2014 DIII National Championship Day One Finals Real Time Recaps

Follow along with us as we breakdown each race as it happens over the course of the night.  Tonight’s events are the 500 Freestyle, 200 IM, 50 Free, 200 Medley Relay.

You can read the Prelims Recap here.



Competing in the consolation final: Holder, Fallon, Ricotta, Turpin, Gronbeck, Moody, Dobben and Grissom. At the 100, Ricotta is taking the lead from lane three. Everyone else is bunched together more or less. It’s kind of weird to see a field swimming in essentially a straight line. 200, Ricotta holds onto his lead. Turpin begins to move up on him, and with Fallon they start to break away from the pack. Dobben in lane 7 making moves towards breaking the line as well. Ricotta falls back at the 300 – it’s Turpin in first at a 2:40.77. Turpin holds onto the lead through the 350. Ricotta is second, with Fallon in third and across the pool is Dobben in fourth. At the bell lap, it’s pretty clearly Turpin, but the line has more or less reestablished and whoever comes in second… Well, wo knows? Turpin a body length ahead – 4:28.61. Second is Fallon (4:29.60). Third goes to Ricotta (4:29.86).

And now for our finalists… Greenhalgh, Tarnowski, Conover, Weik, Chevalier, Ledwith, Guilfoyle and Resman. Kenyon has three men in this heat, but Denison has the top seed with record holder Weik. Keene St has two. At the 100, it’s Weik then Conover, 50.26 to 50.37. At the 150, Conover takes over the lead by a little. This heat is much more spread out. Weik may have a real race on his hands from the Kenyon freshman. They’re about two body lengths ahead of everyone and growing! Greenhalgh is third. At the half way, Weik is back in the lead by almost a body length. Conover is hanging on with everything he’s got. Greenhalgh battles with Ledwith for third. Weik splits a 26.95 at the 300 mark. Conover starts losing ground to Ledwith and Greenhalgh. Weik is out on his own. It’s a battle for second. Weik at 3:31.70 at the 400. Ledwith takes over second. Weik is starting to kick. This is going to be ridiculous. 3:58.42 at the 450. Weik a 4:24.31 to win. Second is Ledwith at 4:26.94. Third is Conover at 4:27.40.


Competing in the consolation final: Smachlo, Jones, Max, Beach, Bonfield, Newlong, Bilko, and Chudy. Newlon is out in a 26.90 after a less than stellar morning swim. Maybe trying to make up for it? Leads at the 100 in 55.96. In second is Bonfield. Newlon looks in control, though that may be because she was so far off her seed time this morning. Battling for second are Max and Bonfield. Only Max and Newlon split under 30 seconds on the 50. At the 250, Newlon is at 2:24.61. Max is at 2:26.08. Beach and Bonfield are in pursuit. Newlon is setting herself far apart from this field. She’s at 3:24.14, picking up the pace. Max is still second. The battle for third is on. Bilko joins Beach and Bonfield in the hunt. At the 400 mark, Newlon is at 3:54.08. Beach pulls away from Bonfield, but Bilko is going with her. The bell lap – Newlon flips at 4:23.86. Max starts coming up. Newlon touches in at 4:53.14. Max is second at 4:54.32. Beach is third in 4:55.00.

And now for our finalists…McDermott, Lindblom, Costley, Thompson, Williamson, Newsum-Schoenburg, Johns and Taege. Thompson is out right away, leaving everyone else behind her by bodylengths. She’s in at 55.23, a little slower than the morning. It looks like McDermott in second with Costley in third. McDermott is beginning to establish a little space between herself and competitors. 1:53.46 though – Thompson is still plenty ahead of the field. Costley remains in third, but Williamson is beginning to move up. At 2:22.71, Thompson clearly leads. Williamson takes over the third place position. 2:51.81 for Thompson at the 300. She’s making everyoone else look silly. At the 350, McDermott is still in second, Williamson third, and Newsum-Schoenburg begins to move up to make a bid. 3:50.39, splitting low 27s for Thompson. She’s about a quarter of the pool ahead of everyone going into the bell lap. Williamson takes over second place. Newsum-Schoenburg challenging and MCDermott. It’s going to be Thomnpson – in 4:48.19. Second is Williamson by .05: 4:51.48 over McDermott’s 4:51.53.

