2021 Zone B: Tennessee Women Qualify Diver on Day 3 of Zones

Though we’re not DiveDove, we do dabble in diving coverage, and as diving can have a major impact on the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships, we cover NCAA Zone Diving – mainly through the lens of how national diving qualifiers could impact the team points battles later this month.

2021 NCAA Zone Diving

  • Zone A: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC
    • Thursday, March 11 – Saturday, March 13
    • Live Results
  • Zone B: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC
  • Zone C: University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY
  • Zone D: University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY
    • Thursday, March 11 – Saturday, March 13
    • Live Results
  • Zone E: Northern Arizona University / Flagstaff, AZ

UNC’s Anton Down Jenkins won his second event of the week, and Tennessee’s women got an NCAA diving qualifier on the final day of Zone Bs.

Tennessee will add platform diver Kara Holt, who was sixth on Tuesday’s platform competition. Her teammate Grace Cable just missed qualifying by the narrowest of margins: just 0.15 points.

UNC swept both boards on the final day. Aranza Vazquez Montano won the women’s platform, capping off a consistent week in which she finished in the top three on all three boards. The freshman, who represents Mexico internationally, looks to be a high-impact addition to the NCAA dive landscape this season.

Down Jenkins won the men’s 1-meter event to go with his 3-meter win from day 1. He crushed the field by 35 today.

The Miami men got a fourth diver into NCAAs as Jack Matthews finished second to Down Jenkins.

One more qualification that could have some impact on the team battles: Alabama got their first divers into the meet today with Tanesha Lucoe on the women’s side and Zhenwei Li on the men’s side.

Current Qualifiers

Reimbursed divers are in bold, with invited-but-not-reimbursed divers in non-bold. You can read more about the distinction below.

Diver Events
Emma Gullstrand, Miami 1m, 3m
Mia Vallee, Miami 1m, 3m
Aranza Vazquez Montano, UNC 1m, 3m, Pl
Aliyah Watson, Duke Pl
Maha Gouda, FIU 3m, Pl
Camryn Hidalgo, Georgia Tech 3m, 1m, Pl
Ashley McCool, Florida 1m, 3m
Elizabeth Perez, Florida 1m
Anna Bradescu, Georgia Tech Pl
Emily Grund, UNC 1m, 3m, Pl
Maddison Pullinger, Duke 1m
Kara Holt, Tennessee Pl
Tanesha Lucoe, Alabama Pl


Diver Events
Anton Down Jenkins, UNC 1m, 3m
Zach Cooper, Miami Pl
Brodie Scapens, Miami 1m, 3m, Pl
Jack Matthews, Miami 1m, 3m
Bryden Hattie, Tennessee 1m, 3m, Pl
Maxwell Flory, Miami 3m, Pl
Joshua Davidson, FSU 1m, 3m
Alexander Hart, UNC 1m, 3m
Leonardo Garcia, Florida 3m, Pl
Ruben Lechuga Gonzalez, GT 1m, 3m, Pl
Will Hallam, Tennessee 3m, Pl
Matthew Wade, Tennessee 1m, 3m
Zachary Allen, Georgia 1m
Keegan Richardson, Tennessee Pl
Zhenwei Li, Alabama 1m
Seamus Harding, Duke Pl
Fabian Stepinski, UNC 1m, 3m


You can read a more in-depth look at the selection process here. Effectively, each Zone earns a specific number of qualifying spots in each event, based on how that Zone performed at NCAAs last year. Divers who place inside the qualifying places earn an NCAA invite. A diver invited in one event can compete at NCAAs in any other diving event where they were top 12 in their Zone meet. The highest-placing divers earn NCAA reimbursement, while lower-placing qualifiers can compete at NCAAs, but their school must pay for their travel and lodging at the meet.

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Yea it is the TENNESSEE DIVING and swim TEAM!

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