Top 7 Women’s Teams at NCAA’s All Have GPA’s Over 3.0

The 2013 list of teams for Scholar All-American awards is dominated by the ‘smaller’ schools, especially on the women’s side, where East Carolina had the highest team GPA, followed by North Texas, Illinois State, and St. Francis University.

On the men’s side of the rankings, Yale took the honor for the 4th-straight semester.

If you’re looking for teams who combined success in the pool and the classroom, the only teams that were in the top 10 of GPA and scored at NCAA’s were the Arkansas women (26th at NCAA’s) and the Missouri State men (39th at NCAA’s).

Men’s programs who were in the top 10 at NCAA’s and scored GPA’s of 3.0 or higher to qualifier for this list include USC, Texas, Cal and Stanford; on the women’s side it was

On the women’s side of the pool, somewhat shocking, the top 7 teams from NCAA’s all maintained a GPA of above a 3.0, as did #9 Texas and #10 Minnesota. That includes Georgia, Cal, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Arizona, Florida, and USC. That is particularly impressive considering the amount of class time that is missed during the championship season in the spring semester.

The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) is proud to announce the 2013 CSCAA Scholar All-America Teams and Individual Scholar All-Americans supported by Nike.

Founded in 1922, the College Swimming Coaches Association of America is the oldest professional organization of college coaches in America.  The CSCAA is dedicated to serving and providing leadership for the advancement of the sport of swimming and diving at the collegiate level.

See the full lists from the CSCAA and explanations of the awards below.

Team Scholar All America Award

The Team Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimming and diving teams, who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The award is presented twice annually, once in the fall semester/term and in the semester/term of the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (Winter/Spring).

Individual Scholar All America Award

The Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimmers and divers, who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher, for the semester or cumulative average, and have qualified for and competed at their respective national championship. The award is presented in the semester of the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (Winter/Spring).

The Honorable Mention Scholar All American award is presented to college and university swimmers and divers, who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, for the semester or cumulative average, and have achieved a “B” time standard, but have not qualified to compete in their respective national championship. Divers qualify by competing at their respective championship qualifying meets.  The award is presented in the semester of the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships (Winter/Spring).

2013 CSCAA Team Scholar All-America Honorees

The women of East Carolina posted the highest team average in DIwith a 3.62, while the Yale University men had the highest average among men’s teams at 3.57.

