VIDEO: Michael Andrew Breaks National Age Group Record in 400 IM

From an earlier report:

Swimming a time trial on Saturday at the College Station, Texas sectional meet, Andrew broke the old record of 3:54.23 set by Curtis Ogren in 2010.

This follows the National Age Group Record that he swam in the 200 fly on Saturday.

He’s also swum a 1:40.38 in the 200 free and 47.79 in the 100 fly.

His splits:

  • Fly – 51.94
  • Back – 58.40
  • Breast – 1:06.32
  • Free – 55.42

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anyone else notice something funny about that fly to back turn?!

UGh. Please post some video of your athletes for us to see how perfect their turns are. I coach 55 kids- about 18 are 13-14… I’m not ashamed to admit that none of the 55 swim perfect races. They all make a handful of mistakes. You know… cut they are kids. It would be easy for any coach (great or poor) to look at video and poke holes… heck, we could do it to about 3/4 of the National Team members, too… How about instead of making weak arguments about all the ‘bad’ we just enjoy the access we have to video, training methods etc, and stop trying to look like we know more than they do. Because I don’t… Read more »

Steve Nolan

I pointed it out on an earlier video of his 2IM, I think, that it does look like he kind of rounds his open turns.

Doesn’t mean I’m trying to tear the kid down and attack him, if anything I could maybe hear a new explanation on why doing it that way is better for him, or a lot less likely, maybe it’s just something they didn’t notice.

Bashing the kid for nothing is obviously bad, but to me that just seems like a guy going “hey, that doesn’t look like what I’m used to?”


that first breaststroke turn too?!


uhhhh – this kid!? this has to be more NAG’s then Phelps at 13-14, right? And he went to the olympics at 15!

is there going to be more analysis on this kid or what? I don’t know if ANYONE EVER held a 100 breast and 200 fly NAG. i would love more information on training and expert POV’s. I feel like people (not SwimSwam, of course) are gunshy about him b/c he’s already gone pro and has an unorthodox training method.

David Guthrie

The answer is, no, there’s never been anyone like him. No one has ever dominated across such a wide spectrum, certainly not in his age group and above. Take into account how hyper competitive kids have gotten in the past few years (Nolan, Murphy, Conger, Seliskar, Dressel etc. and a growing list) and this kind of versatility is unprecedented.

Lunquist was in a league of his own in SCY breaststrokes. Not too fond of the LCM 200 breaststroke, but he held the American Record. Sub-20 in the 50 free when that was rare.

Tracy Caulkins could do everything.

Michael is able to break NAGs in every single event between 50-500. No one has ever done that before.

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