Notre Dame Chris Guiliano 41.71
Ohio State Ruslan Gaziev 41.79
ASU Jonny Kulow 41.89
Texas Danny Krueger 42.19
Stanford Luke Maurer 42.28
NC State Noah Henderson 42.31
Georgia Reese Branzell 42.32
Missouri Jack Dahlgren 42.47
Louisville Michael Eastman 42.52
Virginia Matt Brownstead 42.57
UNC Patrick Hussey 42.61
Alabama Charlie Hawke 42.72
Auburn Logan Tirheimer 42.74
Michigan Bence Szabados 42.91
Harvard Marcus Holmquist 43.19
Texas A&M Connor Foote 43.31
Wisconsin Taiko Torepe-Ormsby 43.39
Pitt Stepan Concharov 43.55

Rolling Splits

Team Swimmer Time
Cal Jack Alexy 40.51
ASU Leon Marchand 40.55
Cal Destin Lasco 40.95
Tennessee Jordan Crooks 41.01
NC State Bartosz Piszczorwicz 41.05
Florida Macguire McDuff 41.05
Florida Adam Chaney 41.1
Stanford Andrei Minakov 41.11
Cal Mattew Jensen 41.12
ASU Grant House 41.13
Florida Julian Smith 41.26
Texas Luke Hobson 41.43
Auburn Kalle Makinen 41.55
ASU Jack Dolan 41.55
NC State Giovanni Izzo 41.7
Texas Caspar Corbeau 41.72
Indiana Rafael Miroslaw 41.8
Texas Peter Larson 41.81
Indiana Gavin Wight 41.85
Virginia Tech Luis Dominguez 41.88
Auburn Aidan Stoffle 41.92
Louisville Abdelrhman Elaraby 41.93
Stanford Andres Dupont 41.94
Alabama Kaique Alves 41.99
Virginia Jack Aikins 42.01
Indiana Tomer Frankel 42.02
Auburn Ryan Husband 42.02
NC State Nyls Korstanje 42.03
Alabama Matt Menke 42.03
Michigan Nikola Acin 42.05
Georgia Zach Hils 42.12
Virginia Tech Will Hayon 42.13
Louisville Guy Brooks 42.17
Tennessee Bjoern Kammann 42.17
Ohio State James Ward 42.24
Stanford Ron Polonsky 42.28
Louisville Dalton Lowe 42.31
Virginia August Lamb 42.32
Tennessee Aleksey Tarasenko 42.33
Texas A&M Baylor Nelson 42.33
Michigan Cam Peel 42.34
Texas A&M Koko Bratanov 42.37
Georgia Dillon Downing 42.41
Missouri Grant Bochenski 42.42
Wisconsin Ben Weigand 42.48
Virginia Tech Carles Coll Marti 42.63
Virginia Connor Boyle 42.63
Texas A&M Collin Fuchs 42.66
Alabama Tim Korsntaje 42.67
Ohio State Mario McDonald 42.68
Missouri Ben Patton 42.7
Missouri Clement Secchi 42.72
Michigan Wyatt Davis 42.73
Harvard Jared Simpson 42.74
Pitt Sanchezinic Toledo 42.79
Georgia Bradley Dunham 42.8
UNC Noah Rutberg 42.84
Notre Dame Thacher Scannell 42.86
Notre Dame Alec DeLong 42.87
UNC Louis Dramm 43.01
Harvard Ryan Linnihan 43.07
Wisconsin Andrew Benson 43.13
Notre Dame Carson Wilburn 43.17
UNC Tomas Sungalia 43.17
Pitt Flynn Crisci 43.21
Ohio State Daniel Baltes 43.23
Wisconsin Jake Newmark 43.39
Pitt Marcin Goraj 43.49
Harvard Will Grant 43.68

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IU Swammer
2 months ago

Cal had 3 of the 9 fastest flying start legs, and the second fastest first leg, but still got second. Insane.

Coach G
2 months ago

32 total 41 splits or faster!!! That’s mind boggling. What a phenomenal way to end the meet!

2 months ago


Last edited 2 months ago by Will37
Grant Drukker
2 months ago

Jensen really stepped up with a great swim there.

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