Three’s Company: Getting to know Hannah, Jake, and Carson Foster (Video Report)

While it’s common for entire families to be on the same club team in swimming, siblings aren’t always close enough in age to be in the same group all at once, let alone on the team at the same time. This is not the case for the Fosters.

Hannah, Jake, and Carson Foster have all been swimming for years now, but for the last few years, they’ve actually all been on the same club team, training together in the same group. Although they’ve always been close, they noted a shift when Hannah started being able to drive, and would drive the three of them to practice without parents present. Spending so much time together with just the three of them has brought them even closer, and that doesn’t even touch on their time spent together in the water.

On a typical day, Carson and Hannah swim in the same lane, with Jake swimming two lanes over from them. The day that SwimSwam visited the Mason Manta Rays was no exception. When speaking with their teammates, it was rumored that the Foster’s bickering is infamous and frequent. Both Carson and Hannah confirmed that rumor, although they did say it was purely familial, and hoped their teammates understand.

Hannah, a senior in high school, has committed to swim for the University of Tennessee next year. She said her decision was certainly impacted by how far away the school was from her home, noting that she is extremely close with both of her brothers as well as her parents. Hannah was comforted by the fact that at Tennessee, everyone was merely a car ride away.  Jake and Carson agree that it will be a big change in the siblings’ dynamic with one piece of the foster puzzle so far away.

Jake, a junior in high school, recently announced his verbal intent to swim for the University of Texas once he’s done with high school. This follows with the trend of earlier and earlier commitments we’ve been seeing in the past 18 months. Jake considered his decision heavily, and felt that Texas checked all the boxes for him, including good coaching staff, easily relatable team, and perhaps most of all, somewhere that Carson could potentially follow him to.

Carson jumped at the opportunity, sending his verbal intent to the longhorns a month after Jake did as only a sophomore in high school. When asked about the decision, Carson said that he and Jake had gone on all of the same college visits, and they has dreamed of going to school together. After their visits, the only school they really overlapped in all facets on was Texas. So once Jake committed to the longhorns, it was an easy choice for Carson.

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6 years ago

Anyone know why Carson switched schools this year?

Reply to  Climatechangeisreal
6 years ago

He was looking to beat the OHSAA records Grant House had set in 2017, apparently there is some beef.

Sammy the Swimmer
Reply to  Climatechangeisreal
6 years ago

I heard that he was missing to much school and St. Xavier asked him to leave

Dan Slow
6 years ago

Happy to see some of my greatest friends move up in the world!!!

Brock the breaststoker
6 years ago

Marlins pride till the day I die

6 years ago

Remarkable that Carson Foster says he’s only been a full-time swimmer for 2.5 yrs. Wow

Reply to  SwimGeek
6 years ago

Yes, especially since he has times logged in USA Swimming since age 5 in both LC and SC. Might have missed a month or two here and there along with way but then again most age group swimmers do take a few months off.

Reply to  SpeedRacer
6 years ago

Just to clarify — when I said “full-time” I didn’t mean he was just started swimming 2.5 yrs ago. But it was refreshing that he was still doing other sports as recently as 2.5 yrs ago. Good for him.

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