DI Women DI Men
East Carolina University 3.62 Yale University 3.57
North Texas 3.62 Eastern Illinois University 3.47
Illinois State University 3.61 Harvard University 3.46
Saint Francis University 3.61 Dartmouth College 3.45
University of Kentucky 3.60 Boston College 3.41
Rice University 3.58 Missouri State University 3.39
Clemson University 3.58 Brown University 3.37
Wagner College 3.58 Northwestern University 3.37
University of Arkansas 3.56 Villanova University 3.36
Dartmouth College 3.53 Seattle University 3.35
Miami University, OH 3.53 American University 3.35
University of Evansville 3.53 Georgia Tech 3.35
University of South Carolina 3.53 University of Denver 3.32
Rutgers University 3.52 University of Notre Dame 3.31
Brown University 3.51 Stanford University 3.29
The University of Toledo 3.51 University of Minnesota 3.29
University of Richmond 3.51 Cornell University 3.28
Sacred Heart University 3.50 Lafayette College 3.28
Truman State University 3.50 Gardner-Webb University 3.27
Fairfield University 3.50 Duke University 3.27
Northern Arizona University 3.50 Columbia University 3.26
South Dakota State University 3.50 Canisius College 3.25
Tulane University 3.49 Colgate University 3.25
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 3.49 Xavier University 3.24
Villanova University 3.49 The Ohio State University 3.24
Bucknell University 3.48 The University of Texas at Austin 3.23
Boise State University 3.47 Fairfield University 3.22
Gardner-Webb University 3.47 University of Cincinnati 3.21
The University of Akron 3.47 The University of Tennessee 3.20
University of Alabama 3.47 Providence College 3.19
Yale University 3.47 University of North Carolina 3.19
Seattle University 3.46 University of South Carolina 3.19
Providence College 3.46 BYU 3.18
UNC Asheville 3.45 Miami University 3.17
Ball State University 3.45 Seton Hall University 3.17
Florida Gulf Coast University 3.45 South Dakota State University 3.17
University of Illinois 3.45 Eastern Michigan University 3.16
University of Northern Colorado 3.45 Rider University 3.16
Mount St. Mary’s University 3.44 Southern Illinois University 3.16
Canisius College 3.43 IUPUI 3.15
Eastern Michigan University 3.43 Loyola University Maryland 3.15
Southern Illinois University 3.43 University of Evansville 3.15
University of Denver 3.43 University of Kentucky 3.15
Bowling Green State University 3.42 University of Pennsylvania 3.15
University of Houston 3.42 Utah 3.14
Cornell University 3.41 Princeton 3.13
Northeastern University 3.41 University at Buffalo 3.13
Oakland University 3.41 Davidson College 3.12
Harvard University 3.40 East Carolina University 3.11
Pennsylvania State University 3.40 University of Wyoming 3.11
Virginia Tech 3.40 George Washington University 3.10
Columbia University 3.39 University of Hawaii 3.10
Georgia Southern University 3.39 University of North Carolina Wilmington 3.10
Xavier University 3.38 Bucknell University 3.09
Cleveland State 3.38 Iona College 3.09
Marshall University 3.38 Oakland University 3.08
Duquesne University 3.37 University of Michigan 3.08
Duke University 3.37 University of Tennessee 3.08
Towson University 3.37 Fordham University 3.05
University of Minnesota 3.37 Pennsylvania State University 3.05
Loyola Marymount University 3.36 University of Louisville 3.05
Northwestern University 3.36 William & Mary 3.04
Seton Hall University 3.36 Binghamton University 3.03
Missouri State 3.35 Western Illinois University 3.03
New Mexico State University 3.35 Auburn University 3.02
University of Connecticut 3.35 Ball State University 3.02
University of Pittsburgh 3.35 Cleveland State 3.02
Davidson College 3.34 Indiana University-Bloomington 3.02
University of Georgia 3.34 Southern Methodist University 3.02
University of Hawaii 3.34 University of California, Berkeley 3.01
The University of Utah 3.34 Manhattan College 3.00
Rider University 3.33 University of Southern California 3.00
Southern Methodist University 3.33
Vanderbilt University 3.33
Butler University 3.32
Florida International University 3.32
University of Iowa 3.32
University of Tennessee 3.32
Washington State University 3.32
The Ohio State University 3.31
Siena College 3.30
Western Kentucky University 3.30
Boston College 3.29
Iona College 3.29
Texas Christian University 3.29
University of Rhode ISLAND 3.29
BYU 3.28
Colgate University 3.28
Liberty University 3.28
William & Mary 3.28
Iowa State University 3.27
La Salle University 3.27
University of Louisville 3.27
Wright State University 3.27
Old Dominion University 3.26
University of Arkansas Little Rock 3.26
University of Nevada 3.26
University of Notre Dame 3.26
Loyola University Maryland 3.25
Simpson College 3.25
University of Arizona 3.25
University of Wisconsin 3.25
Eastern Illinois University 3.24
University of Vermont 3.24
Georgia Institute of Technology 3.24
San Jose State University 3.24
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 3.24
University of Southern California 3.24
Auburn University 3.23
University of Florida 3.23
University of Texas 3.22
Lafayette College 3.22
Pepperdine University 3.22
University of California, Los Angeles 3.22
University of Missouri, Columbia 3.22
George Washington University 3.21
Fordham University 3.21
University of California, Berkeley 3.21
Indiana University-Bloomington 3.20
The University of South Dakota 3.20
University of Cincinnati 3.20
Central Connecticut State University 3.19
Florida State University 3.19
North Carolina State University 3.19
University of Idaho 3.19
University of Kansas 3.19
University of Virginia 3.19
University of Michigan 3.18
University of North Carolina Wilmington 3.18
West Virginia University 3.18
Lehigh University 3.17
Princeton University 3.16
University of Massachusetts 3.16
University of Pennsylvania 3.16
Colorado State University 3.15
San Diego State University 3.15
University of San Diego 3.15
Bryant University 3.14
IUPUI 3.14
Texas A&M University 3.13
Florida Atlantic University 3.12
Manhattan College 3.11
Campbell University 3.10
University at Buffalo 3.10
Ohio University 3.09
University of New Hampshire 3.09
University of North Florida 3.05
Western Illinois University 3.03
University of Illinois at Chicago 3.02
American University 3.00

CSCAA NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American First Team:

