Three Earn National Team Invites At USA Artistic Swimming Selection Event

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August 21st, 2020 Synchronized Swimming

Courtesy: USA Artistic Swimming

This weekend USA Artistic Swimming hosted a safe and successful Senior National Team selection event to add three athletes to the Senior National Team and train for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. We are proud to announce the top three athletes that have been invited to join the Senior National Team: Megumi Field, Anya Melson, and Nikki Dzurko.

The selection event put the 28 competing athletes through a series of land and water skills, assessed technical elements, and required them to perform a routine. All components of the event were evaluated by a panel of FINA A judges and the National Team Coaches. All evaluations were averaged to achieve the final rankings and select the top three athletes that were invited to join the Senior National Team. Senior National Team head coach, Andrea Fuentes said she was incredibly inspired by the athletes that competed in the event, and she is excited to feel the support for her team from around the country.

“I think the spark that this team has is inspiring more and more athletes. We feel the support from the clubs and coaches, the excitement is growing, and it is the best gas to keep our engines on the top of their potential,” Fuentes said. “We want to congratulate all the coaches who made their athletes improve so much, and the athletes who worked so hard even when the conditions were lower than anytime. This is a sign of how much we adapt to difficult times and redirect our thoughts into a positive evolution regardless of the situation. Together we will be able to build a stronger future in this historical moment. Let’s move as one more than ever!”

The event was able to be safely executed thanks to the preparation of the National Team staff and the commitment and planning of everyone involved. But it is the commitment of the 28 athletes that was on full display. This was the most athletes at a USAAS Senior National Team selection event since 1999. USA Artistic Swimming CEO, Adam Andrasko calls the increase in numbers ‘the Andrea Fuentes factor.’


“It is a clear indicator of the hard work, passion and belief she has instilled into our program,” Andrasko said. “In a year and a half Andrea, along with the coaches and athletes of the national team have inspired so many athletes. Her way is different and that type of different is special.”

Below are the full rankings from the selection event:

1 Megumi Field
2 Anya Melson
3 Nikki Dzurko
4 Keana Hunter
5 Natalia Vega
6 Ivy Davis
7 Claudia Coletti
8 Atira O’Neil
9 Valentina Terry
10 Elisa Brunel
11 Alison Williams
12 Emily Ding
13 Alyson Haylor
14 Olivia Li
15 Yujin Chang
16 Bianca Hofstatter
17 Elizabeth Davidson
18 Juliana Silva
19 Camryn Carrasco
20 Julia Paradis
21 Ella Sharon
22 Gabriela Terry
23 Anna Shukhter
24 Michaela Zimmerman
25 Janneke Dirven
26 Ulia Ahn
27 Annie Jacobson
28 Hannah Halberg

Note: The top three athletes invited to join the team will have until August 17 to accept their position. If any position is declined the next highest ranked athlete will receive an invitation.

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