USA Swimming to Select 2015 Worlds Team at 2014 Nationals

  32 Braden Keith | September 02nd, 2013 | National, News

As we roll over into the new USA Swimming season, the 2013-2016 Quad Plan has been updated and declared that the 2014 National Championships, which run from August 6th-10th in Irvine, California, will serve as a huge selection meet.

Specifically, they will select teams for the 2014 Pan Pac Championships in Australia, the 2015 World University Games in Gwangju, South Korea, the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, the 2014 FINA World Short Course Championships in Doha, and perhaps most notably the 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazaan, Russia.

This continues the trend started in 2010, where we saw this same pattern. The result was two consecutive years of very similar teams representing the USA, and a lot of Olympic year surprises from young swimmers who had two years to do a whole lot of development.

There’s an interesting dichotomy between how USA Swimming chooses its Olympic Team (quite literally at the 11th hour), and how it chooses the pre-Olympic Worlds teams, which is a full year ahead of time.


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Maybe my memory is foggy but I could have sworn that Frank Busch said this wouldn’t happen again. Did he change his mind or was he outnumbered on the issue?

Me too!

stephen gomez
i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. bowman is a crafty one. look back to 2009. it hurt him personally when biederman broke those records. he wants to see biedermans name cleared from the books. i think he sees potential in agnel to do just that. specefically that 200 free. now can he do it? idk, but it looks like that is what bowman is really centering his new elite group around. mid distance freestyle. now i am NOT a bowman fan. not at all. so take what i have to say with a grain of salt. i don’t really like him on a personal level or a professional level. but that being said. phelps better get his… Read more »

Agnel has much better chance to swim 3:40.06 than 1:41.99

Not that I think he will swim 3:40.06

He isn’t the only person on earth who wants to see the men’s 200 free and 400 free world records cleared. It’s better when the best swimmers of the moment break them. And Biedermann is among the 8 best freestyle mid-distance swimmers but he is far from being the best. He’s a suit swimmer. It’s time for Yannick Agnel and Sun Yang to erase him from the books. I would be very happy. But I think the 200 free world record is so crazy that even a giant Yannick Agnel will probably never break it. 1.42.00 is so stupid. I hope I’m wrong. But in the 400 free, I think it will happen in the next 3 years if Yannick… Read more »

The Quad plan I find was last updated in May – link to a newer one?


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