2013 Swammy Awards Wrap-Up

SwimSwam’s 2013 Swammy Awards have come to a close. Over the past two weeks, we’ve honored the best of the best in every category, recapturing the excitement and intensity that made 2013 memorable. Here’s an entire listing of 2013’s Swammy winners, complete with links to each individual award. Catch up on what you missed and leave your take on the award in the comments section!

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10 years ago

Just saw the top ten hardcore swims of the year, and no Cate Campbell’s 52.33 and 52.34

Swimswam writers must have been sleeping.

To put you in perspective, Campbell’s 52.33 broke Kromowidjojo’s previoius textitle best of 52.75 by 0.42 seconds, which is 0.79%

Now let’s see other swims:
Ledecky’s 3:59.82 is an improvement of 1.31 secs from Muffat’s 4:01.13, which is 0.32%
Or Ledecky’s much vaunted 1500 free WR, which is an improvement of 0.63% from Ziegler’s WR.

And we know that many people even consider Ledecky’s 400 free or 1,500 free as the swim of the meet.

If we are talking about purely percentage improvement, Campbell swim should even at least be on par as Ledecky’s swims… Read more »

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