What exactly is tapering? Swim Coaches Base Podcast

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February 14th, 2020 Industry, Lifestyle, News, Training

The latest episode of the Swim Coaches Base Podcast, powered by RITTER Sports Performance, is all about taper.

It’s that time of year and many coaches can be just as nervous or more so than their swimmers, but host Chris Ritter wants to reassure coaches out there and direct their energy to the best use.

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This episode includes insights from some of the best coaches in our sport, both presently and of the past; including: Matt Kredich, Dick Hannula and Whitney Hite.

Listen as to why Matt Kredich, Head Coach of the Univ of Tennessee, doesn’t even allow his staff to use the word “taper.”

You’ll even hear a great age-group coaches’ perspective on understanding what your younger swimmers may, incorrectly, perceive about taper. This is critical if you’re a coach of this age range, to be able to connect and make sure your swimmers know they will be as prepared as possible for their big meet this championship season.

This episode will help swim coaches evaluate what they think about taper and hopefully how your swimmers view it too. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to get the latest episodes of the Swim Coaches Base Podcast.

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