2014 DIII National Championship Day Two Finals Real Time Recaps

Follow along with us as we breakdown each race as it happens over the course of the night.  Tonight’s events are the 200 freestyle relay, 400 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 freestyle, women’s 1 meter diving and the 400 medley relay.

You can read the Prelims Recap here.



Competing in the consolation final: St Olaf, Chicago, Trinity, Denison, DePauw, MIT, Ithaca and Williams. Out to a mini lead is St Olaf out at 20.58. Second is Denison at 20.61. Denison building up a lead now. Second leg touches at 20.01 for a 40.6. Denison holds the lead going through the third 50. MIT catching up. MIT battles with Trinity for second. It goes to Denison in 1:21.08. Second to Chicago at 1:22.07 and third is MIT in 1:22.09. No splits under 20.

And now for the finalists… JHU, Conn, Gettysburg, TCNJ, CMS, Keene St, Kenyon and Emory. TCNJ had a stellar morning. Wonder what they have in store for tonight. Out and up quick is Emory. Early leader at the 50 is Gettysburg in 20.15. Emory in second with CMS in third. Gettysburg building that lead, with teh Eagles still in second. TCNJ third. Eagles hot on Gettysburg. Gettysburg and TCNJ with Emory in close pursuit. Last leg and it looks like TCNJ is going to take it ! 1:20.47 to TCNJ. Emory is second in 1:20.96. JHU is third at 1:21.06. That’s two outside lanes going 2-3. Dang!


Competing in the consolation finals: NYU, Springfield, DePauw, Williams, Chicago, Wash U, Rochester and Geneseo. Out and up after the wall is Springfield leading out with a 23.09. That’s gotta be Pennington. Springfield sees some competition from Williams. Looks like the Ephs second to the wall. Leading the way after the exchange. DePauw moving up. It’s Williams first, Wash U in second and DePauw third as they head into the final 50. Williams drives home with the win in 1:34.72. Second is Chicago in 1:35.44. Third is Springfield in 1:35.66.

And now for the finalists… Conn, Gustavus, JHU, Denison, Emory, MIT, Kenyon and CMS. There may be some back and forth – Denison had a solid prelims relay but JHU had two of the fastest splits. Early lead to Gustavus at the 25. Looks like Kenyon is first to the wall in a 23.28. Second is Gustavus, Denison third. Denison moving up now. Denison first, MIT second. Gustavus third. At the turn, now it’s JHU pulling ahead of Denison. Split a 22.6! JHU is in the lead. Denison second, Kenyon third. It goes to JHU! 1:32.38. Kenyon steals into second with a 22.71 anchor leg at 1:32.81 and Denison is third in 1:32.83.

MEN’S 400 IM

Swimming in the consolation final: Duval, Conover, Hogan, Lindell, Lattimer, Newell, Lednev and Shabb. That’s two for Kenyon and Williams, one for Denison. Out quick at the 50 flly is Lindell with a 24.3. Hogan is riding his hip. Newell takes lead in 53.4 after the fly. Lattimer second and Lindell third. AFter first 50 back, Lindell is back in front with Hogan second and Lattimer third. IT’s a battle for second. Lindell has two bodylengths lead going into breast. Breaststroke is the great equalizer. Or unequalizer, as the case may be. But it looks like Lindell has got this one covered. It’s Lindell then Hogan, then Lattimer with Newell in close attendance. Looks like Newell is pulling ahead of Hogan but still behind Lattimer. After breast Lindell is still out front. Then Lattimer. Third is Newell. Newell is challenging for second. Lindell is in clear control ahead of the pack. Lattimer second, Newell third at the last wall. Newell picks up the kick. Lindell wins in 3:54.63. Second to Lattimer at 3:57.63. Third is Newell at 3:58.04.

And now for the finalists…Weik is in an outside lane which has got to be new for him. Anderson, Manz, Curley, Chevalier, Depew, Reardon and Humphrey. That’s four for the Lords and two outside for Denison. Weik is up first in fly, and behind by the 25. Out early it looks to be Anderson, the NCAA record holder. Second is Depew with Manz in third. Anderson is over a body length ahead of the field already. He touches in 51.6 with Chevalier in second at 52.7. Third is Depew at 53.1. On to backstroke and Chevalier starts to move up on Anderson. Curley takes over the third place position and passes Chevalier. Curley moving even with Anderson. 1:50.16 at the halfway. Now breaststroke, and it looks like Anderson has got this one covered. Pulling ahead of Curley again. Chevalier moving up on Curley. Manz also moving up on Curley. Anderson holds his lead. Manz takes second and Curley is in third with Chevalier fourth going into freestyle. Manz fighting it out with Curley for second. 50 to go. It’s Anderson, Manz, Curley. Anderson wins in 3:49.25 to break his own NCAA record from last year! Second is Curley in 3:50.81 and third to Manz in 3:51.98.


