2016 Arena Pro Swim Series – Mesa: Day 1 Prelims Live Recap

Arena Pro Swim Series at Mesa

  • Thursday, April 14 – Saturday, April 16, 2016
  • Skyline Aquatic Center
  • Mesa, Arizona (same as Pacific Daylight Time, GMT -7 hours)
  • Prelims 9AM / Finals 5PM (12PM/8PM Eastern Daylight Time)
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Women’s 200 Meter Freestyle – Prelims

  • FINA A: 1:58.96
  • U.S. Olympic Trials: 2:02.39

Several scratches thinned the ranks of the early heats of women’s 200 free, and second-seeded Katinka Hosszu did not check in for the event, but there were strong morning swims all around. Ella Eastin, swimming unattached out of Stanford, won heat 3 with a 2:01.10, her second-best time ever. This is Eastin’s first long-course meet since her record-breaking performances at NCAAs in March. Her 2:01.10 held up as the morning’s fastest until heat 6, when Patry Castro Ortega, the NCAA Division II record-holder in the 200 yard free out of Queens University of Charlotte, went a 1:59.36 to beat her seed time and lead the field. Lotte Friis of North Baltimore went 2:00.50 for second in the heat, while teammate Becca Mann was third in 2:01.46.

Allison Schmitt of North Baltimore won the first of the circle-seeded heats with 1:58.55, holding off a fast-charging Simone Manuel who finished second with 1:58.80. North Baltimore’s Cierra Runge touched third in 1:59.41. Hannah Cox of Upper Valley Aquatic Club led wire-to-wire and won heat 8 with 1:59.83, just 3/100 in front of Melanie Margalis of Saint Petersburg. Missy Franklin managed to squeak in for third in the heat, touching in 2:00.53. Franklin looked a little sluggish off the start but got better with each 50.

Katie Ledecky of Nation’s Capital took the final heat with a strong morning swim of 1:56.66. Katie Drabot of Ozaukee Aquatics took second in 2:00.01, just ahead of Nina Rangelova of SMU’s 2:00.60.

Top 8:

  1. Katie Ledecky 1:56.66
  2. Allison Schmitt 1:58.55
  3. Simone Manuel 1:58.80
  4. Patricia Castro Orgeta 1:59.36
  5. Cierra Runge 1:59.41
  6. Hannah Cox 1:59.83
  7. Melanie Margalis 1:59.86
  8. Maya DiRado 1:59.92

Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle – Prelims

  • FINA A: 1:47.97
  • U.S. Olympic Trials: 1:51.89

Preston Jenkins, who swims at BYU, put up his best time since 2012 with a heat 1 victory in 1:54.03. Pace Clark of Athens Bulldogs went a best-by-1 1:53.30 to take over the lead after three heats. Yuri Samouilich took a half-second off his seed time and won heat 4 in 1:51.96, edging Sean Grieshop of Nitro (1:53.12) and Franco Lupoli of Azura Florida (1:53.33).

Julio Olvera Alejos of Caan Swim Team took over the lead with 1:51.89, winning heat 5 just ahead of Michael Chadwick of Mizzou (1:52.06). Ous Mellouli of Mission Viejo went 1:51.03 to win heat 6 and move to the top of the leaderboard, just before the circle-seeded heats. Marcelo Acosta was second in that heat in 1:53.21.

Cristian Quintero of Trojan Swim Club won heat 7 in 1:58.22, while Long Gutierrez of California Aquatics edged Clark Smith of Texas, 1:49.68 to 1:49.71 for second. Conor Dwyer of Trojan Swim Club won the following heat in 1:48.63 ahead of Matias Kosky of Dynamo (1:49.73) and Michael McBroom of The Woodlands (1:49.84).