MEN’S 200 IM

Competing in the consolation final: Hyde, Holder (back for more!), Gratz, Roe, Reardon, Lindell, Bonney, and Lednev. Out in 23.23 is Roe, leading after the butterfly. Everyone seems pretty equal in the backstroke. It goes to Reardon at 51.16 for the 100. Breaststroke and Reardon begins to pull forward a bit. It’s Reardon, then Roe with Holder close behind. Roe comes out of the turn ahead with Holder coming up. It goes to Reardon in a 1:49.32. Roe is second at 1:49.33. Holder is third at 1:49.61, and Bonney joins them in the under 1:50 club in fourth at 1:49.76.

And now for the finalists… Anderson, Humphrey, Maciel, Depew, Fronk, Lindgren, Wilson and Brunk. Lots of red in this heat and no Kenyon to put up a fight. Out for blood in lane one is Anderson. Depew in second with Lindgren in third. Anderson holds the lead with Lindgren moving up. Depew is fifth after backstroke. And Depew begins to move on breaststroke. Splits a 30.79 to take over the lead, with Anderson in second and Wilson comes up in third. Great dolphin kicks off the wall. It’s Depew to the wall in 1:47.44. Anderson is second at 1:47.75. Maciel snuck in for a third place with a 25.26 final 50 to finish at 1:48.92.


Competing in the consolation final: McKenzie, Ayer, Kee, Zook, Flinn, Kaestner, Parker and Bennett. Zook out in 26.6 to take the lead after butterfly. Bennett takes over the lead in 57.89 at the 100. Breaststroke puts Zook back on the map and she pulls away with McKenzie in close contention. Kee comes up in third after the breast leg. Zook is first in 2:04.21. Zecond to Kee in 2:04.59. Third goes to Kaestner who came up in 2:04.97 out of nowhere. Finished with a 28.8 last 50.

And now for the finalists… Pham, Fox, Kowalsky, Hyde, Nennig, Howell, Daher, and Lugg. The Eagles and Big Red both have two athletes each in this top final, but my money’s on Hyde to win. Out in 26.62 is Howell at the 50. Fox takes control in the backstroke, with Nennig in second at the 100. 57.23 to 57.59, favoring Fox. Nennig looks strong in the 200 IM. Hyde starts to move into play. Hyde splits a 34.2, Kowalsky puts up a 34.01 to move into third. Going home it’s Hyde, Kowalsky, Nennig. And Hyde takes it in 2:01.53. Second is Kowalsky in 2:02.78. Third is Nennig at 2:03.33.


Competing in the consolation final: MacKay, Wuorinen, Meek, Fiorillo, Caldwell, Youngstrom, Bass and Djakovich. Disqualification of Djakovich due to a false start/falling in. Out to the wall first is Bass in 9.89. It goes to Caldwell in 20.45. Second is Fiorillo in 20.47. Third to MacKay in 20.58.

And now for the finalists… Lordi, Fleming, Potter, Fatham, Brindamour, Culberson, Spock and Duronio. No team doubled up, and my money’s on Fatham to do something special. First to the 25 is Spock in 9.66. But it’s Brindamour in at 20.06 – no sub 20 this year. Second is Spock at 20.15. Third to Potter in 20.32.


Competing in consolation finals: Pielock, McLeod, Yang, TInklenberg, Larson, Yarosh, Townsend, Socha. Kenyon has three athletes in this heat. Pielock DQ’d this event last year. First to the 25 is – Yang in 11.55. It goes to Larson in 23.17. Second is Yang in 23.34. Third to Pielock in 23.51.

And now the finalists… Ternes, Slaughter, Kane, Pennington, Bogdanovski, Lukes, Rinsma and Cline. JHU has three athletes in this event. Pennington was runner up last year. First to the wall  at the 25 is Pennington at 11.09! And it goes to Bogdanovski in 22.80!!! Pennington is runner up again in 23.06. Third to Kane in 23.27.


Finalists for diving: Dignan, Lewis, Schmidt, Restaino, Howlett, Stoob, Levy and Stevick. After one round, it’s Dignan leading, Lewis is second and then Restanio. Second round, Dignan continues to lead. Restaino moves into second, with Schmidt in third; Lewis drops to seventh. Third round, Dignan builds the lead. Schmidt moves into second by .05 points and Restaino is third. Fourth round, it’s Dignan. Restaino wrests his second place back from Schmidt. Fifth round, Dignan breaks into the 500s with a 535.90 before the final round. Levy is now second, pushing Restaino to third. Last round ends with Dignan in first with 613.90 points and a new NCAA meet record. Second went to Levy with a 536.40. Third to Restaino with 520.60 points.