 Competing in consolation finals: Crawford, Woodward, Johns, Deysher, Fox, Pham, Beauchamp and Bilko. Johns super slow off the blocks. Early lead goes to Pham, cruising that first 50 fly in a 28.3. At the 100 it’s still Pham, with Bilko right with her and Beauchamp third, so the race is centered in lanes 6-7-8. Backstroke and Pham takes off with Fox close on her hip. Third is Bilko. Fox closes the gap and pulls even under the flags. It’s Pham barely first to the wall, with Fox dead even. Third is Bilko. Woodward coming out of the woodwork in lane 2 to join the race on the breaststroke leg. Fox is a little ahead of Pham halfway through the breaststroke. Fox first after breast, Pham second and Woodward right in third. Fox kicks it into gear on the freestyle. Looks like Woodward is going to put some serious legs into work, though. 50 to go, it’s Fox and Pham tied for the lead. Woodward third. Pham moving up and Johns coming out of nowhere! Johns powering through down the homestretch. She takes the lead under the flags and! It’s Johns in 4:25.10! Second to Pham at 4:26.67. Third to Fox in 4:26.67. That was a 27.37 out of Johns on the end of that race.

And now for the finalists…York, Pierce, Daher, Beach, Howell, Pruden, Taege, and Geyer. I”d say Beach is probably the favorite to win this event after her swim this morning, but we’ll see how it all plays out. Beach out in 27.8 with Pierce right with her on the first 50. 59.4 for Beach on the way out, Pierce in second and Howell in third. On backstroke it looks like Pierce is taking control of the race. She’s first to the wall with Daher second and Pruden third. Howell is right on Pruden’s hip and moving up quickly through the first 25. At the turn it’s Daher, with Pierce second and Howell is in third. Pierce puts on the steam in the breaststroke and Howell too. It’s Pierce to the wall first, then Howell with Daher third. Beach beginning to move up to fight for third.  Down the homestretch for breast it’s Pierce and then Howell, with Beach in third. Turning for home, it’s Howell fighting with Pierce. Pierce gives up the lead – Howell to the wall with 50 to go – Pierce fighting to stay ahead of Beach, Howell first to the 75 mark of the freestyle, and then Pierce comes up. Beach closing hard on Howell. And it goes to Pierce in 4:19.94! Beach is second in 4:20.34. Howell is third at 4:20.96. So exciting for a freshman to win her first NCAA title!


Competing in consolation finals: Lin, Funk, Rich, Baker, Tatum, Veldman, Corcoran and Kogut. Looks like Lin taking the early lead from lane 1. Out in 22.6. Secon is Corcoran with Funk in third. Lin building the lead with Tatum strong – Goes to Lin with a 48.29. Second is Tatum in 48.78. Third is Baker in 48.83.

And now for the finalists… Martin, Lanz, MacKay, Gill, Dalton, Bulakul, Mering and Josephson. Gill has the chance to be sub 48 tonight. Looks like MacKay is out first. The 50 goes to Gill in 22.24, with Dalton second and MacKay third. Mering moving up from lane 7. MacKay making a case for himself, but it goes to Mering! 47.91 with a 25.45 back half. Second is Gill in 47.92. Third to MacKay in 48.10.


Competing in the consolation finals: Sanchez-Aizcorbe, Zook, Chan, Kee, Bailey, Levine, Brown, and Dilorati. Dilorati up first but it’s Kee to the wall at the 25 first. At the 50 it goes to Bailey with Brown right on her and Zook in third. Looks like Chan moving up into first with Zook narrowly on her. And it goes to Sanchez-Aizcorbe with a 29.11 back half for the win in 56.26. Second is Bailey in 56.46 and third to Chan in 56.51.

