Video: Swim Breaststroke Like Roger Federer

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March 17th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum

Breastroke is one of those drills that requires finesse. Here at Phlex, we sleep in a bed of finesse. So we decided to offer up a few of our favorite drills to find that finesse in your stroke. Today you need nothing but a tennis ball.

The tennis ball drill is a widely used drill in the swimming community, and for good reason. It fixes both body and head position, along with the fact that it forces a swimmer into a tighter streamline. These are some of the most important attributes to having a efficient breastroke which saves energy and allows for more speed.

Simply put a tennis ball between your chin and your chest and hold it there while you swim normal breastroke. We recommend just using this drill to touch up your stroke. Not to be used during high volume sets! Give it a try and watch your breastroke times drop like flies.

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