10 Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Brazil Over Olympic Plots

According to CNN, Brazil’s agency said that jihadi, or Islamic millitants, were sending messages through a channel, calling for their followers to target the Rio 2016 games.

The website called for “lone wolfs” to make their way to Rio, using the hashtag, (#)RioLW. The lone wolf is meant to “inspire believers” and use the Olympic Games as a way to attack enemies of jihadi.

According to CNN, Rio does not have an established terror network, nor have they had any activity with known jihadi. They believe, however, the terrorists are calling for the “lone wolf” to do something on their behalf.

Saigon Gohel, international security director, told CNN “there is a concern, it has to be taken very seriously, but I also have a lot of faith that the Brazilian authorities are doing everything they can and we have to give them credit.”

Brazil has a security deployment of 85,000 fire fighters, military, police, etc. preparing for the games (more than double what was in London). They have been carrying out drills on how to prepare for a terrorist attack, and now after today, there is a solider on every street corner. Additionally, other countries are sending their own independent security groups to protect athletes.

Organizers of the Olympics will be implementing more “check points” and security checks at each gate. There will be 10,000 plain clothes police that are trained to look for anything suspicious.

Prior to this arrest, officials say they had no reason to be concerned, but now they are taking every precautionary measure.

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I feel like publicly using a hashtag declaring your intent on attacking the games was a really good way to get caught quickly


No surprise here. Athletes will probably be fine as they are mostly separated from the public at large anyway. Why no one was concerned prior to the arrest…a little strange.

Lane Four

The security will hopefully be airtight.


The security WITHIN Olympic Venues will be top notch(over 10 thousand guys), but AROUND is the problem.Even with 80 thousand security guys, I fear will not be enough.


Well major sports like basketball are probably gonna have their own bodyguards

Attila the Hunt

And individual sports stars like Roger Federer will have their own security team and rent two houses.

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