USA Swimming to Select 2015 Worlds Team at 2014 Nationals

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by Braden Keith 32

September 02nd, 2013 National, News

As we roll over into the new USA Swimming season, the 2013-2016 Quad Plan has been updated and declared that the 2014 National Championships, which run from August 6th-10th in Irvine, California, will serve as a huge selection meet.

Specifically, they will select teams for the 2014 Pan Pac Championships in Australia, the 2015 World University Games in Gwangju, South Korea, the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, the 2014 FINA World Short Course Championships in Doha, and perhaps most notably the 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazaan, Russia.

This continues the trend started in 2010, where we saw this same pattern. The result was two consecutive years of very similar teams representing the USA, and a lot of Olympic year surprises from young swimmers who had two years to do a whole lot of development.

There’s an interesting dichotomy between how USA Swimming chooses its Olympic Team (quite literally at the 11th hour), and how it chooses the pre-Olympic Worlds teams, which is a full year ahead of time.


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I guess I don’t really understand why…an entire year before 2015 world champs is a long time. Wouldn’t it be better to allow to those possible youngsters to have a chance to experienc the world stage in 2015 before Rio? (assuming they are good enough in 2015 but not quite there in 2014). And just in general, what if someone has a bad nationals in 2014… They have no way of proving themselves until Olympic trials.

This just seems like an odd strategy…

What about Jr. Pan Pacs in Hawaii? What meets will determine selection for that?

Related question: Anybody know why LC Worlds have never been held in the US? Has a US city ever even bid? Spain and Australia have had them three times each. Is there just no interest in the US? SC worlds in Indy in ’04 just doesn’t cut it…. Maybe it’s the inclusion of Diving, Water Polo, Synchro, Open Water, etc? Still, pretty weak effort..

Cost is also an issue- you really do need a large cash infusion from either local/state government or willing corporate sources to make the full Aquatics Worlds work. And given current economic conditions, you aren’t going to get the public funding while private sponsor dollars are hella competitive to get.

Do they have cuts for this meet yet?


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