VIDEO: Three Pro Swimmers Discuss Trash Talking in Sport

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 8

February 25th, 2015 News, Video

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I’d love to see more trash talk. I’m not saying it has to be malicious, but come on, put your pride on the line!


Come on, your name can’t really be Sven.


Some of my best and most exciting races have come from talking trash to teammates. And they always end in smiles from me and my teammates. I think it could definitely be a positive if with the right people

swimmer joe

I disagree with trash talk during competition. Don’t turn the sport o swimming into a WWE match. Nor does it need to turn into a battle of NBA egos or the verbal version of ice hockey fist fights. Every four years, all of the top pro and non-pro swimmers end up battling it out at the Olympics. So before you go and trash talk your colleagues and competition, be prepared to eat a little humble pie when the person you’ve been battling it out with all season ends up on your country’s Olympic team. Or when the person you’ve been trash talking all year basically blows you out of the water. So be prepared to put your money where your… Read more »

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