Auburn University Rebecca Jones
Auburn University Haley Krakoski
Auburn University Micah Lawrence
Auburn University Lauren Norberg
Auburn University Lindsey Norberg
Auburn University Aubrey Peacock
Auburn University Hannah Riordan
Colorado State University Breann Fuller
Columbia University Katie Meili
Duke University Christine Wixted
Eastern Michigan University Danielle Hulvey
Eastern Michigan University Briana Emig
Florida Atlantic University Eszter Bucz
Florida Gulf Coast University Emma Svensson
Florida State University Elizabeth Pepper
Fordham University Brienne Ryan
Fresno State Danielle Yoho
Harvard University Sara Li
Indiana University-Bloomington Katelin Hillman
Indiana University-Bloomington Amy Cozad
Indiana University-Bloomington Brooklynn Snodgrass
Indiana University-Bloomington Alexandria Day
Indiana University-Bloomington Ashley Specht
Indiana University-Bloomington Lindsay Vrooman
Indiana University-Bloomington Stephanie Armstrong
Indiana University-Bloomington Brenna MacLean
Indiana University-Bloomington Justine Ress
Indiana University-Bloomington Siri Kristiansen
North Carolina State University Miffy Henley
North Carolina State University Allison Hendren
Northwestern Taylor Reynolds
Pennsylvania State University Merritt Krawczyk
Pennsylvania State University Gabrielle Shishkoff
Pennsylvania State University Megan Siverling
Pennsylvania State University Chelsea Weedman
Princeton University Elizabeth Boyce
Purdue University Michelle Cabassol
Purdue University Lauren Gustafson
Purdue University Casey Matthews
Purdue University Rhiannon Sheets
Rice University Casey Clark
Southern Methodist University Nina Rangelova
Texas A&M University Kelli Benjamin
Texas A&M University Caroline McElhany
Texas A&M University Maureen McLaine
Texas A&M University Paige Miller
The Ohio State University Michelle Williams
The Ohio State University Alexandra Norris
The Ohio State University Angela Severn
The Ohio State University Shannon Draves
The Ohio State University Kelsey Moran
The Ohio State University Emily Creran
The Ohio State University Annelise Jongekrijg
The University of Texas at Austin Ellen Lobb
The University of Texas at Austin Shelby Cullinan
Towson University Kaitlin Burke
University at Buffalo Brittney Kuras
University of Arizona Ellyn Baumgardner
University of Arizona Bonnie Brandon
University of Arizona Monica Drake
University of Arizona Kait Flederbach
University of Arizona Margo Geer
University of Arizona Samantha Pickens
University of Arizona Chelsey Salli
University of Arizona Emma Schoettmer
University of Arkansas Nicole Daniels
University of Arkansas Anna Mayfield
University of Arkansas Susanna White
University of California, Berkeley Rachel Acker
University of California, Berkeley Stephanie Au
University of California, Berkeley Catherine Breed
University of California, Berkeley Camille Cheng
University of California, Berkeley Caitlin Leverenz
University of California, Berkeley Kelly Naze
University of California, Los Angeles Lauren Baker
University of California, Los Angeles Emma Ivory-Ganja
University of California, Los Angeles Kathryn Kinnear
University of California, Los Angeles Ting Quah
University of California, Los Angeles Andrea Reigel
University of California, Los Angeles Anna Senko
University of Denver Samantha Corea
University of Florida Elizabeth Beisel
University of Florida Jamie Bohunicky
University of Florida Kaitlin Frehling
University of Florida Natalie Hinds
University of Florida Sarra Lajnef
University of Florida Hilda Luthersdottir
University of Florida Lauren Neidigh
University of Florida Rebecca Rainer
University of Florida Jordan Smith
University of Georgia Hali Flickinger
University of Georgia Kelsey Gaid
University of Georgia Madeline Locus
University of Georgia Melanie Margalis
University of Georgia Jordan Mattern
University of Georgia Shannon O’Malley
University of Georgia Courtney Peters
University of Georgia Chantal Van Landeghem
University of Georgia Shannon Vreeland
University of Georgia Laura Ryan
University of Georgia Ann-Perry Blank
University of Kentucky Christa Cabot
University of Louisville Devon Bibault
University of Louisville Abigail Chin
University of Louisville Kelsi Worrell
University of Louisville Grite Apanaviciute
University of Louisville Breann McDowell
University of Massachusetts Michaela Butler
University of Michigan Adrienne Bicek
University of Michigan Angela Chokran
University of Minnesota Loren Brandon
University of Minnesota Erin Caflisch
University of Minnesota Kiera Janzen
University of Minnesota Jessica Plant
University of Minnesota Tori Simenec
University of Minnesota Haley Spencer
University of Minnesota Lauren Votava
University of Minnesota Rebecca Weiland
University of Minnesota Lauren Weis
University of Minnesota Blake Zeiger
University of Missouri, Columbia Danielle Barbiea
University of Missouri, Columbia Dominique Bouchard
University of Missouri, Columbia Cassie Cunningham
University of Missouri, Columbia Emily Doucette
University of Missouri, Columbia Anna Patterson
University of Nevada Mengjiao Mi
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Carmen Robb
University of New Hampshire Katie Mann
University of New Mexico Michole Timm
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Meredith Hoover
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Emma Nunn
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Stephanie Peacock
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Jackie Rudolph
University of Notre Dame Kimberly Holden
University of Notre Dame Emma Reaney
University of Notre Dame Kelly Ryan
University of Notre Dame Jennifer Chiang
University of Pittsburgh Kelsey Herbst
University of Southern California Haley Anderson
University of Southern California Andrea Kropp
University of Southern California Lynette Lim
University of Southern California Lindsay Parrish
University of Southern California Jessica Schmitt
University of Southern California Kate Shumway
University of Tennessee Amanda Carner
University of Tennessee Kelsey Floyd
University of Tennessee Lindsay Gendron
University of Tennessee Madison Hahn
University of Tennessee Faith Johnson
University of Tennessee Tori Lamp
University of Tennessee Jodie McGroarty
University of Virginia Alison Haulsee
University of Virginia Shaun Casey
University of Virginia Ellen Williamson
University of Virginia Kelly Offutt
University of Wisconsin Ivy Martin
University of Wisconsin Rebecka Palm
University of Wisconsin Hannah Ross
University of Wyoming Amanda Fay
US Naval Academy Lauren Baguley
Villanova University Hayley Edwards
Villanova University Erin Malone
Virginia Tech Heather Savage
Virginia Tech Kelli Stockton
Virginia Tech Logan Kline
Yale University Alexandra Forrester
Yale University Eva Fabian



