The Final Olympic Finals Preview, Presented by SwimOutlet Team Division

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It’s really interesting reading the news out there on the 1500 heats. We’ve got Park and Ous on record pretty much admitting that they won’t be able to catch Sun. Quote from French news:

[[South Korea’s Park Tae-Hwan was sixth-fastest into the final and is another not keen on his chances of stopping Sun for the gold medal.

“No, not really, he is the medal athlete. Fo me it is the 200m and 400m, I am not so good over the 1500m,” Park said.]]

Seems like psychologically they’re already fighting for silver instead of Gold. Cochrane is still optimistic though, so even though I don’t think he can hang with Sun it will be nice to see him try to take it out.

Joel Lin

Only one guy can do 14:33 and it is Sun. But if he is a little off or swims a 14:38 or so, there might be competition. It depends on both.


Garrett&Braden, could you put prelim and final result(PDF) of day 1 online?
I couldn’t find them, thank you!

Shiki – will work on that today.


Is the Eurosport stream commentary usually better or the BBC one?


I generally prefer the Eurosport, which is less focused on the British and shows more overall. However it is harder to find, and BBC has Ian Thorpe and Mark Foster.

Who is doing the commentary for the swimming feed coming in through

I’ve enjoyed their freshness and perspective.

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