2016 Arena Pro Swim Series – Orlando Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


Women’s 200 Fly- Prelims

  1. Becca Mann, NBAC: 2:11.82
  2. Joanna Maranhao, Brazil: 2:12.14
  3. Elizabeth Beisel, Bluefish: 2:12.90
  4. Andreina Pinto Perez, Gator: 2:13.21
  5. Maya DiRado, Stanford: 2:14.77
  6. Sierra Schmidt, NBAC: 2:14.88
  7. Easop Lee, NBAC: 2:15.07
  8. Vien Nguyen, Unattached: 2:15.27

Eighteen-year-old open water national champion Becca Mann, a USC commit, took the top slot in the women’s 200 fly prelims, dropping the beautifully consistent splits that we’d expect from a distance swimmer: 30.52, 33.38, 33.99, 33.93.

Brazil’s Joanna Maranhao is seeded second with 2:12.14. Maranhao is more of an IM swimmer, and she all-but-made Brazil’s Olympic team in the IM events at the Brazilian Open in December. Elizabeth Beisel is seeded third, followed by Andreina Pinto Perez and Maya DiRadoYesterday, DiRado dropped four seconds between prelims and finals of the 400 IM, so we can expect her to move up a couple places tonight.

Rounding out the final were North Baltimore youngsters Sierra Schmidt, 17, and Easop Lee, 15, followed by Vietnam native Vien Nguyen.

Allison Schmitt will lead the B final, after clocking 2:15.73.

The top six swimmers came in under the Olympic Trials standard.

Men’s 200 Fly- Prelims

  1. Tom Shields, Cal: 1:59.36
  2. Sebastien Rousseau, Gator: 2:00.10
  3. Chase Kalisz, NBAC: 2:00.41
  4. Marcos Oliveira, Brazil: 2:00.75
  5. Bobby Bollier, Unattached: 2:00.75
  6. Dakota Hodgson, Nashville: 2:01.03
  7. Adam Hinshaw, Cal: 2:01.03
  8. Michael Flach, Wolverine: 2:02.21

Tom Shields will lead the championship final of the men’s 200 fly tonight after coming in with 1:59.36 in prelims. South Africa national Sebastien Rousseau came in second with 2:00.10.

North Baltimore’s Chase Kalisz is seeded third with 2:00.41, followed by Brazil native Marcos Oliveira‘s 2:00.75.

Next came Bobby Bollier, Cal’s Adam Hinshaw, and Club Wolverine’s Michael Flach. 

All of the top eight swimmers came into this meet with seed times under 2:00, so you can expect them to go faster tonight. Those same swimmers also came in under the Olympic Trials cut this morning. Kalisz in particular is currently ranked 16th in the world with his 1:57.19 from U.S. Winter Nationals in December.

Sixteen-year-old Andrew Abruzzo will lead the B final tonight with 2:02.40.

Women’s 50 Free- Prelims

  1. Simone Manuel, Stanford: 25.29
  2. Aliaksandra Hersimenia, Belarus: 25.30
  3. Ivy Martin, Wisconsin: 25.31
  4. Madison Kennedy, SwimMAC: 25.46
  5. Graciele Herrmann, Brazil: 25.69
  6. Natalie Coughlin, Cal: 25.81
  7. Daiane Becker, Fiat Minas: 25.89
  8. Victoria Poon, Canada: 25.89

The top eight swimmers of the 50 free all came in within .6 seconds of each other, with the top three places separated by the slimmest of margins.

Stanford redshirt Simone Manuel will lead the field tonight, after swimming 25.29 this morning. Belarus’s Aliaksandra Hersimenia touched just .01 behind in 25.30, and Wisconsin’s Ivy Martin was just another .01 behind her in 25.31.

Hersimenia is currently ranked fourth in the world with a 24.70 from January, while Manuel is thirteenth with a 24.83 from U.S. Winter Nationals.

SwimMAC’s Madison Kennedy finished fourth in 25.46, followed by Brazilian Graciele Herrmann.

Rounding out the championship final will be Natalie Coughlin, Daiane Becker, and Victoria Poon. 