And the finalists are… Doerner, Dillione, Rosenbaum, Nitz, Kitayama, Conklin, Erdmann and Cline. Nitz has a shot at that record, so let’s see what’s she’s got for us. Nitz up at the 15 meter mark and first to the 25. She’s out in 24.46. She’s ahead. Kitayama second, Erdmann third. It’s all Nitz coming home. She wins and takes a 52.64 for a new NCAA record, breaking Todhunter’s from 2011. Second is Rosenbaum in 54.35 and third goes to Kitayama in 54.89.


Competing in the consolation finals: Lee, Roe, Gates, Leyens, Brunk, Duronio, Zelehowsky and Fronk. Roe puts himself out there early and holds onto the lead from the get go all the way through the turn. Leader at the 150 is Roe, and coming home, it’s all roe with Lee and Brunk gaining. But it goes to Roe in 1:39.15. Second is Duronio who snuck in with a 24.9 final 50 in 1:39.84. Third to Fronk at 1:39.85.

And now for the finalists… Sholtis, Hooker, Maciel, Tarnowski, Caldwell, Kimball, Lordi and Ledwith. Caldwell is defending champion in this event. The whole heat is juniors and seniors. JHU has two in this event. Caldwell shoots to the front right off the blocks. It looks like it’s going to be Kimball and Lordi to the wall at the 50 first. Lordi holds the lead through the 75, but it looks like Kimball may take it from him. It’s a tie between Kimball and Lordi at 47.08 at the 100. Caldwell in third. Tarnowski making a move, but it’s Caldwell to the 150. Tarnowski is second with Kimball third. Caldwell fighting for that first spot. Caldwell pulling ahead a little. Maciel pulling up. And it goes to Caldwell in 1:37.16. Second is Maciel in 1:37.59 and third to Tarnowski in 1:37.68.


Competing in the consolation final: McDermott, Bonfield, Bridges, MAx, Wall, Pierce, Willingham and Rinsma. That’s two for Emory, one for JHU and one for Denison. Out to an early lead is Bridges – actually lane 8 Rinsma about a bodylength ahead. Sneaking forward. Second looks like Pierce. At the 100 it’s Rinsma with Pierce second and McDermott over in lane 1 in third. Another outside smoke moment? Pierce puts the pressure on, and starts to pull even with Rinsma. It’s Pierce and Rinsma tied for the lead with Willingham between them in third. 25 to go and they all flip together. Pierce and Willingham pulling away. Rinsma fades and it goes to Pierce in 1:51.47. Second is Bonfield in 1:51.50. Third to Willingham at 1:51.52.

And now for the finalists… Pennington, Larson, Thompson, Bogdanovski, Yarosh, Costley, Bergh and McAfee. Bogdavanski won the 50, Thompson is the defending champ in this event. Out to the early lead is Bogdanovski with Pennington in lane one close behind. Bogdavanski out to a 24.87 lead with Pennington second and Yarosh in third. Bogdavanski taking over. She’s out at 52.44 and a body length ahead of everyone. Second is Thompson with Yarosh third. Pennington is still in the mix for second/third as it’s a fight to the 150. Bogdanovski is ahead. Thompson is pulling up, and Yarosh is still in third, but it’s close! Thompson making a bid for second. Yarosh fading back a little bit. It goes to Bogdanovski in 1:47.74. Second is Thompson in 1:49.24. Yarosh finishes third in 1:49.47.


Finalists for diving: Sheridan, Linsmayer, Thompson, Murdoch, Axness, Sheldon, Zarka and Jordan. After the first round, it’s Zarka three points ahead of Jordan with Sheldon in third. After the second round, Zarka remains in first, four points ahead of Jordan with Sheldon still in third. In the third round, with a 54.00 dive, Jordan takes over the lead by exactly 3 points, with Zarka in second. Sheldon in third. End of the fourth round sees Zarka back up on top with Jordan 8 points behind. Axness takes over third. Zarka holds onto first with Jordan two points back after the fifth round. Linsmayer in third. After the final round, it’s a 54.00 dive to give Jordan back the lead and the NCAA title with a 468.90. Second is Zarka in 463.05. Third to Linsmayer in 443.50.


Competing in the consolation finals: Union, Calvin, Conn, Wash U, TCNJ, Chicago, NYU and DePauw. Out with the early lead off his underwaters is Conn. He’s out in 23.24. Got over a body length on everyone. Just building that lead. Union pulling closer with TCNJ third. 48.20 lead off. Conn’s got a unique breaststroke. Wash U moves into second with TCNJ in third, right with them. Conn holds the lead through the 75, but it looks like Wash U is moving up. Conn still narrowly in the lead. Wash U second. Calvin in third going into fly. Wash U pulls into the lead after the 50 fly. Bodylength up. Conn in second with Calvin battling TCNJ for third. Wash U way out ahead. Still a battle for third, Calvin loses the advantage to TCNJ. TCNJ looking to run down Conn for second. Conn making the move on Wash U, drawing close – but it goes to Wash U in 3:17.97. SEcond is Conn in 3:18.36. Third to TCNJ in 3:19.43.

