13-Year-Old Weinstein Clocks 4:44 500 FR, 50.6 100 FR, 1:59 200 BK in New York


  • December 11-13, 2020
  • Mount Kisco, NY
  • Results on Meet Mobile: ‘2020 MR BGNW 18-Under Winter Championship’

Westchester Aquatic Club’s Claire Weinstein stole the show again today, clocking lifetime bests in all three events contested.

First off, the 13-year-old posted a 4:44.10 in the 500 free, winning by more than five seconds over 16-year-olds Hana Shimizu-Bowers (4:49.32) and Kristin Cornish (4:50.09). Swimming unattached, Shimizu-Bowers was just .38 off of her best, while Cornish dropped over a second. Cornish trains with Badger Swim Club, and this marks her first freestyle best since early 2019, a big breakthrough for the freestyle specialist.

Weinstein shaved almost a second off of her old best, a 4:44.95 from October. She jumps from #25 to #18 in the 13-14 all-time rankings.

In the 200 back, she erased over four seconds from her old best, breaking two minutes for the first time to hit a 1:59.85. The next event, she closed out her night with a 50.66 in the 100 free, touching just behind BGNW’s Sabrina Johnston (50.26). Weinstein broke 51 for the first time ever here, while Johnston clipped her old best by a quarter-second.

Stanford ’25 commit Matthew Fenlon clocked a win in the 500 free, posting a 4:24.39 to come within a few seconds of his best. His teammate, Max Hardart, followed his first sub-16:00 mile last night with a 4:30.73 today, a lifetime best by over eight seconds.

Later in the session, Fenlon returned to take the 200 fly in 1:46.18, a few seconds off of his best.


  • Johnston and Vanessa Chong of Badger dueled it out in the women’s 200 IM, Chong getting the win at 2:01.10 to 2:01.18. Chong also raced the 200 fly, dropping almost two full seconds from her old best and throwing down a 1:57.99. Shimizu-Bowers (1:59.26) and Badger 17-year-old Joy Jiang (1:59.26) also got under two minutes, both hitting lifetime bests.
  • Badger’s Justin DiSanto won the 100 breast in 56.82, a lifetime best by over 1.5 seconds. He followed that up with a one-second drop in the 100 free, winning at 46.07.
  • Badger’s Hunter Kim got under 1:50 for the first time in the 200 IM, winning at 1:49.66 for a 1.6-second drop.

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7 months ago

How is that only #18 13-14 it’s craaazy fast

7 months ago

The next generation of star female swimmers all seem to be named Claire. Tuggle, Curzan, now Weinstein.

7 months ago

Go wolverines!! A small team with no pool time or doubles in hard hit new Rochelle making waves!!

Sasha Allen
Reply to  Swammer
7 months ago

Not true . They swim at SUNY, JCC and Marlins . They have had over 8 meets which is more than any other team in the area. The team that didn’t shut down while everyone else did .

Carle Fierro
Reply to  Sasha Allen
7 months ago

For the record we do not have a permanent home pool and have been working hard to piece together whatever we can yes at all those locations. Our top swimmers swim 1 hour 45 mins per day 1 day per week. We DID SHUT DOWN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

I find it terribly sad that there are those who have their facts incorrect, chose to publicize them, in an attempt to take away from Claire’s hard work and accomplishments.

Swim Love
Reply to  Sasha Allen
7 months ago

Honestly extremely comical to see how others that don’t succeed or put in the work always want to bash those that are working hard. The lie that Wolverines used the Mercy pool is a reach when the pool has been shut down for months. Those lacking accurate information wouldn’t know of course. Additionally wolverines weren’t the only team using Rye beach. While other teams had open home pools wolverines did the best they could with what they had. No doubles multiple pool locations during a pandemic with limited pool time and they are still excelling. The hate is real but thanks Carle is doing an amazing job. Go Wolverines!

Bill Joyce
Reply to  Sasha Allen
7 months ago

They’ve been having the scrounge time for pools swimming at 8-10 at night. They don’t have their own pool like Badger or other teams. To run a business you have to work and adapt to the times. And frankly they’ve done really well at doing that.

7 months ago

Congrats to this young lady and her team. This is the same team that kept swimming at the college of mercy when everyone else had to comply. This team took over open water swim at rye playland when it opened . This same team had swimmers travel out of state to swim camps , used swim labs (owned by the Weinstein’s) , trained with great swimmers like Escobedo. This is isn’t about taking away credit from the young lady, it’s pointing out facts. They have a coach who will make sure her swimmers get what they need at any expense. Even if it means bullying other clubs to get what she wants. For those of us who have been at… Read more »

Westchester Aquatic Club Mom
Reply to  Anonymous
7 months ago

There is clearly a lot of misinformation in these comments. This is my daughter’s team and she swims with Claire. When Covid struck in March, we lost our pool in New Rochelle. The team was fully closed for months. Anyone who says otherwise is absolutely wrong. Starting in June, the team was able to swim open water at Rye Beach. Many other teams and groups of swimmers were there too, as anyone who pays for a permit is allowed to swim. Once pools began opening, Carle worked hard to find pools for us to use. We were able to have a regular schedule for most of the summer. Once the outdoor pools closed, Carle was able to piece together a… Read more »

Wolverine Mom
Reply to  Anonymous
7 months ago

Anonymous – Why bother complimenting Claire, when you’re only using that compliment as an opening to attack a swimmer and a coach who are more successful than what you’re experiencing at home? I’m sorry to hear your daughter’s swim team hasn’t organized as well as Carle has to make sure our kids get as many opportunities as possible to make cuts during this pandemic craziness. As others have stated in this post, Wolverine was shut down on the same timeline that everyone else was in March; Rye Beach was open to all teams, including yours, assuming each athelete paid for the seasonal permit; Yes, we do have the JCC a few early mornings a week, and now SUNY late evenings… Read more »

Bill Joyce
7 months ago

Will all due respect, Carle has done a tremendous job developing a wide variety of swimmers and deserves all the credit in the world. She has produced dozens of Olympic trial qualifiers and will continue to do so. She fought tooth and nail for her swimmers to be able to swim in this time making hundreds of phone calls because she cares first about her swimmers. She works hard for them and they work hard for her. Nothing but respect!

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Karl Ortegon

Karl Ortegon studied sociology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, graduating in May of 2018. He began swimming on a club team in first grade and swam four years for Wesleyan.

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