CSCAA NCAA Division I Men’s Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American First Team:

Auburn University James Disney-May
Auburn University Stuart Ferguson
Auburn University Tofey Leon
Auburn University Kyle Owens
Dartmouth College Nejc Zupan
Duke University Nick McCrory
Florida State Univeristy John Jessell
Florida State University Thomas Neubacher
Georgia Tech Andrew Chetcuti
Georgia Tech Eric Chiu
Georgia Tech Andrew Kosic
Georgia Tech Nico Van Duijn
Harvard University Oliver Lee
Harvard University Mike Mosca
Harvard University Griffin Schumacher
Harvard University Zach Walters
Indiana University-Bloomington James Barbiere
Indiana University-Bloomington Daniel Kanorr
Indiana University-Bloomington Eric Ress
Indiana University-Bloomington Cody Miller
Indiana University-Bloomington James Wells
Indiana University-Bloomington Emad Abdelatif
North Carolina State University Jonathan Boffa
North Carolina State University Barrett Miesfeld
Purdue University James Bissett
Southern Methodist University Nicolai Hansen
Southern Methodist University Ryan Koops
Stanford University Thomas Stephens
Stanford University Gray Umbach
Stanford University Andrew Saeta
Stanford University Bryan Offutt
Stanford University Mathew Swanston
Stanford University Chris Pickard
Stanford University Tom Kremer
Stanford University Matt Thompson
Texas A&M University Paul-Marc Schweitzer
Texas A&M University William Wagner
Texas A&M University Erik Frank
Texas A&M University Kyle Troskot
The Ohio State University Tamas Gercsak
The Ohio State University Connor McDonald
The Ohio State University Alex Miller
The University of Texas at Austin Cory Bowersox
University of Arizona Jeff Amlee
University of Arizona Kevin Cordes
University of Arizona Mitchell Friedemann
University of Arizona Michael Meyer
University of Arizona Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or
University of Arizona Giles Smith
University of Arizona Eric Solis
University of California, Berkeley Benjamin Hinshaw
University of California, Berkeley Jameson Lyon
University of California, Berkeley Jacob Pebley
University of Denver Dylan Bunch
University of Florida Bradley deBorde
University of Florida Cameron Martin
University of Florida Connor Signorin
University of Florida Pawel Werner
University of Georgia Nicolas Fink
University of Georgia Will Freeman
University of Georgia Andrew Gemmell
University of Georgia Tynan Stewart
University of Iowa Byron Butler
University of Kentucky John Fox
University of Kentucky Greg Ferrucci
University of Louisville Addison Bray
University of Louisville Alex Burtch
University of Michigan Hassaan Abdel Khalik
University of Michigan Ryan Feeley
University of Michigan Richard Funk
University of Michigan Justin Glanda
University of Michigan Ryutaro Kamiya
University of Michigan John Wojciechowski
University of Minnesota Jared Anderson
University of Minnesota Hrvoje Capan
University of Minnesota Max Cartwright
University of Minnesota Josh Hall
University of Minnesota Sean Nesheim
University of Minnesota Logan Redondo
University of Minnesota Clayton Smith
University of Minnesota Derek Toomey
University of Missouri, Columbia David Bonuchi
University of Missouri, Columbia Mark Conroy
University of Missouri, Columbia Joe Hladik
University of Missouri, Columbia Igor Kozlovskij
University of Missouri, Columbia Alex Glogoza
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Brett Nagle
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Brad Dillion
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Osmund Moyer
University of Notre Dame Frank Dyer
University of Southern California Alex Lendrum
University of Tennessee Sam Rairden
University of Tennessee Tristan Slater
University of Tennessee Brent Sterling
University of Tennessee Ed Walsh
University of Virginia David Ingraham
UNLV Balint Batka
UNLV David Szele
University of Utah Nick Soedel
University of Utah Josiah Purss
Virginia Tech Morgan Latimer
Virginia Tech Zach McGinnis
Virginia Tech Kyle Butts
Virginia Tech Ryan Hawkins
Virginia Tech Michal Szuba



