2019 U.S. Junior Nationals: Day 2 Energetic Photo Vault


The second night of the 2019 US Junior National Championships saw several tight and close races, but most important of all, there were several 18-and-unders dipping under the Olympic Trials Cut for the first time, which warranted some great reactions and emotion after the races. Miss the action? Luckily, our photographer Jack Spitser was on deck to caption the highlights.

Interested in acquiring photos of your swimmers from Nationals or at Juniors? Please contact Jack at [email protected] or visit him at @spitser_photography on Instagram to let him know what events they will be in and to discuss purchase options.


Let me know in the comments which photo is your favorite/ what you want to see more of!

Lucas Piunti (photo: Jack Spitser)

Katie Raunch (photo: Jack Spitser)

Jake Marcum (photo: Jack Spitser)

Hunter Armstrong (photo: Jack Spitser)

Greyson Alarcon (photo: Jack Spitser)

Christopher O’Connor (photo: Jack Spitser)

Amelia Liu (photo: Jack Spitser)

Andrew Zhang (photo: Jack Spitser)

Aaron Sequeira (photo: Jack Spitser)

Sophie Brison (photo: Jack Spitser)

Felicia Pasadyn (photo: Jack Spitser)

Dominic Falcon (photo: Jack Spitser)

David Johnston (photo: Jack Spitser)

Andrew Benson (photo: Jack Spitser)

Brooks Curry (photo: Jack Spitser)

Felicia Pasadyn (photo: Jack Spitser)

Hunter Armstrong (photo: Jack Spitser)

Matthew Jensen (photo: Jack Spitser)

Andrew Zhang (photo: Jack Spitser)

Elijah Tarabocchia (photo: Jack Spitser)

Gavin Wight (photo: Jack Spitser)

Elliott Jones (photo: Jack Spitser)

Jackson Mussler (photo: Jack Spitser)

Jake Marcum (photo: Jack Spitser)

Mandy Brenner (photo: Jack Spitser)

Sam Hoover (photo: Jack Spitser)

Skyler Dikeman (photo: Jack Spitser)

Samantha Tadder (photo: Jack Spitser)

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Pac Swim Fan
3 years ago

Yeah Miranda–way to hold your taper from Nationals!

Lane 8
3 years ago

Amazing photos! These pictures convey the energy of swimming. Jack, if you’re reading this and you decide to continue using adjectives in the description, here are a few suggestions so you don’t have to repeat: impressive, striking, dynamic.

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Jack Spitser

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