Tyler Clary Skips White House Visit To Race Cars, Lands on TMZ

Tyler Clary marches to the beat of a different drummer, and it has landed him on TMZ.com.  After defeating Ryan Lochte in London, winning Olympic gold in 200 meters backstroke, Clary’s getting a taste of fame beyond the pool.

Yes, Clary swims, and is considered by many to be the hardest working man in the sport, but he likes other things as well, things that trump visits to the White House to meet President Obama and the First Lady.

On September 14th the 2012 Olympic athletes will visit the White House, as they do after most Olympic Games, but Clary won’t be there, according to TMZ.

“I’d rather race cars,” Clary has explained.

Clary’s competitive nature goes beyond the pool deck to pro racing on the track, and he appears to have real designs on refining his skills. He’ll be in Fontana, California September 14th test driving cars and then on to the MATV 500 IndyCar Event the following day.

Clary also DJs. You can hear his sound here. 

Checkout Clary’s complete photo vault here. 

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Priyant Pratap

I don’t agree with the justification comparing it to his competitive side. This move is both ungrateful, reeks of the douchebaggery that came with him with his comments on Michael Phelps and says alot about his appreciation for spending time with his fellow Olympians. Whatever.

Is this a sign of his patriotism? What a snub!

Why all the Clary-bashing? Bravo for a guy who can win a gold medal and still run his own life. It seems the more people are in the spotlight, the more lame people want to judge them.

Many Americans believe the meaning of patriotism is the Patriot Act, and this year it’s the National Defense Authorization Act. What’ll it be next? Just keep swimming.

…That’s pretty lame on his part.


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