Troy Dumais in 1st after men’s 3-meter Wed at 2014 USA Diving Winter National Championships

Four-time Olympian Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif./Austin, Texas) stands in first place after Wednesday’s men’s 3-meter semifinals at the USA Diving Winter National Championships, while Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) leads the women’s 10-meter standings after those semifinals. Both finals are set for Saturday.

Dumais heads into the finals with 902.05 points in the preliminaries and semifinals. In second place after the morning preliminaries, Dumais took the lead after the fourth round of the semifinals with an 81.60-points inward 3 ½ tuck and followed up with 84 points on a reverse 3 ½ tuck and 90.10 points on a front 2 ½ with 2 twists.

Darian Schmidt (Bloomington, Ind.), the leader after the preliminaries, heads into the finals in second place with 877.80 points, while Michael Hixon (Amherst, Mass./Bloomington, Ind.) is in third place at 873.35. Kristian Ipsen (Clayton, Calif./Stanford, Calif.), who won the 1-meter gold on Tuesday, is in fourth place with 839.75 points. Scores carry over into the final.

Parratto led after both the preliminaries and semifinals, finishing her two lists of dives with 697.15 points. In the semifinals, she scored 80 points on an inward 3 ½ tuck and added 79.20 points on her back 3 ½ tuck. Samantha “Murphy” Bromberg (Bexley, Ohio/Austin, Texas) scored 665.10 to head into the finals in second place, while Delaney Schnell (Tucson, Ariz.) is in third with 658.25 points. Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind.) is fourth at 649.55.

The USA Diving Winter National Championships continue through Sunday, December 21. Thursday’s competition features women’s 3-meter and men’s 10-meter preliminaries and semifinals.


Men’s 3-meter semifinals (finals on Saturday, December 20)
1. Troy Dumais, Longhorn Aquatics, 902.05;2. Darian Schmidt, Unattached, 877.80;3. Michael Hixon, Unattached, 873.35;4. Kristian Ipsen, Stanford Diving, 839.75;5. Steele Johnson, Purdue University, 808.30;6. Zachary Nees, Unattached, 799.90;7. Bryce Klein, Unattached, 797.75;8. Jakob (jb) Kolod, Unattached, 788.15;9. Aaron Fleshner, Unattached, 784.75;10. Jamie Bissett, Purdue University, 784.60;11. Jack Nyquist, North Carolina Diving, 755.45;12. Mark Anderson, Longhorn Aquatics, 732.85;13. Ryan Hawkins, H2okie Aquatics, 731.75;

Eliminated after semifinals
14. Connor Kuremsky, Unattached, 717.70;15. Michael Mosca, Harvard Diving, 712.95;16. Bradley Christensen, Stanford Diving, 712.25;17. Samuel Dorman, University of Miami, 712.15;18. Cameron Thatcher, Ohio State Diving Club, 689.85;19. Briadam Herrera, University of Miami, 677.95;

Eliminated after preliminaries
20. Rafael Quintero, Unattached, 357.50; 21. Carl Buergler, Unattached, 340.85;22. Dwight Dumais, Longhorn Aquatics, 339.55;23. Cory Bowersox, Longhorn Aquatics, 336.95;24. Grayson Campbell, Dominion Dive Club, 332.90;25. Devin Burnett, Unattached, 318.25;26. Jordan Windle, Duke Diving, 316.10;27. Will Chandler, Longhorn Aquatics, 295.70;28. Samuel Smith, Coral Springs Diving, 294.05;29. Brandon Loschiavo, Mission Viejo, 293.65;30. Clark Thomas, Mizzou Diving, 293.45;31.

Women’s 10-meter semifinals (finals on Saturday, December 20)
1. Jessica Parratto, Unattached, 697.15;2. Samantha Bromberg, Longhorn Aquatics, 665.10;3. Delaney Schnell, Tucson Diving Team, 658.25;4. Amy Cozad, Indiana University Dive Club, 649.55;5. Victoria Lamp, Schroeder Diving Team, 618.30;6. Haley Ishimatsu, University of Southern California, 608.45;7. Katrina Young, Florida State University Diving Team, 597.25;8. MacKenzie Tweardy, Purdue University, 588.50;9. Gracia Leydon-mahoney, Unattached, 583.40;10. Cassie Weil, Unattached, 578.00;11. Mai Nakagawa, Indiana Diving, 556.70;12. Kara Mccormack, Unattached, 550.65;13. Olivia Rosendahl, Unattached, 520.05;

Eliminated after semifinals
14. Kelli Stockton, H2okie Aquatics, 513.55;15. Elissa Dawson, North Carolina Diving, 504.60;16. Mya Kraeger, Team A and M Diving, 499.25;17. Kahley Rowell, Unattached, 480.75;18. Alexandra Bettridge, Unattached, 457.90;19. Christa Cabot, Kentucky Diving Club, 455.95;

Eliminated after preliminaries
20. Cheyenne Cousineau, University of Miami, 229.55;21. Samantha Adams, University of Southern California, 226.55;22. Victoria Ishimatsu, Trojan Dive Club, 220.70;23. Annika Lenz, UCLA Diving, 214.35;24. Wallace Layland, University of Miami, 197.95

Diving News is courtesy of USA Diving.

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