2016 Swedish Nationals Day 4: Sjostrom and Alshammar Blitz 50 Fly

2016 Swedish National Championships

Sarah Sjostrom left the field in her wake in the 50 fly finals today, winning the race in a blistering 25.07.  Now six-time Olympian Therese Alshammar came in 2nd with a 25.78, the only other swimmer to go sub-26 in the race.  Sjostrom’s time comes as the second-fastest in the world this year in this non-Olympic event; however, Sjostrom already has the fastest time in the world this year with a 24.99 swum in May.  2016 Swedish Olympic team member Louise Hansson came in third with a 26.48.

The women’s 100 breaststroke final was won by Jennie Johansson in a time of 1:07.74.  Johansson, who will be competing in Rio next month, missed her own meet record by little over half-a-second.  Second and third places went to Jessica Eriksson and Vilma Elskstrom in 1:08.37 and 1:09.44, respectively.

The men’s 200 backstroke was won by Kristian Kron in a time of 2:02.77.  Coming in a narrow second-place was Petter Fredriksson in a 2:02.79.  Swedish national record holder Mattias Carlsson came in fourth with a 2:04.40.  The men’s 50 freestyle was won by Christoffer Carlsen, who won the 100 freestyle on day 1 of the championships.  Carlsen’s time of 22.66 was three-tenths-of-a-second faster than second-place-finisher Jonathan Kling (22.95).

The men’s 100 meter butterfly was won by Jesper Bjork in a time of 54.09.  There was a tie for second between Filip Svedberg and Jesper Jonssson at 54.80.  Olympian Michelle Coleman won the 400 freestyle in a 4:09.49, establishing a new meet record in the process.  At 100 meters Coleman had already established a five-second lead over second-place finisher Erika Dahlgren, who picked up silver in a time of 4:23.70.  Coleman’s new meet record lowers the previous record set in 2007 by Gabriella Fagundez by one-and-a-half seconds.  Winning the men’s 800 freestyle was 1500 meter champion Adam Paulsson with a time of 8:13.68.

The final event of the day was the women’s 400 medley relay, which was won by the team from Södertörns in a time of 4:10.40.  Sarah Sjostrom swam the butterfly leg for the championship-winning relay in a time of 55.43, which was not only faster than every other butterfly swimmer in the field, but faster than every other team’s freestyle leg.  Other notable splits from the race include Michelle Coleman leading off her team in a 1:00.61 in the backstroke, and Jessica Eriksson, coming to the assist of Sjostrom and their team with a 1:08.04 in the breaststroke.  100 meter breaststroke champion Jennie Johansson went a blistering 1:06.98 in the breaststroke for her team, which picked up third place.

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bobo gigi
4 years ago
4 years ago

So now she has the first and second fastest with the third a good distance behind her.
For Rio I predict
100 fly:55.12 wr
50 free:23.88
100 free:52.64

Reply to  Uberfan
4 years ago

I think she will have a great games…Winning 100m Fly & 200m Free but those time are sum what optimistic

Victor P
Reply to  Uberfan
4 years ago

Actually, I think her 100 free will be faster, her 50’s about on, her 200 will be a half second slower and her 100 fly will be 0.2 slower.

Reply to  Victor P
4 years ago

I think all 4 are “in the ball park” rather than outrageously optimistic. The 100fly is maybe a tick on the high-side as is the 200free where I think a sub 1.54 is plausible (but not a sure bet) so I’d be thinking more 1.53 mid-high. 100free = she could be a tick faster (around 52.5). 50free will most likely need a sub24 to medal and I think she’s more than capable of this but 23.88 is maybe “top side” of expectations.

Reply to  commonwombat
4 years ago

The issue will be whether Sarah can/will replicate her Trials time or whether she will come back to the field in the 100 Butt & 200 free.Sarah has never got inside 24sec in the 50 & always been more a 52 high then a 52 Mid 100 free swimmer.

Reply to  robbos
4 years ago

Sarah best in 50 free is 23.98 from 2014 Swedish nationals.
I have my doubts we will see a 55.1 in 100fly, but I think we can expect a lot of PB’s from her at Olympics.

Reply to  robbos
4 years ago

Two corrections. Firstly, Sarah has a 23.98 PB for 50free. Secondly, she has not had to “peak for Trials” like most others. As for the 100free, she’s a 52.6 woman; if C1 IS in 52low form then SS is swimming for minor coin as I DON’T really see her pulling out a PB of that scale but if its swam at 52mid then she’s thereabouts.

4 years ago

25.07 was Alshammar’s record from 2009 that Sjostrom smashed 🙂
king of cool she equaled it racing Alshammar

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