Yoga for Swimming

Yoga for Swimmers: Three Poses to Improve Your Posture

Developing great posture is one of the most important aspects of both technical efficiency and injury prevention in swimming…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): Yin Yoga for the Back, Shoulders and Hips

This short yin yoga sequence targets the back, shoulders and hips…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Ways Yin Yoga Can Improve Your Performance

There are many ways that yin yoga can benefit athletes, which include developing mental toughness, enhancing recovery and making a yoga practice more accessible…

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6 Styles of Yoga That Can Enhance Your Swimming Performance

Now that we have taken a look at some of the reasons why swimmers should do yoga the next question is…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): A Short Sequence to Improve Your Freestyle

The demands of freestyle require athletes to have great shoulder stability, a strong core and keen proprioception…

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Yoga Shoulder Strengthener for Swimmers

Yoga has become a way for swimmers to maintain a healthy mind and body during their long season. It benefits swimmers by increasing core strength, improved posture, and increasing the lung capacity to allow more oxygen into the body.

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Yoga for Swimmers – Opening Up the Upper Body (Video)

It is important for any swimmer to improve mobility and relieve tension in their upper body this short sequence can help you do just that…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Larkin Talks About How Yoga Relates to Swimming (Video)

World Champion Mitch Larkin discusses how he feels yoga has helped him develop a better connection in his stroke…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Poses to Strengthen Your Core

The development of a strong core is one of the biggest benefits of implementing yoga into your training program…

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Yoga for Swimmers: How Madi Wilson Uses Yoga to Improve Her Swimming

World Championship medalist Madi Wilson feels a large part of her improvement over the last year has come from implementing of a consistent yoga practice…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Yoga with Mitch Larkin and Madi Wilson

Yoga teacher Tom Barton discusses his approach and how the athletes have embraced developing their own personal practices. This video includes clips from a yoga session taught by Barton which included Larkin and Wilson…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – 3 Poses to Enhance Recovery

In March I wrote an article entitled ‘3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Help the Effectiveness of Your Taper’ the video above is an adjunct to that article…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – A Short Sequence for Your Knees

This short yoga sequence focuses on hip strength and mobility as well glute strength…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Poses to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Knee injuries are a common ailment that swimmers, especially breaststroke specialists, suffer from…