Yoga for Swimming

Why Olympic Swimming Champion Rebecca Soni Does Yoga (Video Feature)

Rebecca used Yoga during her career as an elite athlete eventually replacing her weight lifting program entirely with yoga.

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Yoga Lesson Plan for Swimmers

How to strengthen the core, stretch the pectorals, open the shoulders, and add focus for peak performance.


Yoga for Swimmers: A Short Sequence for Shoulders

The following is a short sequence of poses that promote both greater shoulder stability and mobility…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Three Ways to Increase Shoulder Stability

Yoga can be used to not only gain more mobility within the shoulder joint, but it can be used create more ability as well…

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3 Fundamentals of Yoga to Focus On For Swimmers

Building healthier and more efficient movement habits not only creates a more efficient yoga practice, but those habits can be transferred into the water and everyday life…


3 Ways You Can Use Yoga to Prepare for a Race

Yoga can be a powerful part of a pre-race routine that can set you up for a great performance…


3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Help the Effectiveness of Your Taper

Restorative yoga is a very powerful tool to enhance recovery…

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Cammile Adams 200 Fly Interview: Yoga is my go-to

Cammile Adams secures her Pan Pac Roster spot with the 7th fastest time int he world this year.

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Connor Jaeger likes yoga, sort of (Video Interview)

Jaeger wins the 400 free at the Charlotte Grand Prix and discusses his desire to be a yogi.

  3 Comments unveils with Fun, New Campaign has launched a sister site called while unveiling its first brand Yoga-targeted brand campaign. The new campaign is entitled “Bend with Confidence”…

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