World C’ships Broadcast Deal Yet To Be Struck In Australia

The 2019 Australian Swimming World Trials concluded in Brisbane last night, where the nation saw one of its most successful domestic championship meets in recent years. The meet rendered a stellar squad of 27 men and women, veterans and emerging athletes, headed to Gwangju, Korea next month to take on the world.

However, fans in Australia may be left in the dark as to how the team fares against the best of the best, as its sports governing body has yet to sell the broadcast rights to the largest competitive aquatic event outside of the Olympic Games.

Per The Daily Telegraph ($)no Australian broadcaster has bought the rights to the 2019 World Championships due to the high fee FINA is demanding. If this situation holds, the only opportunity for Australians to view the championships would be via FINA’s own online streaming service.

However, this isn’t something entirely new, as the Aussie World Swimming Trials itself was without a television broadcast. Prelims and finals were only available via live streaming.

Swimming Australia told SwimSwam, “Swimming Australia does not have the rights to the World Swimming Championships so we cannot live stream it.”

The World Championships kick-off on July 12th, therefore, a deal may yet be struck.

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“due to the high fee FINA is demanding”. Shocking.


If I can watch it without Giaan Rooney commentating, I will be happy with the live stream. But seriously, for FINA to throw away one of its largest markets and biggest fan bases is really stupid.
I will be in Myanmar for the first half, suspect I will be streaming there!

Aussie crawl

Gian is the Aussie version of Rowdy !!
I know we can get that commentator from
The Pan PACs back.
On a serious note bring back Dennis Cometti !!


Cometti, Ray Warren, Bruce, they were great, with back up comments Nicole Livingstone & Grant Hackett.

Coach Mike 1952

Nicole is absolutely wonderful as a commentator. Have watched / listened to her for years until FINA changed.

13 % Chinese person

Dennis was great !


This comes as zero surprise. AUS Olympic rights holders have lost a barrow load of $$$ for the last 2 Summer Olympics as ratings have fallen drastically from their previous high. 7 Network is clearly looking to find as many loop-holes as possible in its contract with Swimming AUS. FINA is certainly being greedy (what’s new) just like the IOC although the latter is finding significant push-back in many Western countries where the public appetite for Olympic sport(s) is significantly reduced …. and broadcasters respond accordingly.


They (channel 7) promote a game AFL (Australian Rules football), where there is no int’l flavour & then wonder why.


The major football codes are where the peak sports ratings (and thus advertising revenue ) lie. Peak events for the major intl professional sports are OK for revenue but given there’s usually major time differences (thus well out of prime viewing hours) they’re far less lucrative than the domestic pro sports. When it comes to $$$, AFL v swimming is a non-starter. Not sure when 7’s contract expires with Swimming AUS but it would be a major surprise to see it renewed/extended.


I just wonder why the Australian rights fee doesn’t get returned to Swimming Australia. Or at least most of it. Same with other countries. Do we really let FINA keep all this money made off the swimming powers.

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