Women Changing History: McKeever, Sandeno & Joyce on Champion’s Mojo Podcast

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September 29th, 2020 Industry, News

You’ll want to listen to these powerful in depth interviews with three of our sports most influential women–Teri McKeever, Kaitlin Sandeno and Kara Lynn Joyce! These interviews are on the Champion’s Mojo Podcast, an award winning weekly podcast for the swimming community, offering in-depth interviews with the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport and with other experts and Champion’s to help you reach peak performances in sports and life.

Click links below to listen:

1.Teri McKeever: Exploit Your Strengths for Success, Episode #79: Trailblazing swim coach Teri McKeever has earned an astonishing number of achievements as a Head Coach of the U.S. Olympic Team and collegiately at the University of California, Berkeley, including an unprecedented 11 years in a row of top three finishes at the NCAAs. She says that recognizing strengths and working hard to maximize them is a path to success. She also advises her swimmers to be creative in how they train and perform in order to reach their goals. LISTEN in as Teri shares these and other champion insights.

2.Kaitlin Sandeno: Goals Over Fears, Episode #83: Olympic medalist and pro swimming General Manager of the ISL Team the DC Trident, Kaitlin Sandeno approaches challenges with a mindset that they are minor — and that in order to find your true path in life, you have to face your doubts and fears head-on. Another trailblazer as one of few women pro sports GM, in this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria, LISTEN to Kaitlin share about her decision to brighten the lives of children with cancer and the positive character traits she’s developed as an athlete.

3.Kara Lynn Joyce: How to Trust Yourself, Episode #81: Taking the time to listen to your inner voice can lead you to the best, most authentic decisions. Olympic swimmer LISTEN as Kara Lynn talks with Kelly and Maria about how she avoids a “people pleasing” mentality to truly follow her heart. In 2017, Kara founded the LEAD Sports Summit for teenage girl athletes which connects female athletes with accomplished women in sports. The LEAD Sports Academy is a home base for teenage girl athletes, parents and coaches. It offers comprehensive online courses in leadership, confidence, sports psychology and more.

About Champion’s Mojo: Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are the hosts of the award winning podcast, Champion’s Mojo, where they talk with champion guests, including over 25 Olympic Champion Swimmers and Olympic Coaches.  The Champion’s Mojo podcast discovers techniques, mindsets and new wisdom for growth and success. Not only are Kelly and Maria both world-record holding athletes, they are certified Health and Life Coaches, sisters-in-law and best friends. They are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and overcome life’s adversities. More information on them and their podcast can be found at www.ChampionsMojo.com. Champion’s Mojo is part of the CG Sports Company.

Subscribe to the Champions’ Mojo Podcast today and don’t miss an episode. Hosted by Kelly Palace and Maria Parker, you can learn more about the Hosts here.

Swimming podcast feature is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner. 

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