3 Exercises for Powerful Short Axis Strokes

This week we’ll address the 3 short axis exercises that will help make your butterfly and breastroke both easier and faster.

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Swimmers in the Shadows

“They will probably never win an important trophy – nor do they need to – but they always know how to fully harness their resources.”


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Olivier Leroy

15 Reasons to Work Hard in the Pool Today

Work hard, play hard? Here are 15 reasons to punch today’s workout in the mouth like it stole your lunch money.

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5 Things Fast Swimmers Understand

From elite age grouper to Olympian fast swimmers understand things differently than the rest of the athletes in the pools. Here are 5 fundamental things fast swimmers get.

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Your Actions Swim Faster Than Your Promises

Talking a big game and making excuses in the pool is easy. Succeeding, on the other hand, isn’t. Here is what you need to know about swimming fast and excuse-free.

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3 Fundamentals of Yoga to Focus On For Swimmers

Building healthier and more efficient movement habits not only creates a more efficient yoga practice, but those habits can be transferred into the water and everyday life…

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How to Swim Faster

From age grouper to Olympian, here are 7 strategies for improving your swimming, no matter what your stroke or distance.

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More Training

IKKOS: The evolution of success never ends. Keep up the good fight!

“To the sophisticated and cutting-edge coaches of these (and more) teams, we thank you for a willingness to learn new things and employ new strategies for the sole purpose of helping your athletes get better…”

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9 Misconceptions About Swimming That Swimmers Hate

#3 – Non-Swimmer Joe can beat you in a race. No buddy. Unless I give you a 30 second head start and I’m wearing jeans, you ain’t gonna win Joe.

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3 Tips To Handle Swim Practice After a Break from the Pool

Depending on how much you’ve exercised, and how healthy you’ve continued to eat over break, you may be slightly sore or possibly to the point where you feel like a dormant rock. Before the “Soreness of Death” kicks in, here are some tips that could help…

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Your Top Recovery Methods for High-Volume Training

Spring training involves a heavy dose of yardage paired with intense dryland. Swimmers jump head first into high-volume practices while managing soreness and fatigue from their general strength and conditioning on land. Proper recovery helps athletes stay healthy and consistent with their training year round.

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A3 Performance signs US National Team Member Michael Weiss through 2016

Weiss swam in A3 throughout his collegiate career as a Wisconsin Badger and is looking forward to representing A3 at the Pan American Games, World Championships, and the fast approaching US Olympic Trials.

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What a Swimmer Does When The Going Gets Tough

What happens when we find ourselves struggling for weeks, months, or even an entire season just to improve? How do we know that we can achieve another best time or record-breaking swim?

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Watch Video of this Swimmer Improve After Using IKKOS One Time

Sean Hutchison: “I’m an Olympic coach known for teaching. IKKOS is a better teacher than I am.”

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How to do a Perfect Backstroke Start – Video

Courtesy of Gary Hall Sr., 10-time World Record Holder, 3-time Olympian, 1976 Olympic Games US Flagbearer and The Race Club…

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Sun Tail Mermaid: A Better Monofin Swim Flipper

Sun Tail Mermaid is a durable and super comfy monofin swimfin for kids, teens, and adults.

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