Mexican native Liliana Ibanez Lopez, swimming under the FINA banner, will lead the B final with 25.93. Missy Franklin is right behind her with 25.99. Felicia Lee will also swim in the B final (26.13), and Katie Ledecky will swim in the C final, after taking 18th with 26.32.

The top fifteen swimmers made it in under the Olympic Trials time of 26.19.

Men’s 50 Free- Prelims

  1. Nathan Adrian, Cal: 22.03
  2. Caeleb Dressel, Unattached: 22.52
  3. Luca Dotto, Italy: 22.54
  4. Ali Khalafalla, Unattached: 22.56
  5. Italo Duarte, Brazil: 22.57
  6. Bradley Tandy, Tucson: 22.63
  7. Caleb Weir, Wolfpack: 22.66
  8. Cesar Cielo, Brazil: 22.67

In a tightly-packed field, Nathan Adrian will look to defend his spot as top American sprinter tonight against Caeleb Dressel, after clocking 22.03 to Dressel’s 22.52.

Italy’s Luca Dotto finished third, followed by Egyptian native Ali Khalafalla and Brazil’s Italo Duarte.

Bradley Tandy, who is currently ranked seventh in the world for his 21.87 at US Winter Nationals, came in sixth, followed by Caleb Weir and Cesar Ceilo.

Brazil’s Bruno Fratus, currently ranked #1 in the world for a 21.37 relay lead off,  will lead the B final, after swimming 22.71.

Women’s 100 Back- Prelims

  1. Missy Franklin, CO Stars: 1:00.67
  2. Dominique Bouchard, Oakville: 1:00.85
  3. Etiene Medeiros, Brazil: 1:01.59
  4. Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Ramirez, FINA: 1:01.81
  5. Natalie Coughlin, Cal: 1:01.87
  6. Danielle Hanus, Ontario: 1:01.93
  7. Maya DiRado, Stanford: 1:01.98
  8. Candace Cooper, Wolfpack: 1:02.27

Missy Franklin will lead the championship final tonight in the 100 back, after swimming 1:00.67 in prelims.

Canadian native Dominique Bouchard came in second with 1:00.85, and Brazilian star Etiene Medeiros was third with 1:01.59.

Mexico’s Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Ramirez, swimming under the FINA banner, took fourth, followed closely by Natalie Coughlin. Canadian Danielle Hanus, Maya DiRadoand Candace Cooper will round out the final.

Currently, Coughlin ranks the highest of the group in the world rankings, fifth with a 59.72 from Doha. Franklin is seventh with a 1:00.03 from U.S. Nationals, and she hasn’t yet broken a minute this year. Medeiros is thirteenth with a 1:00.31 from the Brazil Open.

Italy’s Silvia Scalia will lead the B final after swimming 1:02.34 in prelims.

The top 12 swimmers made it in under the Olympic Trials cut of 1:03.39.

Men’s 100 Back- Prelims

  1. Ryan Murphy, Unattached: 53.88
  2. Grigory Tarasevich, Unattached: 54.24
  3. Guilherme Guido, Brazil: 54.64
  4. Jacob Pebley, Unattached: 54.81
  5. Eugene Godsoe, Wolfpack: 55.15
  6. Michael Phelps, NBAC: 55.19
  7. Matt Grevers, Tucson: 55.27
  8. Arkany Vyatchanin, NYAC: 55.74

Ryan Murphy was the only swimmer under 54 in the 100 back this morning, and he will lead the field tonight. Russia’s Grigory Tarasevich finished under half a second behind in 54.24, followed by Brazilian backstroke star Guilherme Guido in 54.64.

Jacob Pebley finished fourth in 54.81, followed by Eugene GodsoeMichael Phelpsand the favorite Matt Grevers, who is currently ranked third in the world for a 52.54 from US Nationals in December.

Arkany Vyatchanin rounds out the field with 55.74.

The top 20 swimmers made it in under the Olympic Trials cut of 57.19.

Pavel Sankovich will lead the B final with 56.03.