The final heat featured top seed Ryan Lochte of SwimMAC Carolina and North Baltimore’s Michael Phelps side-by-side. Phelps was out first at the 100 by .01, while Lochte’s third 50 put him out front by nearly half a body length at the 150. Lochte finished first in 1:49.62 for the third-fastest time overall, while Texas’ Jack Conger out-touched Phelps over the last 50 meters and grabbed second in 1:49.93. Phelps finished third in the heat and ninth overall with 1:50.63.

Top 8:

  1. Cristian Quintero 1:48.22
  2. Conor Dwyer 1:48.63
  3. Ryan Lochte 1:49.62
  4. Long Gutierrez 1:49.68
  5. Clark Smith 1:49.71
  6. Matias Koski 1:49.73
  7. Michael McBroom 1:49.84
  8. Jack Conger 1:49.93

Women’s 100 Meter Breaststroke – Prelims

  • FINA A: 1:07.85
  • S. Olympic Trials: 1:11.49

Kimberly Williams established the early lead winning heat 3 with 1:11.98, just ahead of Morganne McKennan of Quicksilver’s 1:12.09. Katie Antal of Ohio State took over the lead in the next heat, touching out Imelda Wistey, 1:11.73 to 1:11.76, for the win.

In the first of the circle-seeded heats, Tennessee’s Molly Hannis clocked a 1:07.52 to win her heat by well over a body length; Louisville’s Andee Cottrell finished second in 1:09.22, with Badger Swim Club’s Emily McClellan (1:09.31) just behind. Sarah Haase of Stanford Swimming took heat 6 in 1:08.00, tying her seed time to the millisecond. South Florida’s Alia Atkinson (1:08.47) and Saint Petersburg’s Melanie Margalis (1:08.64) followed.

Katie Meili of SwimMAC clocked a 1:07.34 to edge Golden West’s Jessica Hardy by 10/100 in the final heat. Hilda Luthersdottir of Gator Swim Club was third in 1:08.23.

Top 8:

  1. Katie Meili 1:07.34
  2. Jessica Hardy 1:07.44
  3. Molly Hannis 1:07.52
  4. Sarah Haase 1:08.00
  5. Hilda Luthersdottir 1:08.23
  6. Alia Atkinson 1:08.47
  7. Melanie Margalis 1:08.54
  8. Haley Spencer 1:08.59

100 Meter Breaststroke – Prelims

  • FINA A: 1:00.57
  • S. Olympic Trials: 1:03.69

16-year-old Daniel Roy of Spokane Area won heat 1 in 1:04.31, then ceded the lead to Said Revelez of Desert Dragons (1:03.78) in the next heat. Jordy Groters of Mizzou won a tight heat 3 with 1:03.47. He was out first at the 50 and held on while Julian Fletcher (1:03.51) and Ridge Altman (1:03.95), both of Trojan Swim Club, chased him down over the back half. Christian Lorenz moved in front by 1/100 when he won heat 4 with 1:03.46 ahead of Minnetonka’s Corey Lau (1:03.67).

Youssef El Kamash won the first circle-seeded heat in 1:01.80; Jonathan Leopold of The Olympic Club (1:02.02), and Miguel De Lara Ojeda of Desert Dragons (1:02.20) finished just behind. Andrew Wilson of Longhorn Aquatics won the sixth heat in 1:01.41, blasting past Indie Swimming’s Michael Andrew over the back half. Andrew was second in the heat with 1:01.82

Azad Al-Barazi of Trojan Swim Club won the final heat in 1:02.29; Athens Bulldogs’ Nic Fink came to the wall 4/100 behind in 1:02.33. New York Athletic Club’s Mike Alexandrov touched third in 1:02.92.

