10 Ways You Know You’re a Swim Mom

by SwimSwam 25

December 19th, 2014 Club, Lifestyle, News, Opinion

Courtesy of Karyn Tunks


You wash a load of beach towels every week, even in the dead of winter.


The first thing you consider when buying a pair of shoes is “Are they waterproof?”


You follow Debbie Phelps on Twitter @MamaPhelpsH20.


You save “vacation days” at work to use for travel to out-of-town meets.


Your child’s coach avoids you in the grocery store.


Hotel loyalty points are like gold.


Meet Mobile is the most readily available app on your phone.


You make online hotel reservations more efficiently than a travel agent.


You can rattle off your swimmer’s personal best times to the hundredth of a second.


You allow your child to stay home from school if they are “under the weather” in hopes they will feel well enough to make it to practice.

Karyn Tunks Karyn Tunks is a seasoned swim mom who likes to share tips, quips, and a candid point of view on the swim team lifestyle. Visit her blog here.

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6 years ago

This list is so not me.
1. This must be for moms of girl swimmers.
2. No. But do I have flip flops in my bag? Yes.
3 No. Rather follow swimswam on twitter.
5. No. But I am at the grocery store every day.
9. No. Have more important things to remember.
10…no way. School comes first.
On my list?
Cooks a “Village Inn” type breakfast every morning.
Packs coolers worth of food everyday for them to have for the whole day and to last them into afternoon practice.
Has very flexible pediatricians that will give a script over the phone so they can still swim on a travel meet.

Reply to  Swimmom
6 years ago

My son seems to think I’ll screw up his swim times if I remove any of the chlorine from his towels. Unless they’re to the point they can walk themselves to the washer and start it without assistance, he’s happy. Chlorine is a cologne, right? I am guilty about #2, but I coach as well so making sure shoes hold up to the water and keep me from making a graceful deck entrance (or exit) is a must! I’ve also found, since I coach little ones, something to protect my toes from little GPS guided feet is also a must. #3: Not happening. I have respect for her but… #5: Speaking as a coach here, if I’m avoiding a parent,… Read more »

Reply to  Tanya
6 years ago

No worries! These were just generalized, light-hearted observations. Our swimmer has excellent coaches that are very accessible to parents. School too is a major priority. Academic scholarships are MUCH EASIER to come by than swim scholarships!

Reply to  Tanya
5 years ago

Maybe if I saw my coach at the supermarket I could have a conversation with him. They don’t really make themselves avail to us and you’re lucky if you get a return email

Reply to  Swimmom
6 years ago

I’ve gotta say that your list is more accurate to my own life as a swim mom. With a few differences.
1. All my girls washed their own towels more often than I washed them.
5. If their coach saw me at the store he would say hi.
10. My kids always put school first. Smh.
The silliest part of being a swim mom was having to deal with school authorities who wanted take my child to court for days missed while representing the US. Not good enough to turn in homework or take exams before they left. They had to physically be in school watching movies the week before Christmas break.

Swim Mom
6 years ago

Definitely a list for girls if you are washing a million towels. My son prefers to use the same towel all week no matter how many times I try to swap it out. Also, I don’t use meet mobile because most of the age group swim meets don’t have it. We just use it online through swim connection or old fashioned paper “go check if your event/results are posted while I stay warm”

6 years ago

Nobody has brought up the now normal conversations you have with your kids about hair removal and knowing your kids ‘maintenance routine’