Women’s 200 Breast- Prelims

  1. Yulia Efimova, Trojan: 2:28.20
  2. Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir, Gator: 2:28.95
  3. Ashley McGregor, Pointe-Claire: 2:30.12
  4. Emma Reaney, Irish Aquatics: 2:30.44
  5. Melanie Margalis, St. Petersburg: 2:30.76
  6. Anna Belousova, NCAP: 2:31.43
  7. Julia Sebastian, Argentina: 2:31.47
  8. Elizabeth Beisel, Bluefish: 2:33.35

Russian native Yulia Efimova, last night’s 100 breast champion, will swim in the fast lane of the 200 breast tonight. Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir, an Iceland native, came in close behind with 2:28.95. The duo were well ahead of the field.

Efimova’s swim from this morning wouldn’t quite crack the world rankings, although her 2:26.13 from this fall ranks her 21st, but yesterday she dropped about two seconds between her 100 breast prelim swim and her event-winning final. If she keeps with that trend, she should drop some time tonight.

Ashley McGregor will be the third seed, followed by Notre Dame postgrad Emma Reaney, the American record-holder in the SCY version of this event.

Melanie Margalis, Anna Belousova, Argentinian Julia Sebastian, and Elizabeth Beisel will round out the A final. This will be Beisel’s second swim tonight, after the 200 fly.

Emily McClellan of Badger Swim Club will lead the B final tonight with 2:34.03. The top 10 swimmers came in under the Olympic Trials mark of 2:34.99.

Men’s 200 Breast- Prelims

  1. Josh Prenot, Unattached: 2:13.41
  2. Nic Fink, Athens: 2:13.43
  3. Cody Miller, Badger: 2:14.24
  4. Chase Kalisz, NBAC: 2:15.39
  5. Thomas Dahlia, Cardinal: 2:16.07
  6. Sean Mahoney, Cal: 2:16.97
  7. Dan Wallace, Gator: 2:17.43
  8. Ridge Altman, Trojan: 2:17.62

Josh Prenot and Nic Fink will battle it out in the 200 breast tonight, after coming in within .02 of each other in prelims, swimming 2:13.41 and 2:13.43, respectively. Badger Swim Club’s Cody Miller is well within fighting distance with 2:14.24 and may come in between or even ahead of them.

Fink is currently ranked third in the world with a 2:08.89 from last fall, while Miller is seventh with a 2:10.04, and Prenot sits eighth with a 2:10.26 from Austin.

North Baltimore’s Chase Kalisz came in fourth with 2:15.39, followed by Thomas Dahlia, Sean Mahoney, Dan Wallace, and Ridge Altman. 

Eduardo Solaeche of Gator will lead the B final, after clocking 2:18.15 in prelims. The top ten swimmers made it in under the Olympic Trials cut of 2:18.39

Women’s 400 Free- Prelims

  1. Lotte Friis, NBAC: 4:11.63
  2. Lindsay Vrooman, Badger: 4:12.35
  3. Andreina Pinto Perez, Gator: 4:13.00
  4. Manuella Lyrio, Brazil: 4:13.07
  5. Kiera Janzen, Minnesota: 4:13.10
  6. Hannah Cox, Upper Valley: 4:13.27
  7. Cierra Runge, NBAC: 4:13.28
  8. Allison Schmitt, NBAC: 4:13.47

It could be anyone’s game tonight in the tightly-packed women’s 400 free final. Less than two seconds separates first from eighth seed, and in an unusually Ledecky-free event, the field is wide open.

Denmark and North Baltimore’s Lotte Friis earned the top seed this morning with 4:11.63, followed by Lindsay Vrooman of Badger Swim Club in 4:12.35. Gator Swim Club’s Venezuela native Andreina Pinto Perez finished third in 4:13.00.

Brazil’s Manuella Lyrio, Minnesota’s Kiera Janzen, Upper Valley’s Hannah Cox, and North Baltimore duo Cierra Runge and Allison Schmitt all came in under 4:13.50, also making the championship final.

Four of the eight swimmers in the final are world-ranked in this event, and especially don’t count out eighth seed Schmitt, who won the 200 yesterday.