Top 8:

  1. Andrew Wilson 1:01.41
  2. Youssef El Kamash 1:01.80
  3. Michael Andrew 1:01.82
  4. Jonathan Leopold 1:02.02
  5. Miguel De Lara Ojeda 1:02.20
  6. Azad Al-Barazi 1:02.29
  7. Nic Fink 1:02.33
  8. William Wihanto 1:02.47

Women’s 100 Meter Butterfly – Prelims

  • FINA A: 58.74
  • S. Olympic Trials: 1:01.19

Lia Neal of Stanford and Ledecky won the first two heats with identical times of 1:02.01; they remained at the top of the leaderboard until heat 4 when Simone Manuel cranked out a 1:00.95 to overcome Abbey Weitzeil of Canyons (1:01.85) over the final 25 meters for a heat win. Ruby Martin from Iowa Flyers took the next heat in 1:00.79 to move up on the field; Ann Ochitwa of Tucson Ford (1:01.67) and Kim Vandenberg of NYAC (1:01.82) came in second and third.

Amber Carter won the first circle-seeded heat in 59.73, just edging South Florida’s Clarie Donahue (59.88). Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace of SwimMAC came in third with 1:00.58. Vanderpool-Wallace had a significant lead for the first half of the race but Carter came back nicely over the final 50. Dana Vollmer of California Aquatics won the penultimate heat by 2 body length with 58.03. Christina Bechtel of Kentucky went 59.90 for second, while Ozaukee’s Drabot was third in 1:00.05.

Kelsi Worrell won the final heat in 57.56; she was the only one to clear 58 seconds and will lead going into tonight’s final. Hellen Moffitt (59.56) and Felicia Lee of Stanford (59.66) came in together for second and third in the heat.

Top 8:

  1. Kelsi Worrell 57.56
  2. Dana Vollmer 58.03
  3. Hellen Moffitt 59.56
  4. Felicial Lee 59.66
  5. Cassidy Bayer 59.71
  6. Amber Carter 59.73
  7. Claire Donahue 59.88
  8. Christina Bechtel 59.90

Men’s 100 Meter Butterfly – Prelims

  • FINA A: 52.36
  • U.S. Olympic Trials: 54.79

North Baltimore’s Mohamed Hussein cracked a 55.95 to open the festivities with a strong heat 1 win. Dynamo’s Michael Taylor followed in heat 2 with 56.53 over Gaucho Aquatics’ Chris Nolan (57.57). Jimmy Feigen of SwimMAC went 54.38 to top Jonathan Gomez of Scarlet Aquatics, who was second in heat 3 with 54.97. The last heat before the circle seeds went to Patrick Park in 54.87.

David Nolan of North Baltimore (53.22) won a tough battle against Cal’s Andrew Seliskar (53.78) and SwimMAC’s Lochte (53.96) to finish atop heat 5 and take over the leaderboard. Seth Stubblefield of Cal had a strong second half, passing Giles Smith of Phoenix Swim Club who had led at the 50. Stubblefield posted the fastest time overall, 52.85, to win the heat. Smith was second in 53.60, keeping Tim Phillips of SwimMAC (53.74) at bay.

Jack Conger of Texas claimed the final heat in 52.98. Cal’s Gutierrez led at the 50 but placed second in the heat with 53.17. James Cooper of the Woodlands was third in 53.79. Cooper wound up in a three-way tie for 8th place that required a swim-off to determine who would contest the championship final. Kyler Van Swol of Santa Clara Swim Club declined the opportunity to participate and chose to contest the B final, so it was Cooper vs Eugene Godsoe of Wolfpack Elite. Godsoe got off to a quick start but Cooper built up a half body-length lead by the 50 wall. Godsoe had a strong back half but it was Cooper at the wall, 53.32 to 53.70.

Top 8:

  1. Seth Stubblefield 52.85
  2. Jack Conger 52.98
  3. Long Gutierrez 53.17
  4. David Nolan 53.22
  5. Giles Smith 53.60
  6. Tim Phillips 53.74
  7. Andrew Seliskar 53.78
  8. James Cooper 79 (swimoff 53.32)

Women’s 400 Meter Individual Medley – Prelims

  • FINA A: 4:43.46
  • U.S. Olympic Trials: 4:54.99

Vanessa Pearl of Metroplex Aquatics was first to the wall to kick off heat 1 of women’s 400 IMs. She touched in 4:56.41, just off her seed time. Rachael Bradford-Feldman of Louisville won the following heat in 4:51.52, beating her seed time by 3.2 seconds. Lisa Bratton of Texas A&M went 4:55.65 for second place in the heat. Cassidy Bayer of Nation’s Capital and Sierra Schmidt of North Baltimore had a good race in heat 3; Bayer came in at 4:49.10, while Schmidt touched in 4:50.48.

