Winning the ISL Team Title: Lenny Looks to Depth with Multiple Olympic Champs

The International Swimming League has published its technical information, breaking down event schedules, scoring, lineups and more.

We’ll break down all the info as best we can below. You can see a PDF with all the technical information by clicking here. You can also see our breakdown of all this information here.

With the ISL season nearly upon us, and excitement starting to build for it’s inaugural season, SwimSwam asked each GM one simple question: How will they win the ISL?

Lenny Krayzelburg of the LA Current is planning on the overall depth of his team to carry them to victory. With multiple Olympic, world, and NCAA champions on his roster, he feels secure that they will be able to adjust and adapt to any racing situation that is thrown at them throughout the season.

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Coleman Hodges

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