USA Swimming to Include 50’s, Off-Distance Events at 2013 Worlds Trials

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USA Swimming has unveiled the schedule for the 5-day World Championship Trials meet that will be held next from June 25th until June 29th in Indianapolis. The day-by-day breakdown of races is as below:

Day 1: 200 fly, 100 free, w800, m1500
Day 2: 200 free, 200 breast, 200 back, 50 fly
Day 3: 400 IM, 100 fly, 50 breast, 50 back
Day 4: 400 free, 100 breast, 100 back
Day 5: w1500, 200 IM, m800, 50 free

The inclusion of the non-Olympic distance events, the men’s 800 and women’s 1500, plus the 50 meter races of each stroke hints at a bit of a philosophy change for these races from USA Swimming. With reports abound that the IOC and FINA are considering adding 50 meter races to the Olympic schedule, as well as swapping the women’s 800 for a 1500, we might see selection for these events for the World Championships (where they are already a part of the schedule) done on the basis of those actual events.

USA Swimming has not released the selection procedure for Worlds yet, but this is a strong sign indicating that the 50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly, and the non-Olympic distance events could be awarded to the winners of those events. In the past, tradition has held that they be given to the winners of the closest event from Trials, but with the swimmers who win those races often declining their spots, this procedure has ended up a bit dicey. Cullen Jones was the figurehead for the problem when, in 2011, he earned a bid to swim the 50 fly after Michael Phelps and Tyler McGill both declined, and then said after his prelim that he didn’t care about the race and was focused on the 50 free anyway. If there are athletes who don’t want to swim the 50 meter races, then we should find the best who do want to swim them.

Outside of that, this meet schedule should work out fairly well for most of the big names. There will be a few conflicts, for example with Missy Franklin likely trialing both the 200 free and the 200 backstroke, but overall the events will be pretty well spread out: easier to do in a meet without semi-final heats.

2013 World Championship Trials qualifying standards are available here.

Those selected from this meet will qualify for the American squad that travels to Barcelona for the World Championships.

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Distance swimmer

Will the 800 and 1500 be timed finals?


Do Afro-Americans have fast- muscle reactions, all the best swimmers among them are sprinters similar to their counterparts in track and field. Its a sterotyping but I notice that.

You are right about that, but in the other side, they have a bigger bone density, what is a harm in the pool(affects the flutuation). but its very good in track.

Wow DDIAS! You really believe that. Very ignorant! And Cynthiacurran….it’s just the events coaches out them in, coaches narrow us, based on their believes and it may be unintentional. But you train an african american swimmer to swim distance they’ll be good at it too. i am African american, came from a long distance program and could swim the 500 and longer with the best of them. And as far as the comment about have great black sprinters and distance runners, both from the US. Bone density DOES not affect our ability to swim, whatsoever. Slightly surprised these beliefs still exist.

Dax? Is that you?



my god more racist ignorance…I will refrain from being offensive, but are you a scientist? Bone density varies within each race…as well as fast twitch vs slow twitch. If I am not mistaken the Marathon is dominated by Africans…GOD! This type of old school thinking is so maddening. Do NOT just spout stuff you haven’t researched. I will stop there and share more once I calm down. You sound like Jimmy the Greek!

Marathon is dominated not exactly by whole Africaa, but by countries which has a very high medium elevation in Africa. Running is the most common sport in Africa based on Cost, but the climate and geography of some countries in Africa create the perfect place for middle and long distance runners.

Just to pick, from the 5 first on Last Olympics Men Side the 4 first were African (I know 4th place was from the USA, but he is African Eritrea born)

It is finally happening with the 50’s in USA. At present how can you have standards when we Don’t swim it for over 11-12’s. Next up will be 50’s stroke in Age group and Sr meets for everybody. Why not as the 11-12 have had 3 events of specialty for awhile. For years certain people worked to keep the 50 free out of Nationals although it was in the NCAA’s for over 50 yrs before AAU’s and USSwimming and not in Olympics till the 80’s.
Sure will change some programs with their yardage mind set.It will make Olympics eventually as the rest of the world has endorsed it in their countries and we only have one vote.

There are some parts of the USA already offer 50’s at all levels for all ages..


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