Gear App Turns Apple Watch Series 2 Into Advanced Swim Tracker

The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof — and it’s updated design will spawn a whole host of new functions and apps, including the world’s most advanced swim tracker,


10 things you’ll find in a swimmer’s bag

If you’ve ever made the mistake of opening a swimmer’s backpack, chances are you were treated to a nice, sweet smell of chlorine twisted with a harsh blend of mildew, goldfish and moisturizer.


Finally Take Control of Your Workouts With Commit Swimming

Over the last two weeks, Commit Swimming released a series of new updates, enhancements, and features for its innovative workout journal.

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A3 Performance Training: The Training Snorkel

The hydrodynamic, light-weight design of this snorkel results in less drag, making it ideal for a variety of training types.

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FINIS Launches Wearable Technology Device Swimsense™ Live

FINIS, Inc., a worldwide leader in technical swimming innovation, is proud to announce the long-awaited release of the Swimsense™ Live

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Why male models? 7 reasons why swimmers make great underwear models

Aussie swimmers Tomas Elliot and Kurt “Kendoll” Herzog model for Funky Trunks Underwear.


A new season is here. Define it on Day 1.

PUMP UP VIDEO! “A new season is here giving all swimmers new opportunities to swim fast. We are fresh off the Olympics and inspiration is running high.”

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The Man Behind A3 Performance, My Dad – by Elle Meinholz

“My Dad took on an amazing feat, developing his own brand of performance swimwear, A3 Performance.” An article by Elle Meinholz


Greenville Splash Masters Awarded Colorado Time Systems Pace Clock

The Pace Clock Pro allows teams to utilize various timing components to measure critical moments such as start reaction times, relay exchanges, turn speed, and more.

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Fike Swim: Day 1 Matters

Check out Fike Swim’s new video to channel that inspires you to swim smart, swim tough, and swim different!


Swimming the Distance for Team USA

Now that Jaeger is a member of Team WHOOP, he’s adapted his mental and physical approach to training.

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Rio 2016: None better than Team USA

Custom Woven Towels is the leading source for custom swim towels.

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A3 Performance Technical Racing: The Powerback

A3 Performance’s elite technical racing suit, Legend, is the first suit ever with a Powerback design

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Never Swim Alone: FINIS Duo Diana Nyad Playlist

See the playlist that has powered Diana Nyad through the hours of training before and after her epic journey from Cuba to Florida.

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TritonWear To Change the Way the World Prepares for Tokyo 2020

8 Months Following Commercial Launch, TritonWear Making Waves in 14 Countries.

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