And now for the finalists… Williams, JHU, Emory, MIT, Denison, Kenyon, CMS and St Olaf. Emory getting the crowd pumped up with some arm waving. Dead silence for the start into an explosion of sound at the beep. Out to the lead it looks like CMS. At the 50, it’s MIT with Williams and CMS tied for second. Emory brings up the heat on the second 50. IT’s Emory in 48.28. CMS second. JHU third. Emory’s breast leg is out in 24.8, Denison’s 24.6. Emory in clear control. SEcond is MIT with JHU right behind. Kenyon adding to the mix. It’s Emory then MIT then JHU after breaststroke. Emory wins the first 50 fly in 22.03. MIT second with a 22.00. Third to JHU. Emory still holding that lead. The battle for third between Kenyon, Denison and JHU. IT’s Emory, MIT and JHU with KEnyon in fourth. On freestyle and MIT is chasing down Emory. Kenyon is battling Denison and JHU. It’s Emory, MIT and Kenyon. Looks like the Eagles are going to have to battle for their life to get this – and IT goes to the eagles! 3:15.13. Second to MIT in 3:15.99. Third goes to Kenyon with a 22.89 second 50 of freestyle to finish in 3:16.60.


Competing in consolations: Middlebury, CMU, Wash U, Williams, Chicago, Luther, CMS, and Springfield. Out swiftly is Williams, with a battle with Luther. Luther is first to the wall at the 50 with a 26.57. Luter continues to lead thorugh the 100. WIlliams is second with Chicago between them in third. Middlebury starting to pour on the steam in lane 1. It’s Luther, Middlebury and Williams after the first 50 breast. Luther is putting itself out there by a LOT. At the exchange it’s Luther, Middlebury and Wash U. On fly, Luther holding its own but MIddlebury moving up with Wash U. At the 100 it’s Luther still, followed by Wash U and CMU moves into third. Luther holding onto a slight lead, but it looks like Wash U is going to take over. Luther still in lead with wash U second and cHicago third. Luther pouring on the steam. Turns first at the 75 with Wash U in close attendance. Chicago moving up. Very tight -and it’s Wash U in 3:49.15. Luther second at 3:49.34. Third goes to Chicago in 3:49.53. Springfield DQ’s.

And now for the finalists…Amherst, Wheaton, Emory, JHU, Kenyon, Denison, Gustavus and MIT. Lots of teams dancing on their way out, looking loose and relaxed. Ready to go fast. Should be a good race. Kenyon’s the top seed, but JHU has the fastest lead off leg so far. JHU takes the lead in 26.24. Second is Gustavus and EMory is in third. JHU splits a 54.19. Kenyon in second with Gustavus taking over third. Kenyon moves into the lead after the first 50 breast. Out in 28.70. JHU in second with Gustavus third. Kenyon builds a body length lead over Denison with a 1:01 breast leg. It’s Kenyon, Denison and JHU going into fly. Kenyon building up that lead. Kenyon’s fly leg out 25.44. Hanging onto the lead. It’s Emory in second with Denison and JHU battling for third. On free it goes to Kenyon, then Denison with JHU third. JHU in second after the first 25 of the free leg. Kenyon flips at 23.94 at the 50, JHU at 22.96. Kenyon holds through the 75, but it looks like JHU is catching up. It’s so tight under the glags, and it goes to JHU in 3:42.90. Second to Kenyon at 3:43.34. Third to Denison at 3:45.14.

Men’s Team Scores Through Event 19

1. Denison 282
2. Kenyon 272
3. Emory 153
4. JHU 130
5. MIT 102
6. TCNJ 101
7. CMS 91
8. Chicago 85
9. Keene St 80
10. St Olaf 77

Women’s Team Scores Through Event 20

1. Emory 273
2. JHU 232
3. Kenyon 213
4. Denison 208
5. Williams 140
6. Amherst 100
7. Wash U 82
8. Gustavus 79
9. Wheaton 62
10. MIT 59


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