What Does Being the President of ASCA Entail?

At the ASCA World Clinic in Las Vegas, SwimSwam sat down with the (now former) President of ASCA, Mike Koleber. Mike hadn’t even originally run for the position, saying he’s happy to fill the role if there’s a need but doesn’t want it if there’s a better candidate. Koleber, the owner and CEO of Nitro Swimming, has been impressed with how Jennifer LaMont has come in and changed the culture of ASCA, breathing new life into the board and putting on a clinic that over 850 coaches attended and learned from.

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1 year ago

Haven’t been a member since 2014. I hope Mike and all the new blood can make me rethink my decision.

1 year ago

ASCA will need a LOT of work over a decent period of time to get the respect back from a LOT of coaches who no longer value the organization.
I doubt if it wasn’t for the agreement with USA-S for it’s 1st year certification tests and that there is not any sort of broader training/certification program sourced by USA-S or the USOC (many countries have sport spectrum training and teaching arms to their Olymp. Cmte’s), ASCA might not even be around right now.
For many of us years ago, we heralded ASCA for its bold stance on global doping in the sport. We appreciated it’s loud voice on corruption in FINA, pulling back that curtain for all to… Read more »

pete kennedy
1 year ago

New leadership had been needed for years. Thanks to Jennifer and later Mike ASCA found what was necessary leading into the future.

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