Competing in the consolation finals: Union, DePauw, Conn, Wash U, Amherst, Keene St and Stevens. First to the wall in back is Union with a 23.06. Conn is in second with Amherst in third. Denison moves up with a 24.51 split. Conn is second with Wash U third. Conn puts up a 21.3 in fly. Denison still first, DePauw third. At the wall, Denison with a 2:29.63. Second to Conn in 1:30.33. Third to DePauw at 1:31.17. Disqualification of Stevens.

And now the finalists… Williams, CMS, Chicago, Emory, MIT, Kenyon, St Olaf and TCNJ. Emory leads to the wall in a 21.97 backstroke leg. Second is CMS with Kenyon in third. The Eagles are still leading in the breast leg. A 24.68 from their breaststroker. MIT is second, Williams third. Emory is destroying everyone. 21.75 from the Eagles flyer. MIT second. Kenyon third. Emory wins with a 2:28.16. Second to MIT with a 1:29.67. Third for Kenyon at 1:29.74. Emory’s anchor was a 19.76.


Competing in the consolation finals: Wheaton IL, NYU, Gustavus, Rochester, Chicago, MIT, CMU and St Thomas. Early lead to NYU in a 26.14 backstroke leg. Gustavus in second with Rochester third. Gustavus’ breaststroker makes a move. A 28.86 move to put them first. NYU still second with Rochester in contention. A 23.76 from Wheato put them first. Gustavus second. Rochester third. It goes to Gustavus in 1:43.98. Second to Rochester at 1:44.19. Wheaton is third at 1:44.87.

And the finalists… Williams, Denison, Emory, JHU, Kenyon, Luther, Middlebury and Amherst. Early leader for JHU in the backstroke. She’s really working those underwaters. First to the wall in 25.00. SEcond is Luther with Kenyon in third. Hopkins leads with Kenyon chasing down – A 28.25 from Kenyon. JHU still narrowly leading. Kenyon second. Emory third. It’s JHU, Kenyon, Emory. And it goes to JHU in 1:41.94. Kenyon second with a 1:42.41. Third is Emory in 2:42.98.


Men’s Team Scores Through Event 8

  1. Denison – 173
  2. Kenyon – 104
  3. Emory – 73
  4. Chicago – 59
  5. MIT – 47
  6. Keene St – 45
  7. St Olaf – 40
  8. CMS – 39
  9. Williams 35
  10. JHU – 34
  11. TCNJ – 33
  12. Wash U – 23
  13. Tufts 22
  14. Amherst, Coast Guard, Redlands – 20

17. Mary Washington – 17
18. Gettysburg – 16
19. Usmma – 15
20. Colorado, Conn, Trinity – 14
23. DePauw – 13
24. Albion – 7
25. Middlebury – 6
26. UW-L, Birmingham Southern – 5
28. Union, Ithaca – 4
30. St Thomas – 3
31. RIT – 2
32. Buffalo State – 1

Women’s Team Scores Through Event 9

  1. Emory – 127
  2. JHU – 100
  3. Denison – 99
  4. Kenyon – 97
  5. Amherst, Williams – 49

7. Middlebury – 26
8. Luther – 24
9. Wash U – 23
10. Gustavus – 21
11. Springfield – 17
12. Bates – 15
13. IWU, Rochester – 14
15. Wheaton IL – 12
16. Redlands – 11
17. DePauw, NYU, MIT, Chicago – 9
21. SUNY Geneseo, CMS – 7
23. St Thomas, COnn – 6
25. Grove City – 5
26. Ithaca, CMU – 4
28. Carleton – 2

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6 years ago

Very tight four team race on the women’s side of the meet.
Denison swam well Day 1 but failed to “seal the deal” with the relay miscue.
Kenyon has stronger line up tomorrow so expect the men’s meet to tighten up on Thursday.

6 years ago

Way to go Hop! Smok’em Jays

Seriously the best swim meet write up in history. I love the writing! Read it outloud and it sounds like calling a hoarse race! Braden / Morgan etc please adopt this for d1 as well!

6 years ago

Williamson’s time was a 4:51.48. Interesting side note is that second place Williamson and third place McDermott were teammates back in 2007 representing West Coast Aquatics in Mill Creek, WA! Congratulations to both girls!

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