200 Butterflier/Backstroker Skjaerpe Verbals to Arizona

by SwimSwam 6

October 08th, 2013 College, College Recruiting, News, Pac-12

Meredith Roberts contributed to this report.

Rasmus Skjaerpe has verbally committed to a scholarship at the University of Arizona.

Skjaerpe is a Norwegian National team member who swims with Tampa Bay Aquatics.  At last year’s highly competitive 1A state meet (think Bolles, Pine Crest, and American Heritage), he represented Tampa Preparatory School and won the 200 freestyle with a time of 138.20.  He went on to touch second with a 49.0 in the 100 fly.

Skjaerpe, who considers himself to be more of a middle distance swimmer, looks forward to contributing to the Wildcats’ 3rd-place team from last year’s NCAA Championship meet in a variety of different events.  His 2012-2013 season produced a 1:47.0 in the 200 backstroke and a 1″46.5 in the 200 fly at Junior Nationals.

Skjaerpe says that a combination of factors make him feel ready to commit:  Head Coach Eric Hansen and Associate Head Coach Rick Demont are enthusiastic, and the program itself sports a solid track record of success.  The men finished third at NCAAs, and the club overall had three swimmers (Clark Burckle, Alyssa Anderson, and Matt Grevers) at the London Olympic Games.  The school’s beautiful outdoor pool and warm weather of Tuscon made it easy for Skjaerpe, who lives and trains in sunny Florida, to see himself there.

If Skjaerpe’s size (he’s 6’2, 205 pounds), versatility in the pool, and nonstop work ethic translates, he will continue to improve and have an immediate impact in the Pac-12.

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John Sampson
7 years ago

Wow Edward Kim –> Harvard via collegeswimming.com . Great great pick up for the Harvard boys!!

Reply to  John Sampson
7 years ago

Can we focus on the guy in the article? You are taking away from the swimmer in this article by mentioning another swimmer who committed.

7 years ago

Did they mean Nick Thoman? Matt Grevers went to Northwestern. Congrats to Rasmus!

Reply to  Flyin'
7 years ago

Flyin’: I think the reference was generally to the broader Arizona/Tucson Ford postgrad training group. Updated to clarify that.

Reply to  Braden Keith
7 years ago

Grevers is part of the program now as a coach. You are right! He did go to Northwestern!

Reply to  Meredith
7 years ago

He still trains there