The First 100 Verbal Commitments from the High School Class of 2021

It’s not even Thanksgiving –in fact Signing Day for the class of 2020 was only two weeks ago– but already we have written 100 articles on the verbal commitments from the high school class of 2021.

Because of changes to the recruiting schedule instituted by the NCAA over the last two years, prospective student-athletes are now able to take official visits to campuses beginning in August of their junior year. Therefore, they are making verbal commitments much earlier than in years past.

With 100 names in our database so far, we have written about 16 of the girls and 14 of the boys from our way too early lists of top-20 recruits from the class of 2021.

Rank Top 20 Boys from 2021 Verbal Commitment Top 20 Girls from 2021 Verbal Commitment
1 Anthony Grimm Texas Gretchen Walsh
2 Aiden Hayes NC State Torri Huske
3 Matthew Fallon Grace Sheble NC State
4 Joshua Matheny Indiana Paige McKenna Wisconsin
5 Jack Alexy Cal Ashley Strouse Northwestern
6 Tyler Lu Reilly Tiltmann Virginia
7 David Curtiss NC State Annabel Crush NC State
8 Tim Connery Michigan Brooke Zettel Florida
9 Garrett Boone NC State Letitia Sim
10 Luke Barr Indiana Ellie Waldrep Auburn
11 Hayden Zheng Asia Minnes Tennessee
12 Sam Hoover NC State Ella Bathurst Virginia
13 Trent Frandson Cal Amy Tang
14 Connor Boyle Virginia Mackenzie McConagha Wisconsin
15 Matthew Fenlon Olivia McMurray Texas
16 Peter Thompson Mia Kragh Cal
17 Arsenio Bustos NC State Micayla Cronk Florida
18 Jack Aikins Virginia Rachel Stege Georgia
19 Luke Hobson Texas Kate Morris Virginia
20 Aidan Reagan Mariah Denigan Indiana

You can read more about these athletes here:

Here are all the colleges that have received early pledges:

2021 Verbal Commitments (M&W combined)

Alabama – 3 LSU – 1 Pitt – 1
Arizona State – 1 Michigan – 1 Stanford – 1
Auburn – 6 Minnesota – 3 Tennessee – 8
Cal – 8 NC State – 8 Texas – 4
Cincinnati – 1 Nebraska – 2 Texas A&M – 2
Florida – 5 North Carolina – 2 Toledo – 3
Georgia – 4 Northwestern – 1 UCLA – 1
Indiana – 9 Notre Dame – 2 Virginia – 13
Kentucky – 1 Ohio State – 1 Wisconsin – 5
Louisville – 2 Penn State – 1

Below you will find all the articles we have published to date about verbal commitments from the high school class of 2021. As always, you can sort by club team, college, conference, home state, school, LSC, etc. We are updating the database constantly, so remember to refresh it regularly.

(NOTE: If you have a commitment to report, please send an email with a photo (landscape, or horizontal, looks best) and a quote to [email protected]. Do not leave it in the comments below.)

High School Class of 2021 Verbal Commitments

High School Class of 2020 Verbal Commitments

High School Class of 2019 Commitments

High School Class of 2018 Commitments


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Swim Parent
1 year ago

Official visits are actually permitted as of August 1st of Junior year, not September 1st…that changed this summer.

Swim Fan
1 year ago

Virginia knows how to recruit!

DeSorbo Effect
Reply to  Swim Fan
1 year ago

Walsh announcing soon! #DeSorboEffect #Wahoowa

1 year ago

Why would the top swimmers so eager to commit early? Couldn’t they pick and choose, with some leisure? What’s the rush?!

Reply to  Swimmomtoo
1 year ago

Scholarships drying up is the primary driver of the rush.

Having it done with and not having to spend hours on the phone with coaches every week when finals, AP tests, and Olympic Trials are coming up is another part of the rush.

Which doesn’t mean it’s “good,” but those are the pros of doing so under the current system.

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