USA Swimming Releases Chronology of Rick Curl Investigation

  10 Braden Keith | September 19th, 2012 | National, News

USA Swimming has released their version of the timeline on the investigation of Rick Curl, who less than an hour ago was announced to be on the list of permanently banned individuals.

This timeline includes new information about the permanent ban, including that Mr. Curl on Tuesday is “voluntarily and permanently relinquishing his USA Swimming membership.”

The newest timeline appears to be chronologically much more in-line with what we’ve heard from the side of the accusing victim, Kelley Currin and her attorney Bob Allard, including acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint and location of Ms. Currin in April. USA Swimming has previously addressed the time between April and July in this statement, saying that her initial attorney agreed that filing the complaint might not be in Ms. Currin’s best interest. The latest timeline does not include any information on when Ms. Currin decided against filing a complaint, and then changed her mind and decided to move forward.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Swimming has suspended for life former Curl-Burke Coach Rick Curl and added his name to the public list of banned individuals, it was announced today.

A chronology of the investigation and review preceding is below:

Rick Curl Investigation Chronology

1.                  April 2011: USA Swimming receives a report from a former swimmer who had heard from his roommate that Mr. Curl had an inappropriate relationship with a minor female swimmer in the 1980s and that a confidential legal settlement had been entered into.  USA Swimming initiates an investigation.
2.                  April 2012: USA Swimming identifies and locates Kelly Currin. USA Swimming’s Director of Safe Sport contacts Ms. Currin who agrees to file a complaint. USA Swimming’s investigator interviews Ms. Currin. Investigation ongoing.
3.                  July 23, 2012:  USA Swimming initiates a petition against Mr. Curl under its rules, seeking to temporarily suspend his membership at an emergency hearing, and to permanently ban him from membership and place his name on USA Swimming’s published list of Individuals Permanently Suspended or Ineligible for USA Swimming membership.
4.                  August 1, 2012:  Mr. Curl waives his right to an emergency hearing, and his USA Swimming membership is temporarily suspended by the USA Swimming National Board of Review, pending a final hearing on the action, set for September 19, 2012.*
5.                  September 18, 2012:  Mr. Curl informs the National Board of Review that he is: voluntarily and permanently relinquishing his USA Swimming membership; waiving his right to a final National Board of Review hearing, and accepting the sanction requested by USA Swimming.*
6.                  September 18, 2012:  The USA Swimming National Board of Review enters an order revoking Mr. Curl’s membership, permanently banning him from membership; and directing that his name be placed on USA Swimming’s published list of Individuals Permanently Suspended or Ineligible for USA Swimming Membership.

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According to our sources (and they are lock solid), Curl has already been picked up.

Rick Curl was arrested today for transporting a minor across state lines for sex. Charges are also coming from Virginia and Maryland state court.

Could not agree more with Mom Of A Swimmer. I’ve heard the same things about this for years. I had heard this on a few occasions from different people that I had come in contact with over the years. Most of who were very reliable and had nothing to gain by discrediting his reputation to me. Many of those people also said that the victim then Kelley Davies (her median name) was ‘poached’ or stolen from a rival team. The Curl Burk Swim Club has a very well known reputation for recruiting the best swimmers from their rival’s teams. While this practice may not be illegal it is at the very least ethically questionable to initiate contact with another club’s… Read more »

Agree with the Mike Winn comments. I once knew him and I don’t believe he ever told the truth. He would say he would be somewhere, never show up and never apologize.


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