Tokyo Olympics Could Be Postponed Says Japan’s Olympic Minister

Japan’s Olympic Minister, Seiko Hashimoto, has today said that there is a possibility the Olympic Games will be postponed in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

While addressing the National Diet (Japan’s Parliament), Hashimoto said that Japan’s agreement with the IOC could potentially allow for the Games to be postponed to later in the year.

She said, “The IOC has the right to cancel the games only if they are not held during 2020”, adding that “this can be interpreted to mean the games can be postponed as long as they are held during the calendar year”.

In a statement issued today, the Executive Board of the IOC have “expressed its full committment to the success of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, taking place from 24 July to 9 August 2020”.

A joint task force comprised of the IOC, Tokyo 2020, the city of Tokyo, the Japanese Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) was set up in February to support Tokyo’s plans of hosting a “safe and secure Games”.

The IOC also stated it will “continue to follow the advice of WHO” and “encourages all athletes to continue to prepare for the Games” as planned.

Other pre-Olympic events have already been cancelled

Today’s announcement comes after two pre-Olympic trial meets in Japan, which were scheduled for early March, were cancelled. 

Yesterday, SwimSwam reported that the Paralympic Swimming Trials in Japan had also been cancelled, which was set to be the main selection meet for the Paralympic team.

As of publishing there are 92,220 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, 274 of which are in Japan.


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Woke Stasi
8 months ago

The 1964 Tokyo Olys were held in October — a beautiful time in east Asia (especially compared to the heat and humidity of late July and early August). If they’re going to be moved back, that’s a very good time of the year for them. DOWNSIDE: NBC would likely miss televising 3 NFL prime time games.

Reply to  Woke Stasi
8 months ago

October makes more sense with the weather. Who cares about NBC . They don’t care about the athletes that’s for sure

Pennsylvania Tuxedo
Reply to  Joel
8 months ago

I don’t think the original poster was trying to get us to care about NBC, rather was mentioning it for purposes to consider that NBC isn’t going to like this plan of putting a 3 week event that they paid 1.5 billion dollars for against a prime time event that they pay 60 million per game for 3 games.

We swam PM prelims AM finals in Beijing because of NBC, you think they are going to stand by and let their two most valuable television rights compete with each other?

Reply to  Pennsylvania Tuxedo
8 months ago

I would expect the dates are specified in the broadcasting contract so any change would result in a re-signing of the contract and an opportunity for NBC to renegotiate the fee.

8 months ago

Say it ain’t so. In my opinion, the potential for 1980 all over. Let the swimmers swim!

Corn Pop
Reply to  Floater
8 months ago

Funny you mention that .Feb 20 Carter gave USSR ultimatum to leave Afghanistan . March 21 USA made the decision to boycott Olympics . Press forward 40 years Feb 29 almost to the day if you include the 9 leap years day US signs Loser Deal with Taliban to get out of Afghanistan. What a ride !

Next is the Reverse Boycott. You Cannot Come to the Olympics .

8 months ago

For an insider to be publicly talking about if there might be something already in the works