CSCAA NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American Honorable Mention:

Auburn University Cinzia Calabretta
Auburn University Caitlyn Forman
Auburn University Laura Johnson
Auburn University Sarah Reynolds
Auburn University Carly Scheper
Auburn University Shanna Schuelein
Ball State University Mallory Miles
Ball State University Haley Richter
Ball State University Emily Wisolek
Boise State University Nikki Cannon
Boise State University Ciera Cortney
Boise State University Rachel Heaney
Boise State University Sydney Johansen
Boise State University Devin Madsen
Boise State University Samantha Wicks
Bowling Green State University Alexis Kain
Bowling Green State University Stephanie Boyle
Bowling Green State University Joelle Scheps
Clemson University Megan Helwagen
Clemson University Emily Howard
Colorado State University Kelly Mathews
Cornell University Jenna Immormino
Duke University Jaimee Gundry
Duke University Megan McCarroll
Duke University Kendall McClenney
East Carolina University Bailie Monahan
Florida Gulf Coast University Karen Vilorio Muchnik
Florida Gulf Coast University Jennifer Morgan
Florida Gulf Coast University Julie Leth-Espensen
Florida Gulf Coast University Maegan Butler
Florida Gulf Coast University Eva Lehtonen
Georgia Tech Shannon Lumbra
Georgia Tech Kathleen Riley
Harvard University Caroline Weaver
Harvard University Mackenzie Luick
Harvard University Stephanie Ferrell
Indiana University-Bloomington Cassidy Kahn
Iowa State University Bre Loeschke
Iowa State University Imelda Wistey
Iowa State University Dani Harris
Liberty University Laura Day
Liberty University Meghan Babcock
Liberty University Emily Duff
Liberty University Brye Ravettine
Miami University, OH Maegan O’Connor
Miami University, OH Leah Thornton
Miami University, OH Nicole Wagner
Miami University, OH Kayla Scott
Missouri State University Melissa Oishi
North Carolina State University Hannah Freyman
North Carolina State University Allison Hendren
North Carolina State University Julianna Prim
North Carolina State University Hayley Tomlinson
North Carolina State University Nicole Haynes
North Carolina State University Kelsey Liu
North Texas Catia Weickgenant
North Texas Rebecca Taylor
North Texas Krista Rossum
North Texas Mona Groteguth
Northeastern University Keary McClernan
Northern Arizona University Fiona Connell
Northern Arizona University Elissa Morrissey
Northern Arizona University Chelsea Jackson
Northern Arizona University Gwendolyn Smithberg
Northwestern University Meredith King
Ohio University Krisitin Capcik
Ohio University MaryRose Hillstrom
Ohio University Lauren Funk
Ohio University Morgan Srail
Ohio University Kathryn Brooks
Old Dominion University Yesim Giresunlu
Old Dominion University Kimberley Rashleigh
Pennsylvania State University Jenna Bickel
Pennsylvania State University Carolyn Fittin
Pennsylvania State University Allie Roberts
Pennsylvania State University Haley Sinatro
Princeton Randi Brown
Princeton Sarah Furgatch
Princeton Rachel Zambrowicz
Princeton Helen Zitkovsky
Purdue University Alexa Davis
Purdue University Nika Petric
Purdue University Kylie Vogel
Rice University Erin Flanigan
Rice University Kylee Talwar
Rice University Quincy Christian
San Jose State University Marisa DeWames
San Jose State University Jessica Holden
San Jose State University Amy Kilby
Seattle University Kevlyn Richards
Souther Methodist University Nathalie Lindborg
Souther Methodist University Danielle Villars
Texas A&M University Claire Brandt
Texas A&M University Meagan Hairston
Texas A&M University Romy Landeck
Texas A&M University Emily Neubert
Texas A&M University Meredith Oliver
Texas Christian University Gabrijela Korac
Texas Christian University Sabine Rasch
Texas Christian University Katelin Scarsella
The Ohio State University Megan Detro
The Ohio State University Kristyn Fulcher
The Ohio State University Lauren Massey
The Ohio State University Kelly Titus
The Ohio State University Mary Cruzan
The University of Akron Hannah Raspopovich
The University of Akron Carla McNamara
The University of Texas at Austin Victoria Cassidy
The University of Texas at Austin Kristina Hoffmann
The University of Texas at Austin Erin Yeager
The University of Texas at Austin Jess Guro
The University of Texas at Austin Samantha Holland
The University of Toledo Carly Harter
The University of Toledo Christina Noens
