2022 Men’s DI NCAAs: Cal Leads Texas in Projected Scoring (Scored Psych Sheets)


The NCAA has released the pre-selection psych sheets for the Men’s DI Swimming & Diving Championships, and as always, we have plenty of analysis for our readers. In this post, we’re breaking down the scored psych sheets for the meet.

Below, you’ll find the psych sheet scored out. Please keep in mind that this does not include diving.

A big thank you to Andrew Mering for running the numbers.

Place Team Scored Psych Relay Points Individual Points Individual Seeds in top 20
1 California 358.5 118 240.5 24
2 Texas 351 136 215 21
3 Florida 310.5 148 162.5 18
4 Arizona St 277 136 141 18
5 NC State 274.5 134 140.5 22
6 Stanford 239 108 131 16
7 Indiana 226 120 106 12
8 Louisville 199 120 79 10
9 Ohio St 190 118 72 11
10 Virginia Tech 185.5 78 107.5 11
11 Georgia 173 38 135 11
12 Virginia 109 82 27 9
13 Michigan 92 40 52 9
14 Tennessee 89.5 40 49.5 5
15 Alabama 82 52 30 5
16 LSU 52 0 52 3
17 Arizona 41 12 29 3
18 Minnesota 40 0 40 3
19 Wisconsin 39 6 33 6
20 Harvard 25 12 13 4
21 Florida St 24 24 0 0
22 Penn 22 0 22 2
23 Southern Cali 21 2 19 4
24 Auburn 20 8 12 5
25 Missouri 20 0 20 5
26 Kentucky 20 8 12 2
27 Northwestern 16.5 4 12.5 2
28 Georgia Tech 14 0 14 5
29 Air Force (M) 11 0 11 1
30 Princeton 11 0 11 3
31 Texas A&M 9 0 9 5
32 Pittsburgh 6 0 6 1
33 Penn St 5 0 5 2
34 Purdue 4 4 0 0
35 Notre Dame 3 0 3 3
36 SMU 3 0 3 1
37 UNC 2 2 0 0

Alright. So, Cal is leading the scored psych sheet over Texas by a slim margin. Texas has a diving advantage over Cal, although with the absence of Jordan Windle, one of the top divers in the NCAA, that advantage is less significant than in previous years.

Another interesting aspect of the projected scoring is just how few relay points Cal is seeded to score. It’s not terribly surprising, since Cal’s relays outside of the 200 free and 400 free at Pac-12 didn’t perform as fast as we thought they could have. The reason it’s notable that Cal is seeded so lowly in relays is because it leaves room for Cal to potentially improve versus their projected scoring.

One other thing to note: Texas will have to cut one of their swimmers from the roster at some point today, although it’s highly unlikely doing so will affect the scoring..

The meet is projected to be significantly deeper than usual. Even without diving included the #10 team is projected to score 34.5 points more than Texas A&M did last year to finish 10th (151). Again keeping in mind this leaves diving out, we have 7 teams projected to score over 200 points, while only 6 teams actually scored 200 last year.

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2 years ago

Texas Swimming + U.T. Divers = Cal loses
‘Nuf said.

2 years ago

Man… if Windle didn’t scandalize that little girl Texas a would be projected #1 😭

Reply to  Nah
2 years ago

Diving wasn’t scored but don’t let that stop you from making your observations.

2 years ago

The only question really is whether Texas freshmen alone score for top 10 (including quarter of points of each relay one of them is in). Otherwise, Texas wins and every Texas swimmer score, like last year.

Reply to  PsychoDad
2 years ago

Not saying it matters, but Texas diving is not as good as in recent years!

Reply to  PsychoDad
2 years ago

Of all the teams and swimmers and events, that was my only question as well

Bay City Tex
2 years ago

This was a no-brainer before the Winkle loss.
Now, it will be much more interesting, for sure.
I still think the Texas divers score 30+ points.
Also, Texas won’t outscore California by 18 in
the relays, either. Literally could come down to the last event.

Bay City Tex
Reply to  Bay City Tex
2 years ago

Oops. The loss of Windle.

Reply to  Bay City Tex
2 years ago

It’s pronounced Winklevoss and they are former rowers from Harvard. Not sure how Zuck stealing the Facebook from them has any impact on a swimming championship.

Reply to  Swimfan76
2 years ago


Reply to  Bay City Tex
2 years ago

If it comes down to the final relay then it puts a lot of pressure of Durden and the Cal staff to choose the right lineup. For Texas the four guys are probably set, but besides Seeliger and Alexy, Cal has decisions to make. I think in the end they will go with Hugo and Lasco, but I wouldn’t want to be the guy who says no to Hawk, Carr, or Hanson.

2 years ago

Interestingly, all three teams that look like they will qualify 18 only have 11 swimmers seeded to score.

K Chilly
Reply to  ACC
2 years ago

More room to move up for those teams!

John Hueth
2 years ago

Cal had to rest their guys in order to win Pac-12s. Texas didn’t have to rest their guys to win the Big 12. Cal projected to beat Texas happens every year. Meets aren’t swam on paper.

Reply to  John Hueth
2 years ago

There’s no way Cal’s big scorers were fully rested. Grieshop always shows up for NCAAs, and guys like Mefford, Carr, Julian, Lasco will improve from some of their seeds

James Beam
Reply to  JeahBrah
2 years ago

Judging all of the facial hair on Lasco, I would say the only rest he got is when he went to bed at night. The dude is ready for NCAA’s. He’s breaking the NCAA record in the 2 back this year.

Reply to  James Beam
2 years ago

Lasco dropped a ton of time from PACs to NCs last year. Would not bet against him in the 200 back and think he’ll make it interesting in the 200 IM

Wanna Sprite?
Reply to  John Hueth
2 years ago

I feel like people say this every year but Cal guys always seem to go faster than their times at Pac-12s and you can definitely see guys like Reece were not that rested

Reply to  John Hueth
2 years ago

if cal was rested for pac 12s I feel like they probably would have taken the lead before the last day.. that might just be me though

Reply to  John Hueth
2 years ago

Aren’t most of the Texas swimmers’ entry times from their mid-season invite (not conference)

Reply to  John Hueth
2 years ago

Got to make sure you win the conference at the expense of the national title. Love that logic

Jonny Newsom
Reply to  John Hueth
2 years ago

This could be the single most uninformed statement ever made on SwimSwam. And that is saying something.