WATCH: Kliment Kolesnikov Break World Record in 100 Back (VIDEO)


17-year old Kliment Kolesnikov, after a World Junior Record-breaking run all year long, broke his first senior World Record earlier in the weekend when he swam a 48.90 in the short course 100m backstroke. That improved upon the old World Record of 48.92 set by American Matt Grevers in 2015.

Kolesnikov swamover half of the 100 meter race underwater, surfacing right at the 15 meter mark on almost every wall. This was actually a very competitive race through 50 meters, before Kolesnikov pulled away with a monster back-half.

After the swim, a jubilant Kolesnikov can be seen celebrating with Grigory Tarasevich, who has been one of the country’s key medley relay leadoff options this point. Tarasevich swam the backstroke leg in prelims when the team won a bronze medal in the 400 medley at this summer’s World Championships before ceding to 21-year old Evgeny Rylov in finals. The Russian backstroke group has grown crowded.

Kolesnikov is the 4th swimmer from the top of the screen, swimming in the pink cap and highlighter-yellow suit.

Below, see race video on YouTube courtesy Savva Kol. Click his channel here to see more race videos from the meet, focused on Kolesnikov, including Kolesnikov’s World Junior Record in the 200 free here.

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3 years ago

Where’s the 15m mark? Isn’t it the second red marker on the yellow part of the middle lanes?

Reply to  SWIMGUY12345
3 years ago

It seems to be that line and he went over it after the third turn at least ….

Reply to  SWIMGUY12345
3 years ago

Those red markers are not far enough to be 15m, more like 12m or so. I am guessing they are the warning markers. See an official on the pool deck, think they are at the 15m distance

3 years ago

Definitely should have been a DQ on the last turn

3 years ago

Yep should most definitely be DQd

Reply to  Hswimmer
3 years ago

To everyone saying it should have been a DQ, the red marker is in the middle of the pool (12.5m mark). Cmon its not that difficult to see..

Reply to  Hswimmer
3 years ago

There’s only one red marker to show the 12.5m mark

Joel Lin
Reply to  Hswimmer
3 years ago

It also looked like he swam backstroke kinda fast like.

3 years ago

Don’t think so, that to me is the 12,5m and not the 15m mark

3 years ago

Looks like the red marker for some reason is at 12.5m. They have a secondary market at 15m from the start, but no marker 15m from the turn wall.
Swim looked legal, but record may not be able to be ratified as the pool does not meet Fina criteria.

Reply to  Fish
3 years ago

Kolesnikov’s underwaters seem more than legal because he approximately surfaced at mid-lenght of the pool, i.e. 12,5 metres (the most visible mark), but I don’t see a 15m marker from the turn wall, too.
Anyway it doesn’t matter, in my opinion.
Kolesnikov will swim much faster than this in the future.
What a talent! Impressive how much, so long and skinny, he’s fast. And what a showman; funny how he dove in the pool.
And, like already written, he’s much more than a “simple” backstroker.
In early May 2017 he swam a 2.00.27 in the 200 LCM im (besides 22.57 in the 50 free and 3 win in the 50,100, 200 back).
… Read more »

3 years ago

I think he went over 15m. I agree with @HSWIMMER. Impressive swim though

3 years ago

This last month of kolesnikov make me wonder who is the best u18 swimmer between him and Milak

Joel Lin
3 years ago

His stroke & the way he takes his races out reminds me of Rick Carey.

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