Watch Video of this Swimmer Improve After Using IKKOS One Time

Swim training technology is courtesy of IKKOS, a SwimSwam partner.

I’m an Olympic coach known for teaching. IKKOS is a better teacher than I am. 

— Sean Hutchison

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What is IKKOS

IKKOS vertical tower banner ad, May 1st, 2014Technology + Neuroscience = Miraculous Movement

IKKOS is an innovative learning system that rapidly teaches anyone who wants to learn or relearn physical movement – in minutes.

IKKOS combines groundbreaking technology with the latest in neuroscience research, specifically, the principles of neuroplasticity. It is the creative integration of an Olympic swim coach’s commitment to his athletes’ pursuit of excellence, his deep interest in neuroscience and pragmatic use of technology that delivered this unique method called IKKOS.

The Name IKKOS

IKKOS (pronounced E-kos) is named after Ikkos of Tarentum, the first recorded Olympic coach in ancient Greece. Ikkos was known as “the trainer of champions.” After winning the pentathlon at the 84th Olympiad in 444 B.C., he became known for his coaching ability and led two fellow Tarentine athletes to win the same event.

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Swimming Training is courtesy of IKKOS, a SwimSwam partner.

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6 years ago

I can’t really comment on whether this system is useful or not, but the coach’s instruction to focus on “taking less strokes” is pretty lousy advice. Few swimmers with Aaron’s skill set would know how to take those words and turn them into meaningful action and improved movement. What, specifically, was he told to do different? Sounds like the golf equivalent of instructing your student to “hit the ball straighter.” Taking fewer strokes is an outcome of doing things better, not a strategy for doing things better.

Reply to  StrokeDoctor
6 years ago

I was thinking the same thing. I’m no pro, but a distance-per-stroke drill and “catchup” hand drill would have done him wonders.

Reply to  Andrew
6 years ago

its the hip rotation he’s missing and “taking less strokes” and “kicking more” can’t do anything if he’s scissor kicking. he’s also missing that anchor and high elbow up front

6 years ago

Sharknado must be the coolest nickname here on SwimSwam!

6 years ago

Well done Aaron!