The University of Toledo Maria Bargardi
Towson University Melanie Rowland
Towson University Amanda Skroupa
Towson University Victoria Oslund
Towson University Jenna Vancamp
Univeristy of New Mexico Jorgi Hobson
University at Buffalo Karly Moore
University of Alabama Emma Saunders
University of Alabama Stephanie Kinsey
University of Alabama Morgan Presley
University of Alabama Justine Panian
University of Alabama Brittany Gilbert
University of Alabama Anna Rae Gwarjanski
University of Alabama Paige McCleary
University of Alabama Angely Martinez
University of Arkansas Julia Banach
University of Arkansas Tera Bradham
University of Arkansas Chelsea Franklin
University of Arkansas Julia Kucherich
University of Arkansas Maddie Monroe
University of California, Berkeley Alicia Grima
University of California, Los Angeles Stephanie Christofferson
University of California, Los Angeles Karoline Sanderud
University of Cincinnati Helena Pikhartova
University of Denver Madeline Eyolfson
University of Denver Bridgette McNally
University of Denver Alexandra Suppan
University of Florida Delaney Dye
University of Georgia Olivia Boggs
University of Georgia Anna Neumeister
University of Georgia Kelly Thatcher
University of Houston Heather Winn
University of Houston Holli Pisarski
University of Houston Kimmy Ballo
University of Houston Reka Kovacs
University of Idaho Rachel Millet
University of Idaho Jamie Sterbis
University of Illinois Keri Eberhardt
University of Illinois Darragh McDermott
University of Iowa Heather Arseth
University of Iowa Karolina Wartalowicz
University of Kansas Brooke Brull
University of Kansas Bryce Hinde
University of Kansas Chelsie Miller
University of Kentucky Laura Dawson
University of Kentucky Laura Dawson
University of Kentucky Megan Eppler
University of Louisville Victoria Mitchell
University of Louisville Emily Stalmack
University of Louisville Lindsey Stephens
University of Massachusetts Kathleen Arnott
University of Michigan Val Barthelemy
University of Michigan Deirdre Jones
University of Michigan Zoe Mattingly
University of Michigan Claudia Lau
University of Michigan Carey Chen
University of Michigan Sarah Kamstra
University of Minnesota Annalise Colton
University of Minnesota Elizabeth Weitz
University of Minnesota Kathryn Etterman
University of Missouri, Columbia Madison Bridges
University of Missouri, Columbia Sharon Finn
University of Missouri, Columbia Lauren Reedy
University of Missouri, Columbia Rachel Ripley
University of Missouri, Columbia Alex Skinner
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Shannon Guy
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rachel Dixon
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Rebecca Brooks
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Rachel Canty
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Danielle Jansen
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Kendall Surhoff
University of Notre Dame Grace Fredlake
University of Notre Dame Sarah Dotzel
University of Notre Dame Christen McDonough
University of Pittsburgh Alec Sheaffer
University of Pittsburgh Leigh Waltz
University of Pittsburgh Samantha Winkelmann
University of Pittsburgh Veronica Lee
University of Richmond Mali Kobelja
University of Richmond Kelley Yang
University of Southern California Sam Adams
University of Southern California Lolo Blair
University of Virginia Carlin Tettelbach
University of Virginia Rachel Moore
University of Virginia Emily Lloyd
University of Wisconsin Jennah Haney
University of Wisconsin Monika Stitski
University of Wisconsin Paulina Gralow
University of Wyoming Morgan Hartigan
UNLV Jessica Heim
UNLV Marae Skeen
Unversity of New Hampshire Lauren McCandless
US Naval Academy Laura Gorinski
University of Utah Kersten Merry
University of Utah Petra Soinenen
Virginia Tech Laura Simon
Virginia Tech Keri Sink
Virginia Tech Holland Harper
Virginia Tech Caroline Higgins
Virginia Tech Meagan Holloway
Virginia Tech Nicholas Tremols
Washington State University Emma Johansson
Washington State University Loree Olson
Western Kentucky University Claire Conlon
Western Kentucky University Amy Halligan
Western Kentucky University Susan Marquess
Western Kentucky University Hilary Mishler
Western Kentucky University Hannah Runyon-Hass
Yale University Cynthia Tsay
Yale University Joan Weaver
Yale University Cassandra Lincoln
Yale University Emma Smith