The two circle-seeded heats began with an Ella Eastin romp. The Stanford freshman was way out front through most of the race and finished in 4:42.88, only .24 off her seed time. Cammile Adams of SwimMAC out-touched Vien Nguyen by .23 to claim second in the heat. Adams went 4:44.27 to Nguyen’s 4:44.50. Cal’s Caitlin Leverenz was right there through the 300; she, Adams, and Nguyen turned together heading into the freestyle but Leverenz was left behind over the final 50 meters. Also passing Leverenz at the end was Lindsey Clary of Ohio State; however, Clary was disqualified for an infraction, as was Tanja Kylliainen of Cardinal Aquatics in the final heat.

Katinka Hosszu blew away the field in the final heat of the morning, going 4:32.33 to land lane 4 in tonight’s final. North Baltimore’s Becca Mann came to the wall second in 4:43.32, while Madisyn Cox of Texas was third in 4:45.67.

Top 8:

  1. Katinka Hosszu 4:32.23
  2. Ella Eastin 4:42.88
  3. Becca Mann 4:43.32
  4. Cammile Adams 4:44.27
  5. Vien Nguyen 4:44.50
  6. Madison Cox 4:45.67
  7. Sarah Henry 4:46.46
  8. Matea Samardzic 4:46.53

400 Meter Individual Medley – Prelims

  • FINA A: 4:16.71
  • S. Olympic Trials: 4:27.49

The men’s IM opened with a great first heat from Ryan Massey of Louisville (4:33.14) and Samet Alkan of North Baltimore (4:33.95). Rafa Alfaro of Trojan Swim Club took heat 2 in 4:28.59 to climb to the top of the standings. Nolan Tesone of Louisville (4:29.28) was second in that heat.

Cal’s Andrew Seliskar won the first circle-seeded heat of men’s 400 IMs with 4:26.41, just out-touching Athens Bulldogs’ Gunnar Bentz over the final 10 meters. Bentz went 4:27.07, while Marko Blazevski of SwimMAC was third in the heat in 4:28.65.

The final heat was exciting, as SwimMAC’s Tyler Clary took it out early and controlled the race through the backstroke. He turned at the back-to-breast wall in 2:05.39, leading Sean Grieshop of Nitro by 6/10 and Cal’s Connor Green by 1.5 seconds. Sean Grieshop, who boasts a strong 200 breast, took over the lead in the third 100, but Ous Mellouli of Mission Viejo moved into second place during the breaststroke, displacing both Clary and Green. Heading into the final 100, Grieshop was way out front and Mellouli, Clary and Green all turned together. Mellouli and Green outsplit Clary by a significant margin, and the order at the finish went Grieshop (4:21.96), Mellouli (4:23.91), Green (4:26.59), and Clary (4:27.81).

Top 8:

  1. Sean Grieshop 4:21.96
  2. Ous Mellouli 4:23.91
  3. Andrew Seliskar 4:26.41
  4. Connor Green 4:26.59
  5. Gunnar Bentz 4:27.07
  6. Tyler Clary 4:27.81
  7. Rafa Alfaro 4:28.59
  8. Marko Blazevski 4:28.65


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Missy didn’t look very good this morning


No, but Simone looked good- 1:58.80 for a prelim! She’s in shape!


So did Schmidt! Glad to see those times this morning!


Missy did not look good at all.


what happened to her….Missy’s bad form is ominous for USA in multiple way…..


Patricia Castro went 1.58.1 way back in 2010 as an 18 year old – So 1.59 isn’t a PB 😉


It’s not even her fastest this year!

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