NCAP 200 Free Relay Breaks National Age Group Record at Winter Nats Prelims

Racing against collegiate and professional competition, the NCAP girls’ 200 yard free relay in prelims might have been overlooked, sitting as just the 7th seed.

However, with four swimmers 18-and-younger (in fact, all four are 17-or-younger), they have broken the 15-18 National Age Group Record in the event.

Their 1:31.09 beat SwimMAC Carolina’s 1:31.84 rather handily, in thanks part to a 21.90 lead-off from Janet Hu, which is .01 shy of the individual 17-18 National Age Group Record.

The new record holders are Hu (17), Laura Branton (16), Kylie Jordan (15), and the distance World Record holder Katie Ledecky (22.41).

Here’s the comparative splits from the old record-holders from 2012:

SwimMAC ’12 NCAP ’13
Kathleen Baker – 23.10 Janet Hu – 21.90
Nora McCullagh – 22.89 Laura Branton – 23.45
Caitlin Casazza – 23.26 Kylie Jordan – 23.33
Lauren Rhodes – 22.59 Katie Ledecky – 22.41

Don’t sleep on the SwimMAC girls at this year’s Winter Juniors, which will be held next weekend in Greensboro, either though. When they swam that relay last year, all four were 15′s or 16′s (they still hold that record), so they could challenge it a few more times before they’re through.

Between Hu and Ledecky, the pair’s names now appear 10 times combined in the National Age Group Record books.


  1. Sean S says:

    And then she tied the record individually, 21.89 in prelims

  2. bobo gigi says:

    The NCAP swimmers look crazy good!
    Of course Katie Ledecky but also Janet Hu, Andrew Seliskar or Carsten Vissering.
    Great coaching there.

  3. aswimfan says:

    “with four swimmers under the age of 18″
    “(in fact, all four are 17-or-younger)”

    the phrase in the bracket means exactly the same. redundant.

  4. is anyone else as impressed as i am by katie ledeckys 22.41 50 free? i mean, she is going to be absolutely golden if she decides to swim in college. i mean, 22.4 is pretty good for the fastest 1500m swimmer of all time. i’m also excited to see how she does with her stroke races and individual medley this year

  5. *this meet* not this year. i’m curious to see how she does racing strokes and IM against top level competition

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