CSCAA NCAA Division I Men’s Swimming and Diving Scholar All-American Honorable Mention:


Auburn University Antton Haramboure
Auburn University Spencer Kerns
Auburn University Justin Youtsey
BYU Hayden Palmer
BYU Preston Jenkins
BYU Matthew Hopper
Cleveland State Justin Kermack
Colorado School of Mines Daniel Peter
Cornell University Victor Luo
Dartmouth College James Verhagen
Dartmouth College Will Derdeyn
Dartmouth College Zack Doherty
Davidson College Drew Onken
Duke University Ben Hwang
Duke University Hunter Knight
Duke University Ted Minturn
Duke University Evan Schwartz
East Carolina University Attila Kiraly
East Carolina University Daniel Woods
Eastern Michigan University Andrew Henry
Fordham University Steven Sholdra
Georgia Tech Ricky Lehner
Georgia Tech Brandon Makinson
Georgia Tech Yuval Safra
Harvard University Christian Carbone
Harvard University Matthew Karle
Harvard University Steven Kekacs
Harvard University Jacob Luna
Harvard University Christian Yeager
Indiana University-Bloomington Ryan Hinshaw
Indiana University-Bloomington Ian Boggs
Indiana University-Bloomington Bryce Ogden
Missouri State University Uvis Kalnins
Missouri State University Isaac Springer
Missouri State University Garrett Nevels
North Carolina State University Brandon Kingston
North Carolina State University Julianna Prim
North Carolina State University Ivan Kopas
Northwestern University Uula Auren
Northwestern University Dominik Cubelic
Northwestern University Van Donkersgoed
Northwestern University Matthew Margritier
Northwestern University Toni Valcic
Northwestern University Charlie Rimkus
Old Dominion University Jason Brame
Old Dominion University Reed Mathews
Pennsylvania State University Matthew Salig
Princeton University Daniel Hasler
Princeton University Michael Hauss
Princeton University William Lawley
Princeton University Michael Manhard
Princeton University Stevie Vines
Purdue University Matthew Friede
Purdue University Nathan Hopkins
Purdue University Alec LaMothe
Purdue University Jacob McGough
Seattle University James Gilmore
Southern Methodist University Matthew Roney
Stanford University Sebastian Wigstrom
Stanford University Ryan Arata
Stanford University Jeff Garnier
Stanford University Burke Sims
Stanford University Sean Duggan
Stanford University Mitch Stoehr
Texas A&M University Omar Enriquez
Texas A&M University Alexandros Theocharidis
Texas Christian University Sebastian Arispe
The Ohio State University Michael DiSalle
The Ohio State University Daniel MacDonald
The Ohio State University Michael Meldon
The Ohio State University Jovan Mitrovic
The University of Texas at Austin Reid Walker
The University of Texas at Austin Imri Ganiel
The University of Texas at Austin Ian LaMaistre
The University of Texas at Austin Nicolas Munoz
The University of Texas at Austin Patrick LaBrode
The University of Texas at Austin Grant Rogers
The University of Texas at Austin Keith Murphy
The University of Texas at Austin Will McCraney
United States Naval Academy Ben Bondurant
United States Naval Academy Justin Vagts
United States Naval Academy Hugh Davison
United States Naval Academy Joe Stark
University at Buffalo Matt Schwippert
University of Alabama Reese Shirey
University of Alabama Brian Carr
University of Alabama Philip Deaton
University of Alabama Peter Hillyer
University of California, Berkeley Grayson Huston
University of California, Berkeley Thomas Selby
University of California, Berkeley Scott Farley
