Video: The Hardest Butterfly Drill Ever!

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September 08th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

We all struggle with butterfly. From beginner swimmers who are attempting to get their first few strokes down, to Olympic level athletes who are grinding fly sets at practice. Butterfly is a beast of a stroke to conquer! What better a way to conquer that stroke than to train using one of the hardest butterfly drills we know. The one arm butterfly drill.

Now there are a lot of different versions of this drill ranging from “why are you even doing that” to just plain lazy. The real difference between those versions of the one arm drill and this is that you are basically swimming butterfly normally, just using one arm. The reason you do this is that it helps with body alignment, core stability, and your overall strength and conditioning of your stroke.

The emphasis goes on having a perfectly flat back throughout this. That’s when you know you are replicating normal butterfly body position. Hey! If you can swim a 50 with this drill, it’s a walk in the park swimming normal butterfly!

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts! Also, leave us a Q&A comment below and YOU can be featured in our next videos! Stay tuned!

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4×500 fly on the 5 is the hardest set

But is it harder than 4×600 fly on the 6?

Becky D

Or 5 x 500 @ 5?

Pancake swimmer

Or 2×25’s fly on 5:00?

dude 2.0

love the tunes. Grammatik?

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