Triangle’s Ashley Twichell will lead the B final after swimming 4:14.33 in prelims. The top 17 swimmers came in under the Olympic Trials mark.

Men’s 400 Free- Prelims

  1. Zane Grothe, Badger: 3:52.70
  2. Andrew Abruzzo, Plymouth: 3:54.00
  3. Mads Glaesner, Trojan: 3:54.24
  4. Conor Dwyer, Trojan: 3:54.56
  5. Dan Wallace, Gator: 3:54.74
  6. Andrea D’Arrigo, Italy: 3:54.76
  7. Connor Jaeger, Wolverine: 3:55.25
  8. Dion Dreesens, Unattached: 3:55.28

Badger Swim Club’s Zane Grothe posted the top time this morning in the men’s 400 free, swimming 3:52.70 to second-place sixteen-year-old Andrew Abruzzo‘s 3:54.00. Trojan duo Mads Glaesner, who swims for The Netherlands internationally, and Conor Dwyer finished third and fourth with 3:54.24 and 3:54.56, respectively.

Dan Wallace, Andrea D’Arrigo of Italy, Connor Jaeger, and Dion Dreesens will round out the A final.

This is another tightly-packed championship final, with all the swimmers separated by merely two and a half seconds. Dwyer is the only world-ranked swimmer of the group, currently eighth after a 3:48.11 from Minneapolis this fall.

Marcelo Acosta will lead the B final with 3:56.13. The top 15 swimmers came in under the Olympic Trials mark of 3:58.69.

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  1. Uberfan says:

    So after, his 200 IM seliskar boarded a plane and got to Orlando? And he’s still seeded to swim the 200 fly at pac 12s? Busy guy

  2. Rafael says:

    Bet of the day: Will Miller get DQ?

  3. Rafael says:

    Etiene did not swim the 50 free? She is listed on psych sheet but no results available, not even showing DNF or NS.

    • Dan says:

      She’s resting for the 100 back. On a time take yesterday she swam in 24.75.

      • Rafael says:

        Thanks for the info, I did not see it anywhere so I was curious. I think it is her best time outside a official competition. And live meet is tought, I Can´t see the men 50 free result and Fratus is not appearing also

  4. Tim says:

    What about Tom Shields in the 200 fly? Did he get DQd or scratch finals? I watched the live stream and saw his 1:59, so why isn’t he listed?

  5. completelyconquered says:

    50 Free is not correct. Top 8: Adrian, Dressel, Dotto, Khalafalla, Duarte, Tanty, Weir, Cielo. Adrian was 22.03.

  6. xenon says:

    can someone explain the backstroke finish rule? I’m confused. I thought you weren’t allowed to throw your head back and do a dolphin kick into the wall anymore. It looked like so many people were doing this in prelims today. I know if you have some body part above water you can still throw your head back but alot of people were completely submerged. Are you allowed to do this?

    • FL LSC says:

      They are not supposed to completely submerge before they touch. I think with slow motion more of these guys could be DQ’d but at full speed it’s a tough call to be 100% sure unless the swimmer is way short on their finish.

  7. PACFAN says:

    Where the heck is Murphy???
    He’s on the psych sheet in 100 back, 2 free, and 2 back.

    Is he not racing more than 1 event???
    I don’t get it.

    • Jeff says:

      The Live Results have not updated the Men’s 100 back for some reason. I’m assuming whomever is writing this live recap is using the live results and perhaps not watching?

  8. paolo says:

    Watched the streaming from Italy and Ryan Murphy cruised to an impressive top qualifying time in 100 back with a 53.88 (great impression indeed as he nearly stop swimming in the last 15 metres), then Tarasevich and Guido (54.64). Sixth Phelps in 55.19, seventh Grevers, and last A-finalist Viatchanin.

    Phelps at an hard double in the 200 breastroke (2.20 for him). Really exhausted at the finish and I suppose that it won’t happen again a similar double in-season..

  9. wowo says:

    MIchael Andrew definitely seems to not be swimming well. I thought that the whole premise of USRPT was to be able to put up top times at every meet?

    Maybe they are actually doing other types of training (ie. dryland/strength training)

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