University of California, Berkeley Samuel Shimomura
University of Cincinnati Joseph Scherpenberg
University of Denver Robert Barrett
University of Denver Kyle Milberg
University of Georgia Derek Onken
University of Iowa David Belzer
University of Iowa Dustin Rhoads
University of Kentucky Matt Roman
University of Kentucky Megan Eppler
University of Louisville Kevin Bandy
University of Louisville Michael Haefner
University of Louisville Nikolas Sachs
University of Michigan Evan Gregg
University of Michigan Connor McCarroll
University of Michigan Jack Lee
University of Michigan Nate Rietberg
University of Minnesota Luke Bushman
University of Minnesota Alex Cisneros
University of Minnesota Jonathon Melgaard
University of Missouri, Columbia John Higgins
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill JP Gaylor
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Tyler Hill
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Patrick Myers
University of Notre Dame Colin Babcock
University of Notre Dame Broderick Kelley
University of Notre Dame Ryan Koter
University of Notre Dame Michael Kreft
University of Notre Dame Albertus Nel
University of Notre Dame Albertus Nel
University of Pennsylvania Brendan Crystal
University of Pennsylvania Stephen Carroll
University of Pittsburgh Jon Lierley
University of Pittsburgh Adam Maczewski
University of Southern California Nick Johnson
University of Southern California Andrew Malone
University of Southern California Cary Wright
University of Southern California Jordan Gear
University of Southern California Michael Godbe
University of Southern California Blake Cushing
University of Virginia Carl Buergler
University of Virginia Jonathan Buerger
University of Virginia Nathaniel Hart
University of Wyoming Ethan Griffel
University of Wyoming Ryan Nelson
University of Wyoming Jordan Turner
University of Wyoming Jayce Calhoon
UNLV Dillon Virva
UNLV Matt Roe
UNLV Henrique Machado
Utah Kersten Merry
Virginia Tech Adam Skipper
Virginia Tech Jacob Ores
Western Kentucky University Heitor Rodrigues
Yale University Robert Harder
Yale University Brian Hogan
Yale University Alwin Firmansyah
Yale University Michael Lazris
Yale University Paschall Davis
Yale University Tyler Pramer

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Linda Klotz
9 years ago

Stephanie Klotz at The University of Alabama also swam a NCAA B cut and had a 4.0. She was left off the list. Her GPA would have helped Bama rank higher.

9 years ago

The University of Texas Women should also be on the list. Team GPA was 3.22 and they finished 9th at NCAA (corrected list should be coming from CSCAA). Congrats to all 9 of the top 10 teams getting it done both academically and in the water. Isn’t swimming a great sport to be a part of? Certainly a lot of great student athletes in the sport. Well done!

9 years ago

This is another confirmation of the swimmers work ethic and time prioritization. The so-called minor sports in NCAA all seem to be able to demonstrate the importance of scholar-athlete. It is wonderful to report as a general statement. As an interviewer for potential employement, I look very favorably at a swimmer/wrestler/track and course work since they usually are highly self-motivated. However, it does not clearly represent “degree of difficulty” to achieve the 3.0 or 3.5 at respective institutions or choice of majors.

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