14 Russians Among 31 Athletes Suspected of Doping At Beijing Olympics, Per TASS

Russian state-run news agency TASS reports that 14 Russian athletes are among the 31 Olympians who tested positive for banned substances in a retest of samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

News broke earlier this month that 31 athletes over 6 different sports and 12 national Olympic committees tested positive in a retest of samples from the Beijing Olympics. The International Olympic Committee is allowed to keep frozen urine samples from previous Olympic Games for a set amount of time, retesting those samples as new testing methods evolve to detect substances that would have been undetectable at the time of the games.

The names and nationalities of the athletes have not yet been released, but Russia’s TASS reported today that 14 of the 31 are Russian athletes, per a source inside the Russian Olympic Committee.

TASS also reports four specific athletes it says are among the 31 – Olympic high jump champion Anna Chicherova and the trio of Maria Abakumov (who won silver in the javelin throw), Anastasia Kapachinskaya (who took silver as part of the 4×400 meter relay) and Denis Nizhegorodov (who took bronze in the 50km race walk).

Russia’s track & field federation is already facing a potential ban from the 2016 Rio Olympics, and IOC President Thomas Bach said earlier this month that other sporting federations could also find themselves banned if allegations about a state-sponsored doping program are proven true.

The Russian swimming federation has said it won’t respond to media requests, but will post on its website when it has more information.

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Well, congratulations to Blanka Vlasic, Olympic Womens High Jump Champion 2008. Although 8 years late.


Vlasic got 2nd at 2008 ahead of Chicherova who got 3rd. Chicherova did not win until 2012, so congrats is due to Brigetta Barrett of the USA!


At 2008 the winner was Hellebaut (Belgium)
Chicherova was 3rd.. but then we have some who may also be tainted, Yelena (Russian 4th), Palamar (Ukraine 5th) then Chaunte (USA)

And I don´t know if a 2008 doping will have impact on 2012 results (Anyone knows?)
Also, bleak for 2012, 3rd place was Russian Svetlana, if she was doped too, Gold for Barret, Silver for Beitia (Spain) and Bronze for Hellebaut


Would love to see Blanka get the reallocated gold- she’s just brought so much happiness and personality to the discipline over the years.

This doesn’t exactly help the Russian case for getting the track & field ban lifted, eh?


Is there anyway y’all can use a different picture for your doping stories? A guy holding some dark urine close to his mouth is quite unappealing.


I was thinking the same thing!! Gross!


“Yes… it’s definitely urine” pretty much summarises WADA


“I conclude this is definitely urine” Test result negative.


The Russians are still in denial. Their response seems to be that they just need to do a better job at not being caught.

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